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  1. This is all a bit posh! Hello everyone x

  2. Is there really a cure?

    Sorry, I typed the above in a rush, apologies if it seemed a bit abrupt!
  3. Is there really a cure?

    You're not meant to stop the CBT, you keep at it until what you learn in CBT is your first reaction to a situation.
  4. Is there really a cure?

    Ashley and Bruces replied while I was taking ages to type
  5. Is there really a cure?

    I agree and slightly disagee at the same time..... My opinion is that I think it depends on what you mean by 'cure'. Some seem to think that stopping thoughts is a cure. You can't stop your thoughts, they happen when they happen. But as Silverlight and It'sOnlyNatural say, you can train yourself to react to the thought in a different way, which is what people without OCD do. In my opinion, that's recovery. May not work 100% of the time, but if you can get to the point where it happens from time to time and you're ok in between, I would consider that revovered with the odd lapse. Just my opinion
  6. How frustrating, Ryukil! I've had some very mixed experiences of mental health professionals, some who've been wonderful, and some, who like with you, utterly missed what I was trying to say. I'm glad you felt able to express how you felt.
  7. *Waves at everyone from the Friend Zone*

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    2. Gemma7


      Friend zone, not the best place unless of course you want a friend!

    3. Claire1704


      Oh no! I hope you feel better soon Phili xx

      Friend zone certainly isn't the best place. I feel like shouting "Hello! I'm right here!!"

    4. Gemma7


      Lol! Shout it then some people are just oblivious :)

  8. All best for 2016 everyone! Lots of love xx

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    2. daja


      yep, happy 2016 all :-)

    3. Gemma7


      All the best Claire :-)

    4. BoneChina


      Merry New Year (hope had)!

  9. Twitter made me laugh today: "I don't know whether to see the new Steve a Jobs biopic now or wait to see if a better one comes out next year."

  10. OCD - Your Opinion

    Hi there, I'm no expert on hoarding (and not medically trained anyway!) but hoarding is now viewed as something different from OCD in most cases. I believe a person hoards (in the disorder sense) when their home space can't be used for its intended purpose. Some people have difficulty discarding items because they attach significance to the items rather than hoarding for OCD reasons. I'd encourage your BF to talk to a medical professional about his hoarding. Does he view his hoarding as a problem? Has he told you why he hoards?
  11. This is so important. I often find myself taking stock of who I spend my time around and make a point of picking and choosing who I share things with. This not only helps me, but also gives me the strength to support other people who are perhaps struggling. I love those people you can not only have a really good chat with, but also laugh and talk about nothing in particular with too!
  12. Oh it's nothing you've not read before. In fact I ripped some of it off an article that went into Compulsive Reading! I've emailed you a copy.
  13. I haven't been here for a little while (forgot my password!) but I've really enjoyed reading about people's successes. For me, I've been talking about my OCD more at work and to my family. I even wrote an article about OCD for my work magazine that was published today! It's been really up and down year for me (not just for OCD reasons) but I feel on the whole, it's been successful. I found a fantastic therapist who has helped me understand myself a lot more. I also met some lovely people at the conference and feel more than ever that I'm part of a community. You're all wonderful. Happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016 sxxx
  14. Have been on the radio twice this week with Ashley. Really enjoyed the chance to increase awareness, but also I learned that when I speak up, I don't sound too bad!

    1. gingerbreadgirl


      well done you - this is absolutely fantastic xx

    2. taurean


      Claire what a journey you have been on. We are so proud of you !!!

    3. Claire1704


      Thank you! It was such good fun, I'd recommend it to anyone!

  15. Bracing myself for the hayfever. Yes, I get hayfever in September/October. Cue sneezing and itchy eyes!

    1. taurean


      My hayfever season usually finishes mid-July but sadly seems to have been extended this year!!!

      Just bought some allergy-relief eye drops from Boots to add to the one a day anti-histamine pills.

      Keep taking the tablets Claire. Buddleia flowers have been especially bugging me.