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  1. Thank you I will try hope you are ok
  2. I have not posted for a while as have been doing ok but am worried that there is poo on the toilet and if it will harm us
  3. just got out out of a 2 week stay in the queen elizabeth hospital in birmingham still in lots of pain as had loadsof tests nice to be back x

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    2. joanne123


      Went through a really bad time and they thought it was my ms treatment that had caused it had lots of tests including a lumber puncture which was horrible and they still don`t know what caused everything. Hope your ok and thanks 4 asking x

    3. SaraJane


      So sorry to hear this Joanne and that you went through a lumber puncture. Glad you are home and hope you are bearing up as well as poss. xx

    4. joanne123


      Thank you very much xx

  4. Very interesting and useful discussion I have found my anxiety does not fade if I do something that worries me for a long time or til something else happens then I forget the other worry and get anxiety about the new one. My husband said it is better to be anxious while getting over and trying to beat the worries than being anxious and bad with ocd and not trying but he does not understand how ill it makes you feel, Even though I think he is right lol.
  5. Thank you both x
  6. My doctor is referring me to springfield hospital in London and I just wondered if anyone knew if it was a facility you stay at or just go in for appointments thanks
  7. Daisy you deserve so much better than that. It may be complicated but what he has done is unforgivable and maybe if you move forward you will do better as it sounds like he is not much help to you either. Be strong you can do it let go and fight it I am willing you on we all are on here xx
  8. What is it that is worrying you to clean your room :original:
  9. Thank you Alex Lauren and cub. I appreciate the replies but I am so worried the splashes when I went to the loo has dirtied me. I have not done anything about it and I have kept going whereas before I would of had a bath but I have not. The worry and anxiety is bad but I hope it will be worth it not giving in and that I won`t make anyone bad because I am dirty thanks again xxx
  10. Hi everyone hope your all doing well. I have been doing so well lately so I am upset with myself as I am worrying about being contaminated as I have had water splash on me when going to the loo on both cheeks and I know I should not of but I googled it and it said it is dirty and has germs on when it splashes after having a poo so I am worried now and I had been doing so well lately so I am dissapointed with myself thanks
  11. Yes thanks he is back :original:
  12. Hi yes I am trying to do erp
  13. Thank you both :original: