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  1. Not sure I buy into that theory, but hey we all deserve a hug
  2. I echo the sentiment above, but also big ((hugs)) to the women whose OCD meant they have been unable to become mums and have children / family. Big ((Hugs)) to all women struggling with OCD.
  3. He may be famous, but he's not medically qualified (to my knowledge) The other guy you mentioned is useless too, had a couple of bad reports about him too. Hypnosis will not treat your OCD, not matter how famous the person offering it is. We have an effective treatment that does work when delivered correctly in CBT, so spend the hundreds you plan to spend on hypnosis on a CBT and OCD specialist. I can give you a few names.
  4. Tips for dealing with OCD (not Pure or member checking), simple.... CBT. Sorry, no quick answer to any of this, it does take work and therapy. I think now you understand what OCD is and how it works you need to move on from relabelling and sit with the anxiety and what's if's that your OCD is making you doubt if you cheated or not.
  5. Hi, Do you think these are all OCD related questions or just general life questions? So what if he doesn't accept it, you will move on with your life and find someone else, no?
  6. Maybe you can try changing your thinking on this, and view it as a wonderful opportunity for your friend. May make your fears seem less significant if you adopt the glass half full on this issue.
  7. Hi Peter, What is the treatment manual you refer to? I am not sure what is going on, but I assume you're are neutralising all the time, meaning the therapy won't be effective, so you may need to discuss this with your therapist. Can you perhaps bring the thought on by writing down 'I stabbed the café customer' and looking at it every hour throughout the day? But if you're neutralising again this wont help much, so you do need to speak to your therapist.
  8. Are you deliberately ignoring what I am writing? I am not typing for the sake of it, believe it or not I am actually trying to help you find a way forward. So try again.... It takes time, and practice, lots and lots of practice but if you stop just because it did not work the first time then CBT will never, ever work for you. Many people don't learn to ski in one day, it takes several days of falling over. Many people don't pass their driving test at the first time of asking, they need two or more courses of lessons, often with different instructors before they pass their test.
  9. Again I want to reiterate to the thread don't take medication expecting it to cure OCD, it simply cant. It can help, but it can't treat or cure OCD on its own.
  10. Exactly my point, which you seemed to have glossed over. Medication doesn't treat OCD, to treat OCD we have to change the way we interpret and respond to our thoughts and medication cant do that, but that is exactly what CBT tries to help teach us. So your question should not be 'which medication to take' but 'how do I access CBT to treat my OCD?'.
  11. No medication can treat OCD. But medication can help a person cope better with the anxiety. But like we post all the time when it comes to meds, your question is somewhat pointless because what helps person A medication wise can have a very different impact (from good to bed) on person's B, C and D etc. So medication is a very individual thing. In terms of treating OCD, that comes from therapy (CBT) and lots and lots of hard work on our part
  12. I would ask at the start of your next session, where is my training plan?
  13. Hiya sorry you're having a difficult time. Is the obsession about the sports team OCD or just a normal passion for a favourite team? I am not sure if what you describe is OCD because you don't describe any compulsions.
  14. Should be all good to go now
  15. Thank you again to everyone who got involved last night, it was fantastic seeing so many people on the pre-webinar chat sharing where they are from, we had two people from Canada, Lottie in France and of course people from Scotland down through England and Wales to Cornwall in the south west. The questions asked were great too, some really helpful generic questions (rather than individual questions which can be hard to answer). A few questions didn't get answered with so many being asked, I will try and get Adam to email responses to those later this or next week. I will update with the date for the next webinar when I know it, Professor Salkovskis has agreed for late April or early May but I just need to pin him down on the date. Behind the scenes I will work hard to improve the webinar for next time to make it even better.