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  1. Happy 1st anniversary to me of being a full member. Here's to another year. *thumbsup*

    1. BoneChina


      Hear, hear!

    2. PartVie


      Hehe thanks guys. ;)

    3. pottypotter


      Happy OCDUK Birthday Vie Pie lol xx

  2. Yaaaaay. Thanks Ash! I figured you guys were just swamped. No worries No More OCD, it would have looked like I was only a bulletin board user cause my renewal hadn't been processed yet. Lol, I said mixing instead of fixing. See we all make mistakes
  3. Hi there guys, I'm locked out of membership permissions as well. I renewed my membership on the 21st of June. I'm assuming people have just been too busy mixing the forum that was down. Please change this for me. Thanks, Vie.
  4. Hi lovelies. I have been hiding in the shadows but still read email status notifications. Very belated b'day wishes to Arctic Vixen & Bone China. *blushes*

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    2. PartVie


      Catch-up in chat??? *Halo*

    3. BoneChina


      Thank you, PV! :-) Hope you're okay!

    4. PartVie


      Thanks for the welcome back guys. Yeah I'm doing ok. :)

  5. I need a drink after today. Too bad my meds don't agree with alcohol. :S

  6. Home again, bored again...

  7. Preparing for a heat wave. Temperatures to go into the 30's and 40's.

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    2. Ashley


      -1 in my car this morning. Part Vie is just teasing us ;)

    3. PartVie


      Yes, it does sound like something I would do. Tomorrow I'm going over my mates place for a swim in their pool. Jealous now? ;)

    4. Ashley


      No... he says lying through his gritted teeth. lol

  8. You have to be a paid member to access chat. The number in red you see next to the chat are not messages for you but the number of people in the chatroom at the time.
  9. Also, sometimes people with fears of keeping others safe have trouble with excessive guilt. Is that true for you? If so, it may help to deal with that (whilst of course doing CBT/Exposure Therapy) it might even make the CBT/ERP easier.
  10. Beware you don't awaken my wrath!

    1. PartVie


      Haha, don't worry. It's just me warning folks not to get in my way cause im irritable.

  11. If you're not afraid of being sick or the act of vomiting, then I don't believe it would be emetophobia at all. With emetophobia, you will do anything to avoid being sick and you are definitely afraid of being sick. Although it is common for emetophobia to be present as well as OCD, in your case I would say that it sounds like it's OCD without emetophobia. I think approaching your therapy targeting the OCD is the way to go. Then if you do find that things aren't getting any easier with vomit based fears, have a look at that again. As far as I can tell though, the strategies for conquering a phobia are pretty much identical to the exposure response therapy for OCD. So in any case, you should see improvements.
  12. So bored and tired and tired of being bored and tired of being tired. Did I mention I was bored?

    1. PartVie


      A resounding YES. And every other possible conceivable combination of the two. *Cabin fever alert*.

  13. I've never tried that one but everyone seems to have their own favourite. I got recommended this one from my doctor, Bepanthen cream for burns and small cuts. Putting that on overnight was the best thing i've ever tried, it seemed to seal up many of the cracks.Making you not wash after no#2 and after touching dog poo & eating....that's CRAZY FF! I don't like even thinking about that, it's shocking! :blink: One more reason why I wouldn't want inpatient care/don't think i'd do well there. As for how many times I wash/ed my hands, I don't think i'll ever know. I forget how many times i've done it while washing them, so I don't stand a good chance of counting them all up. I never could answer the question when I was asked how many times/approximately how long a day do you spend washing (partly also because it was pretty much constant). I'm running out of my antibacterial soap wash tonight so I've decided to reduce my handwashing after going to the loo. That way I won't run out completely and I can keep it down after buying some more. Yay for self imposed exposure. I agree with FobicFairy, I think reducing from 75-90 to only 30 washes per day is a huge reduction! Goodluck with it and I hope you come close if not get to the 30 washes per day. If you don't though, don't beat yourself up, I don't think I could reduce that much at once. And remember, any reduction at all is good.
  14. They seem to be working again now... but I never did get any emails/ it light up in the notification list for the missing ones. The interwebz must have eaten them or something.
  15. Was it just me who didn't get their email notifications over the last 8hrs or so? Stuff has been replied to but no emails in my inbox and the notification list didn't go red with the number of new things, it did list them in bold blue though when I checked it.