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The purpose of the OCD-UK forums

I thought it be useful and helpful for both new and existing members to reiterate the purpose of the OCD-UK Forums.   Across the internet you will find many OCD websites and discussion forums, many of which do a fabulous job. But sometimes, how other websites are run may confuse people about what to expect when using the OCD-UK forums.

The primary objective of the OCD-UK forum is to encourage and promote recovery from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and promote good therapeutic practices (i.e. highlighting the problem with seeking reassurance for example). 
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I read lately that without a plausible alternative explanation to your problem it is no wonder sufferers play it safe and compulse. If the outcome seems terrible and frightening it's completely natural we would take every precaution to prevent it. This is the meaning we put on the thought, i.e if I think this I must be a horrible person, if I don't clean I will put me and my family in danger and they may die, if I'm not careful I could harm someone. These meanings are accompanied by assumptions like, if I'm not 100% careful I'm a bad person, only bad people have bad thoughts, better to be safe than sorry, I must be 100% certain or things must feel 'just right' before I can carry on.

Therapy teaches us that maybe the problem is one of worry and not of danger, this is theory B (Break free from OCD) . Also known as the alternative explanation or on the other hand (Pulling the trigger). Therapy helps us build evidence for theory B asking us to try it out, see how we react, see if what we fear actually happens, rate our anxiety and rate our belief that our problem is indeed one of worry.

I see a lot of people struggling but maybe you haven't been shown how to see your problem the way it actually is not the way OCD presents it to you. A great therapist and self-help book can help you with this, so don't lose hope
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