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  2. I got hospitalized last may and I too felt a bit anxious at this month coming, but it was okay. I was reminded a couple of times of it by the smell of the flowers, the rain, and the anticipation of summer. My advice to you is to accep what anxiety you have surronding this time of the year, and also accept that the hospitalization is in the past, it's gone. Of course you could be reminded of it, but those are mere memories to be accepted, but not dwelled on It's part of your history now and it's normal to remember about them, especially if the whether outside is the same. But that's all there is to it. Whatever anxiety comes in the future, be confident that you will deal with it, as you have done before. So there's no need to anticipate it.
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  4. Hey Nicki, good to hear from you again. Look, one of the things that OCD sufferers are notorious for doing is anticipating anxiety in the future; we assume we are going to have a bad time of it, and that makes us anxious. It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. You think anxiety and sure enough, anxiety happens. Slow down. Really, just slow down. Take care of yourself. Do your utmost to relax for some time every day. Do things you like doing. Try to take your mind off that impending sense of doom and put it on what you're doing right now. Have fun. Do some fun things. That will lift your spirits. Eat right and sleep right. Get some exercise. Be mindful of possible compulsions but don't be overly mindful; we don't want you thinking about everything you do to see if it's a compulsion. When you get negative thoughts that what you're going through isn't OCD, counter them with, "What do you know? It's OCD and that's all that's to it." Then shift your focus onto other things. Do not dwell over whether it's OCD or not. Leave it alone and get on with your day.
  5. My biggest OCD symptoms are tied up with other disorders. Eating disorder in this case and with the sex OCD it's tied up with BPD, being scared of losing my wife. From this week I'm starting an ERP experiment of 4 weeks without planning sex and making my wife do it once a week out of panic. Discussed it with my therapist tonight. It's going to be hard. The hardest thing will be when the thought pops into my head, avoiding ruminating about when we last did it, when we can next do it, how to plan the day around it etc.
  6. Ah i had no idea it had gone lol I was off into the chat room just now and couldn't find the option!
  7. A huge thanks st mike whenever I'm really struggling I re read your latest post to me big hugs xxx
  8. Many people join the forums in a state of despair and great need. And you will find lots of help just by clicking on the link to the OCD-UK charity's website - apart from the sharing of information here with other sufferers, the very people you know will understand your issues. But I wanted to say that even though we may be sufferers from OCD, it does not mean we are unhelpable, can't get better can't achieve dreams. I wanted to : Go to college Work in a decent profession Get professionally qualified Get married Own our own property Find ways if need be of enjoying my work, feeling fulfilled. I have achieved all of these, despite being an OCD sufferer. If we find out how the disorder works, and what we can do about it and how to do that, then many of us can go on to achieve at least some, if not all, of our dreams. We are only beaten if we allow ourselves to be
  9. I often have the same thing or at least similar thing, I suspect it's cos OCD causes anxiety almost constantly to varying degrees, I feel like I run out of adrenalin or whatever chemical/s it is and I can suddenly feel very down without there being any obvious OCD themes on my mind at that point. It almost to me feels like a heavy cloud has descended on me and it makes me feel very down and anxious. This often strikes after a particularly 'bad' episode of OCD. I can often feel tearful when this happens too, it does tend to pass eventually but it's a horrid frame of mind to be in.
  10. I saw a video yesterday on how we can use ACT to live meaningful lives even when we have anxiety. I haven't mastered this skill yet, but I practice a bit every day.
  11. I aso have this quite often. Having a general feeling of discomfort and anxiety. Like something bad is going to happen soon. But like Angst said, think this has become a default positon in the brain.a
  12. hi guys, it has been some months since my last post but I could once again use some advice. I have been doing quite well the last half year to be honest but I'm strugging again since last weekend. I was hospitalized last June for ocd (phedophile obsessions) and was treated by specialized psychologists. I also received an official diagnosis of OCD from several psychologists. However, it does seem I'm close to relapsing again. I'm feeling very anxious in general and very down. I'm not really sure what the reason for this but it might have to do with summer coming closer again (last summer was hell) and I aso had quite a scare as my mum haD quite a bad accident. Anyway, I could really use some advice on how to tackle this and how to avoid getting worse again. I try to keep busy and to not be focused on OCD. I'm also trying not to perform compulsions as this has helped me out a lot in the past. I think I'm mainly still doubting the ocd thing which I believe many sufferers deal with. Nicki
  13. Yes I agree. It becomes a default position in our minds and bodies. I think the answer is the same as when experiencing depression. Be active, do things and plan for enjoyable experiences a number of times in the day. Even though your mood leads to inertia. (talking about myself here). Mood zone on the NHS Choice site also has a good relaxation exercise.
  14. I think you should explore that possibility and try to figure out the why. That's the core of your problem.
  15. I honestly don't know why it scares me so much. But it does.
  16. So what if you did gain weight? What would happen?
  17. You're asking for reassurance again Kieran. You've asked multiple times here if certain thoughts could be obsessions. Time to switch your focus onto beating this, not questioning it.
  18. Wonderer is right. You think it will all end if you do just one more compulsion but it doesn't end. Your mind will come up with more twists that need to be solved and that will lead to more compulsions. Do you think the male population is consumed by thoughts they fathered a child from eight years ago? Do you think every other guy goes around phoning every woman from past sexual encounters to find out if they have children? Of course not. You are because you have OCD. Your brain is sending out false signals that this is an emergency. It's not. OCD lies all the time. Give yourself permission to not know. Then get control of your ruminating and stop searching for answers that won't help.
  19. Thanks, I think I have a minor eating disorder and I've developed OCD rituals around it. If I don't do the 'right' amount I panic I'm going to get fat. If I even do 1 minute less I feel immensely guilty and get upset.
  20. I'm like this too, I don't know wether going such a long time on high alert when the thoughts were present has just conditioned me to feel anxious a lot of the time for seemingly no reason! It's rubbish but the best we can do is continue as we normally would despite those feelings, and gradually they lessen down.xx
  21. That's not technically true, u would feel like it was resolved for a a while and then brand new thoughts would come, u would maybe even doubt she was telling u the truth, that's how OCD works, we need to learn to live with uncertainty and that's how we combat OCD, the faulty thinking will only bring up more questions!
  22. I agree that I made the situation much worse by doing a bunch of compulsions, however the situation would have been solved had I found the contact information of the previous sexual encounter. I guess that was the risk of doing the compulsions, and it backfired. I know it sounds silly, but I am not sure how I will be able to move past this without figuring out the encounter I had from 8 years ago. Thanks.
  23. Hi all, just wanted to ask... Can intrusive thoughts come in the form of singing? So say if ur singing in your head an you experience an intrusive thought and sing the intrusive thought if that makes sense ?
  24. I watched it last night, it was removed from Facebook but can still be found. It's being posted like his son posted it, but the language used and the text used with the video description is all smacking of the Linden M.O. To use a child this way is seriously unethical at best, but what message does this send to his child in the future? Same old story, Linden feels pressure so he resorts to emotional guilt tripping.
  25. Yeah really. And he's a very good doctor too, just said the timing wasn't right, I'd more serious issues to deal with, and now I'm bit more at myself i'm ready to try again.
  26. It's illuminating isn't it? We ate prepared to spend hours ruminating and worrying about things that don't happen It's OCD that does that when we obsess and compulse. I used to worry about any and everything, until I accepted how sapping and pointless that was, I learned how to stop worrying and get my life back. When I am on top of my OCD therapy, I don't see or notice the triggers that otherwise would floor me. And if they do come along, I just ease them away without connecting with them.
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