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  1. Hello everybody!

    Ja verkligen! I live in Sweden but there's not a lot of swedish ocd forums, so I like to hang out here haha.
  2. Hello everybody!

    Hej! Kul att se någon annan svensk här!
  3. New here

    Welcome to the forums If you want someone to talk to you can always talk to me. You're not alone in this, and I think you'll find that people are very helpful and understanding here.
  4. my ERP Journey

    I think it's strong of you to put yourself in that situation, it must've been really hard for you. Good work
  5. I get this from time to time, but you know this is just your OCD, we all get all kinds of weird thoughts it doesn't mean you're a bad person or that you like them. I find it very disturbing when I'm having harmful unwelcomed thoughts while I'm mad at someone because then it feels like I want to hurt them. And then I start doubting myself and obsessing over whether the thoughts were "real" or not. Hang in there!
  6. Thanks for your reply, Sarah! I live in Sweden so you're right. I know that there's no miracle pill for OCD, you're absolutely right about that, but since the pills have no effect on me at all it's just a waste of my time and money. I've had CBT for a while when I lived in another city, and to get CBT where I currently live I have to get a referral from my doctor, I finally got hold of her today. Well she's gonna call me tomorrow so we can talk about the referral. I hope I can change medicines soon and start CBT again, this is at least a step in the right direction. Take care!
  7. So I started taking sertraline in march, then I moved back to my hometown keeping contact with my therapist and my doctor and increasing the dose to 200 mg in july. I've had no results with the medicine, it doesn't work for me at all and it's getting really expensive for me to pay for it. Now I haven't heard from my doctor in several months and I have no prescriptions left, I've tried to contact my therapist but she doesn't answer my calls, she did reply to an email though telling me she has forwarded the issue to my doctor - this was about a week ago and I still haven't heard from her. The thing is I need to get referred to the psychiatric clinic here in my hometown to continue my CBT treatment and everything just feels so damn complicated right now. I really don't know what to do, I can't stop taking my medicine by myself, and I really need to talk to someone since my OCD is getting worse everyday. Has anyone had a similair experience?
  8. i'm on sertraline 200 mg. it really doesn't work for me at all - no change what-so-ever. but it works differently for everyone.
  9. What I think is common for us sufferers is our controlling nature - we want to have things under control which can be a good thing (but also very bad). Then I don't know really what kind of ocd personality traits I've got, planning could be one of them though. I make lists of almost everything, pretty disturbing but can be helpful sometimes. Dealing with guilt has made me a better person in a way, so on an ocd-free day it could be good because it has made much more honest and responsible for my actions. I do think though that there's a pretty thin line between what's healthy and unhealthy when it comes to these traits, and due to our disorder it's mostly bad.
  10. Square one.

    1. BoneChina


      Hey, sorry to hear. As well as snakes, there are ladders too -- try to keep/be positive if you can.

  11. Stuck on repeat... Exam tomorrow, wish me luck please :(

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    2. pottypotter


      Good Luck with the exam today Sofia xx

    3. sofia


      thanks all! xxx the exam was on sociology. i think it went well actually, better than expected :)

    4. pottypotter


      That's good Sofia. Stay Positive matey xx

  12. It gets worse for me too that time of the month, I talked to my therapist about it and she said it's because of hormones and stuff and you're usually more vurnable at that time in general.
  13. I'm really sorry you're feeling worse again But yes, you can have multiple OCD themes at the same time and yes OCD can make you doubt almost everything unfortunately.
  14. I'm a total mess, all I've done lately is crying and praying, can't focus on anything. I'm so gonna fail this class. Summer is not so far away though..

    1. sofia


      thanks hope you're feeling better soon too xx gosh 6 exams, that's sick, i have three exams and a couple of assignments and stuff to do. i'm really sorry you're struggling, have you told anyone at your school about your ocd? i'm thinking about doing it.

    2. SaraJane


      Keeping a focus on the summer is a good strategy. We're doing the same here as there are exams facing hubby and one of my children. Summer is a good gift after all the stress. Hang on in there - not too long to go xx

    3. sofia


      it is indeed! something to look forward to at least :) thanks mate! xx

  15. Can't cope it's too much :(

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    2. joanne123


      Sending you my best wishes xx

    3. sofia


      doesn't feel like that at all potty :( hugs, thanks guys xx

    4. pottypotter


      It will get better matey xxx