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  1. I watched it last night, it was removed from Facebook but can still be found. It's being posted like his son posted it, but the language used and the text used with the video description is all smacking of the Linden M.O. To use a child this way is seriously unethical at best, but what message does this send to his child in the future? Same old story, Linden feels pressure so he resorts to emotional guilt tripping.
  2. Really? Seems a little 'out there' advice. I don't have any advice, other than to relay a story of my dad (now 68) who had been smoking since he was a kid until two years ago, 60 odd years. He would light up from 7am until bed and I assumed he would never ever quit. Then about two years ago he had a clot in his leg, and was told quit or die within 6 months. He quit... just stopped and I know he's stuck to it because I could smell his cigars on me if I visited, the place has smelled clean and fresh ever since.
  3. A new low... Allegedly (the video's been removed). Linden posted a video that appears to be his son using some kind of emotional heart string pulling go at one of his critics (a gentleman with anxiety issues) claiming this guy is making mummy, sister and daddy unwell (i.e The Linden's). I have a screenshot of the front screen of the video but I wont post it because of the child's age.
  4. Both are excellent strategies moving forward Kieran. If you can't stop seeking reassurance, try and be mindful of when you're doing it and try and reduce for now if possible (including self-reassurance). I guess I was checking that you had considered accessing therapy, great to see
  5. Ok, so now you have been given some information (possibly reassurance, but we'll let that slide as information more than reassurance), what next Kieran? What do you plan to do next to help yourself?
  6. Thanks Milo, We will arrange something for sure, maybe in July or August. The plans for this BH weekend not gone well due to over running magazine design so I need to work through the rest of this week and weekend to complete.
  7. I don't think the length of CBT is the issue, it really comes down to the therapist knowledge (assuming we as sufferers, do our bit and actually face the fear of therapy exercises). Sometimes we have to keep trying until we find the right therapist to help us move forward. Are you going private? Where in the UK are you? I can recommend some OCD experts but they're Kent/London based and charge £110+ plus per session. I really would suggest not putting too much emphasis on EMDR, it may work of course, but I realistically I would be absolutely amazed if it did.
  8. It's great you found a way to deal with it, but forgive me I fear that approach is a temporary solution that simply sweeps the problem under the carpet, hence the relapse. Obviously I may be wrong, but I wonder if that approach is merely dismissing it rather than actually challenging and dealing with it head on, I.e exploring the cognitive and doing behavioural. May be worth reviewing the approach, perhaps by speaking to a therapist.
  9. So perhaps the best question we can ask you, is what are you doing to deal with the OCD? Distraction techniques are fine, but they won't deal with the OCD, which is why we have to tackle the OCD (not the P part).
  10. I guess this is what he hopes for sadly. But if anyone is concerned, provided we stick to facts, there is not much he can do. But if anybody does have a story to share and is concerned please PM or email them to me
  11. True, but if we stop highlighting his ruthless methods of ushering away criticism all that will be left will be the Linden fluff pieces.
  12. Thanks GBG, I had to search for it, and only found it because was looking for your text. It doesn't appear on his page just on the search results.
  13. Rather than respond to them.,,, just remove. On one hand you can argue he's trying to protect his business and his product..... on the other hand I would suggest he knows there's very little substance behind the 'testimonials' and he needs to do all he can to prevent negative feedback and critics.
  14. Where is this, I cant find it.
  15. The HSS term (formerly NCG) is just the name of the funding programme. Call me cynical, but some of those services included within the HSS funding programme I am not actually sure they offer an HSS service! So basically what I mean is there are other HSS services outside of that funding programme, the University of Bath specialist anxiety service being one of those. Yes and No. If you access those clinics through the HSS funding programme then yes, there is a medication requirement for eligibility (partly to ensure that due to a limited funding pot, only the most severe patients are seen). But if your own local NHS clinical commissioning group (CCG) agree to fund the referral to that clinic then in theory there is no specific medical criteria (although the CCG may want you to have exhausted all local services first). Don't assume that just because other clinics are not included in the HSS scheme that they can't offer the same service. The Bath clinic was only started after the HSS funding programme was formed, so the funding pot as yet to be expanded to include Bath. Remember, Prof Salkovskis who leads the Bath service helped create and shape the CADAT service in London before he left for Bath. The service offered by the Bath clinic is just as good, if not better than HSS services. It can also offer home based therapy where needed, it can offer intensive solutions too. My advice is forget the stepped care levels, they're perhaps not overly helpful. Yes it is a problem. But my suggestion is first of all establish which is the best clinic for you, CADAT, Bath, ADRU etc. Then figure out the referral process later. If you have exhausted all local treatment options, the CCG may say no, but they won't be able to say no forever if you can demonstrate you've tried all local therapeutic options.