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  1. feeling very down today

    1. Lucy1234


      Hugs, I hope you feel better tomorrow x

    2. Superblade


      hang in there, as the old saying goes "the darkest hour is just before dawn"

      I,m sure things will feel a bit better soon

  2. I hate cleaning too, I agree with Nervous.
  3. At the moment my OCD has been okish, apart from contamination. My hands have got a lot worse, probably because of the weather (snow e.t.c), but washing them has seemed to have got worse to. I am trying to be scrict with it, but I am finding it very difficult because it feels like i can't stop myself from washing them again, it is like my OCD is controlling the use of my arms (sounds very werid). As anyone got any advice they could give? Also I am using this cream called LOTIL which I have got from boots, it seems to work but it is very expensive to buy, and I am using them quite quickly so I was wandering if anyone knows any other cream which can help for my dryed, cracked hands. Thank you for reading. JC123
  4. OCD is really getting on my nerves at the moment :(

  5. Yeahhhh it's my birthday today :D

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    2. Superblade
    3. Ashley


      Sorry Jessica only just seen this. Happy Birthday (belated).

    4. JC123


      That's ok and thank you :)

  6. New

    Hello Gecko_Gal Hope this site helps you out a lot
  7. Contamination OCD is really getting on my nerves at the moment :(

    1. BoneChina


      OCD is always annoying/****... that's why it's nice to try to get rid of it.

  8. I self harm to by scratching only breaking the skin though but I have left over 11 scars by doing it
  9. I Agree you have definitely made a huge difference to everyone thank you
  10. I need to stop worrying :(

  11. I hate waiting for phone calls especially from the doctors why can't they give you an appointment when I first phones them up :/

  12. Does anyone else find this annoying ?

    All my family find this annoying, especially friends and family who don't know I have OCD say 'I have OCD' when all they have done is put a pen straight, or when people say 'a bit OCD' if really annoys us, but like Dave B said that it's coming into more of the public eye, for example, the OCD documentaries which have been shown
  13. I feel so down :(

    1. joanne123


      I know how you feel, I hope you feel better soon xx

  14. I'm never going to beat this thing, I feel that in trying all my best to try and beat some of the compulsions but my OCD just shoves it back in my face. This is especially to do with my exposure I'm doing for my CBT. I have to try and touch the side of the chair which I think is contaminated but I just keep putting it of, the other exposure is my bedroom wall again I can't touch it for contamination issues but also I can't look at it without looking at the opposite wall afterwards, so my mum said why don't you just touch it and then wash your hands and so I think ok I'll do it in a minute and then I put it off and I keep putting I off. I just feel so stupid that I can't do something so simple :'(. The other thing is, is that I have been feeling dizzy and have been getting headaches everyday, so my mum said phone the doctor up then, but I can't because I find it really difficult phoning people up and also I hate going into the doctors because of contamination again. Its making me really upset which is stupid, I'm stupid Sorry to go on and on
  15. Finding it very difficult to be strict with my OCD