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  1. Sorry to hear you struggling too. Its an Awful illness. Good luck to you too.
  2. Wish I could think that postive. I never completely was cured from ocd I just managed to cope the best I could. still had bad days but thought then its ocd nothing else. But im back with the doubting.
  3. I was diagnosed with ocd a long time ago now. I used to be on here everyday. In the end I managed to cope and got lot beta through help of therapy and friends. But now im back to square one again. Im so scared and anxious weather these awful thoughts are ocd or not. I keep thinking if my kids would be safer if I left and there dad just looked after them. But I cant leave them it would kill me. I love my kids. Im going to self refer myself back to therapy. I struggle through everyday feel so depressed.
  4. Hi everyone. Haven't posted for ages. Has legend left the group?

    1. Phili


      I haven't seen him around for a long time now...

    2. taurean


      I haven't seen him on the forum either - maybe he is taking a break for a while.

  5. On edge all time lately

  6. Hi felix hope you're well. thankyou. Im really struggling with all themes of my ocd now. X
  7. I cant help it all done all day is go over it in my head feel anxious alday just cant se to sort it out in my head. If had ocd harm. Why wud I do that? Thanks for replying
  8. I dont usally get angry and hit. something really upset me and I just reacted like that.
  9. Everyone thinks this is bad?
  10. Its driving me mad just keep thinking I cant have ocd if I hit his sholder in anger
  11. Hi everyone haven't been on here in some time not long had a baby me and my boyfriend argued and I hit him on his arm. This had made me feel ill and questioning myself now if I got ocd or am I a monster. Im frighten bout this. Me and my boyfriend are ok now but still worrying me cant stop going over in my head pleaae help
  12. Hello everyone

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    2. angelwings


      Hi im not bad thanks u?

    3. angelwings


      Arctic is potty potter not come on here anymore?

    4. pottypotter


      hey angelwings

  13. thanks for ur reply ecomum. the thoughts are driving me mad. my hormanes are crazy at min because im pregnant.
  14. back on relaspe :-( thinking what if? when i was young girl of age of 9 false memorys?? keep going over over in my head driving me mad.