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  1. hasnt been online all this week, its been a really good week so far!, things have been feeling a lot better and i am enjoying my time off .

  2. Hey no you didnt lol i was confused before what this little bit was for haha :D hope your ok x

  3. did I write something confusing?

  4. hit reply at the bottom of the post.

  5. keeps dreaming of draco malfoy is this a sign hes dreaming about me or is it a sign i should watch harry potter tonight ... hmmm :-)

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    2. alexandra


      Ooo ive seen it five times!!! lol im a bit of a harry potter freak, went to see it three times with my bf after begging him to go again and been twice with my friends. Its AMAZING!!!!, although i thought it was better in 2d than 3d there just wasnt enough 3d stuff happening for me! xx

    3. pottypotter


      oh wow!! it must be great then!! I just need to be able to get to a cinema and have some spare time!

    4. alexandra


      me and my bf bought the box set of all the old harry potters today, we are having a nice pj day watching them all :-) xx

  6. is off to bed, feeling really tired but get a nice lie in tomorrow. Hope everybody has a nice peaceful nights sleep and wakes up happy in the morning, night all.. xx

  7. really enjoys coming on this site for a good chat , it really brightens up my mood... Thank you everybody xx

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    2. alexandra
    3. pottypotter


      nice chatting with you tonight xx

    4. alexandra


      You too, chat with you later :D Xxx

  8. My life is ruined!

    every word you wrote on there i understand how you feel. im feeling really low today and just cant control my thoughts and worries they wont go away i just wish i could be like everybody else who seems to control their thoughts and be happy and calm all the time. I have a horrible feeling in my stomach that wont go away when i have these intrusive thoughts and i cant control it i just want to cry hope you feel a bit better soon, we all have good days and bad days.
  9. went to sleep and woke up feeling anxious and scared, just want to curl back up and cry and for them to go away

    1. mummywithocd


      thinking of you Alexandra xx

    2. 88stressed88
    3. alexandra


      hey all .. been a tough old day today but tried so hard not to give into to my head and so far i've got through it and im feeling a bit better ....xxx

  10. one thing after another

    I agree ^ Chin up , hope your ok, :hug: dont beat yourself up over this..x
  11. mine is usually worse last thing at night and when im not very busy at work i also find it worse when my bf works nights.
  12. False Memories... Again.

    Hi, im the same i literally have thoughts and convince myself ive said/done these things and then i end up so upset and believing of these things i feel the need to confess because id rather confess the things than have them in my head however silly/made up they seem to others its horrible!!! Hope your doing ok ... dont give in to the thoughts , dont let them get in ..x
  13. is having a cuddle with the cat , horrible weather today!

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    2. alexandra


      Awww poor kitty hope she gets better soon :( , mines called tilly, shes going for her second injection and checkup in a week shes been good as gold so far!. Has she been wormed yet maybe she has a bad tummy love her :( x

    3. mummywithocd


      Hi Alexandra,the people who gave her to us said that they wormed her-but they didn´t because as well as a stomach infection she has worms too! it´s stressful trying to keep her away from the kids until it´s resolved-vaccinations on Thursday and more check ups....

    4. alexandra


      Aw that sucks :( wormed my kitten last week gave her half the tablet on the weekend shes having the other half this weekend, got to take her for her second jab on the 19th their so expensive, no idea if the person who we got her off had got her vaccinated or wormed so i have been taking her just incase, shes had a really sore bottom she had allergies to the litter so we've had to change that as well... hope your ok xx

  14. :( :'(
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    2. Lucy1234
    3. pottypotter


      Whats the matter matey?

    4. alexandra


      hey everybody :) im okay today feeling lots better, just had one of those moments had a good cry now feeling lots better .. hope everyones ok x

  15. Do you think i have ocd

    Hi , I also check my car, check its locked that the bonnet is down and that its safe, i also check the plugs several times at night to make sure the cooker isnt on and that nothing is on that could cause a fire, i also have a habit of checking the doors and the windows several times before going out and if i do it less than usual i have horrible thoughts in my head of bad things that could happen. I also have to check and recheck things like messages etc! Hope you see your GP and gain the advice and support you need.