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  1. So keep trying, find different people to mix and social with. But if you can't find the time to read the book I mentioned, I am not sure what else to suggest really.
  2. I wasn't really recommending OCD self-help books, I was recommending 'Compassionate Mind' by Paul Gilbert. You ask us what we do when we feel life sucks, I have to ask you Bruces what do you do?
  3. So what can you do Bruces? I often hear about how low you feel, but rarely do you comment about making changes. Many months ago I suggested a book to you, did you ever buy it/read it?
  4. I have spent the entire weekend working or wasting it watching TV, with no real friends to go out and enjoy the weekend with and wonder why I am treading water. But that was a fleeting thought, my second thought was 'stop feeling so bloody sorry for yourself Ashley and do something about it if you don't like it'. So I have started creating a list of places to go and visit, things to go and do every Sunday so that I am forcing myself to take at least one day off every Sunday. The point is, if you are not happy with life, do something about it and if that does not work do something else. Out of interest, do you feel this way because of OCD?
  5. I have made your latest topic invisible until I have time to review it. Just a reminder our forum rules do state we are a discussion support forum and not a place to simply keep posting external links/content.
  6. I have always tried to help people, but not compulsively. In your case you may have done compulsive helping, but what was your obsessive fear that drove the compulsions?
  7. No they don't. People with OCPD generally carry our ritualistic behaviours to stratify their unrealistic expectations for perfectionism. No it's not, nobody on here other than you seems to have heard of it. How you get from that to dopamine is beyond me. I am still not yet able to see the point of your thread, I really can't or what any of it has to do with OCD or your reason to be posting, you don't seem to want any help, you just seem to want us to agree with your theory.
  8. I am still none the wiser what awareness advocacy is in your mind?
  9. Well no point having two accounts, so I will merge or delete one. I have experienced Promis in the past, a friend worked for them. They're an addiction clinic. Compulsive Helping is not Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  10. So shall I delete your original account? With respect I don't think it was clear. When you say compulsive helping and awareness advocacy I have no idea what you refer to. So no, I don't think you have been too clear. But if I am to guess what you mean, people helping others is not a compulsion, it is compassion and along the way can also be helpful to the person offering help.
  11. Hi Julia, Well none of us here are medically qualified so you need to take our comments with a pinch of salt. That said, I think I know a fair bit about OCD and what you describe does sound very characteristically like OCD. You describe obsessive fears, anxiety and compulsive behaviours. But what is unusual is that for someone to go from that to no OCD at all without treatment of any kind. Did something happen to prompt you to ask the question today? Ashley.
  12. To be honest Brain Lock is over a decade old, and whilst it does over some good self-help techniques my advise is to now focus not on ERP but on learning about cognitive approach to utilise CBT. Check our website for recommended books. To be honest I really don't like the Philipson articles, he doesn't add anything new, other than unhelpful acronyms.
  13. Fell flat on my face at Sainsbury's in the car park in Tunbridge Wells yesterday. luckily got hands down in time to prevent smashing face, my nose just tapped the tarmac. Big gravel hole in my hands though amd smashed phone back.

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    2. Ashley


      Yep, was putting trolley back in trolley bay, admiring the glorious blue the sky and dare I admit the short skirts and tripped on the edge of the trolley bay barrier kerb :a1_cheesygrin: 

    3. daja


      i feel for you those short skirts get me every time.

    4. taurean


      Funnily enough I was going to ask if you had fallen foul of just such a distraction, but felt bad about asking :tongue:

      Certainly the girls have really been enjoying the fine weather and the chance to wear their summer clothes - and I have enjoyed living in shorts and sandals. 

  14. Distracting will never work with OCD. At this stage, is it even an OCD issue though? Ok, you saw something graphic and gory that you did not like, is it not normal for people to fixate and focus on that for a few days even for people without OCD? But, if it is OCD in that you are both obsessing over it and doing some kind of compulsion then no, distracting rarely works for long. Paradoxer is right, one of the key ways to challenge intrusive thoughts is to bring them back on, in your case even watch it again. However, that in itself is hard to do if you have not had any support or undergone any form of CBT to help you re-interpret and access the information and understand how OCD works and what the purpose of watching it again would be. So there is a solution, but I am not sure if you have the tools to apply that yet or if additional therapy is needed, that's your call
  15. Yes. and unless you have a very specific reason to check your hearing, you are going far beyond what any other person would do. You are trying to justify it as caring about your health, your mental health also needs caring about