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    Cross stitching, colouring in, making things with clay & I Love watching Poirot & Only Fools & Horses 😀

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  1. Merry Christmas xx

    1. Phili


      Merry Christmas

    2. Claire1704


      And to you lovely xx

    3. molly29


      Hope all is well. 

  2. Did anyone Miss me?

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    2. taurean
    3. joanne123


      yes it has been a while how come you left us x

    4. pottypotter


      Yay! I feel Loved now Mental Health wise I've been quite poorly

  3. prozac

    Has helped me, no other med's have but prozac. Took 3 weeks to notice though, and if you're on the lowest dose you will probably feel more of a benefit when the doctor ups your dose xx
  4. Here's wishing you all a fab weekend xx

    1. LauraMac
    2. taurean


      It's been a great weekend in sunny London town - spring has really sprung!

    3. angelwings


      Hiya pp how you? Long time no talk we have to arrange to meet up on here for a chat. Xxx

  5. Hope everyone is having a good week so far :-)

    1. Caramoole


      I hope you are too :)

  6. Does OCD really end

    Each of us are different, so I don't think there is an answer to that question. I know people who say they are cured, which is great, but I feel I never will be. So I guess it's a question only you can answer for yourself. One thing I know, it is possible to learn to cope better. I couldn't cope at all at one point, my OCD is severe, but I can still have a good life too. Hope I made sense??
  7. Really struggling

    I struggled more without meds with this situation, so yes hopefully you will be able to cope better once meds kick in. Stay strong xxx
  8. Really struggling

    I too have obsessed about my partners past, especially anything to do with other women, the thought of him ever touching another woman made me feel sick! I still feel like that about it now, but refuse to obsess over it. It was ruining our relationship, and he is the most precious person to me (along with my children) in the world. I found this very difficult to cope with, but it came to a point where it was effecting our relationship. I was pushing my husband further & further away. I had to stop it. Trying to stop thinking about his past won't help, the more we try to stop thoughts the more they come, as you probably already know. I guess it's coming to the realisation he has a past just as much as you do, but the here & now is where you are together & the future. :original:
  9. Always here for you puddin xxx
  10. Constantly worrying about the past

    LOL, funny you should ask...... it is my surname aswel as a fact that I am a huge Harry Potter fan! Mainly just the fact I am potty hee hee But yes, you can be the best mum possible to your daughter, she clearly means the world to you. Probably why your OCD is so bad, due to her absence. Keep going matey xxx
  11. Feel really bad today

    Very true lol xx
  12. Constantly worrying about the past

    You can be the good parent you feel your daughter deserves. You are worth far more to her being there and being alive. Keep with it, sunshine is behind this cloud xxx
  13. No idea what to put as a title??

    Thank you Purple. Overall, she kind of understood me. I think it just felt upsetting when I thought I had made perfect sense but hadn't. Feeling better since typing it out. Thank you for your replies :balloon: