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  1. I always wanted children, but knew that my anxiety would be unbearable if I had a child - I worry about people I hardly know keeping safe nevermind my own child that I'm programmed to protect! It was a surprise when I fell pregnant, I don't think I would have ever gotten to a place where I felt I could cope with kids. My ocd did get much worse due to pregnancy and then having a child, however I got treatment in the form of CBT, ERP and eventually tablets and I am now in a better place than I have been in my whole life. The treatment was hard, but made all the difference. I cannot imagine my life without my 2 children, they are my world, if I went back in time I wouldn't change a thing:)
  2. I have a diagnosis from a psychiatrist, but I still have to explain everything anytime I go to the GP's! My understanding is that it is at a psychiatric assessment that you can get formally diagnosed
  3. My Gp thought I was bi-polar years ago, he referred me for a psychiatric assessment where they told me I had Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm pretty sure now all of my symptoms are somehow explained by OCD and low mood, I do not have a personality disorder or bi-polar, although I do have mood swings where I go from being ok to being suicidal in a matter of hours
  4. Learning styles

    I find it interesting, how it all links in, were we theorists before the ocd? Or because of it??
  5. Hi everyone, At work yesterday we did a quiz to see how we learn using Honey and Mumfords Learning styles questionnaire. I found it very interesting, I got 10/10 for theorist and 0/10 for activist. The therorist likes to analyse, needs to understand the purpose to a task, is logical, rational and objective. An activist likes to jump straight in, think on their feet and doesn't need to plan a lot. I wonder if most of us with ocd would be theorists? I was the only one, plus I was the only one to get either a 10/10 or a 0/10 - I wonder if this is because I am quite black and white in my thinking? Anyway, I think stuff like this is interesting http://www.science.ulster.ac.uk/nursing/mentorship/docs/nursing/oct11/Learning%20Styles%20Questionnaire%20%20short%20version%20Aug10.pdf. http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/gradschool/training/eresources/teaching/theories/honey-mumford
  6. Oh that's brilliant, I have been really worrying they might run out!!
  7. Are people finding that this is no longer a problem now? I have an appointment with my GP on Friday so not getting a new prescription until then
  8. The POSITIVE side of OCD

    Aw I like that, thanks
  9. I have had ocd and depression for most of my life, although I didn't recognise my ocd was really at the root of my problems until recently. I don't know really which should be treated first, but I know that during my depressive episodes I have no motivation to tackle anything, my ocd becomes much worse because I just stop even trying to manage it, so for me if my depression isn't managed then I cannot get a handle on my ocd stuff
  10. Hello all, I am generally managing my ocd pretty well due to a mixture of meds and cbt/exposure, but I have recently become completely obsessed with someone at work and I'm finding it impossible to break it. I am (reasonably) happily married with 2 gorgeous kids, I love my family very much, and I know I do, but I have become utterly obsessed with a guy at work We are friends who have started growing closer, but I'm fairly sure that he would want no more than friendship, and really I don't, but over the last few months I've found myself feeling the need to talk to him and text him totally overwhelming, I analyse everything he says to me and re-reread his texts over and over trying to work out if he's attracted to me/if he's sick of me. I constantly want reassurance that he doesn't hate me, and that I haven't pushed him away somehow. My mood is up and down due to whether he has recently texted me/what he's said and it takes up my whole day. I do not want him in my head, but I can't get him out. Please does anyone have any advice, I really need to break this it's starting to really impact my life
  11. Hopefully we'll hear something positive from someone soon then
  12. You are bound to be worried hon, exposure is hard work, but I reckon you can do it!
  13. Yes I use public toilets and sit on the seat hon
  14. I am starting to really worry about this now, surely they can't just take it off the market without there being any sort of replacement??