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  1. I have had a problem with rituals regarding exam taking at some points. I would say to just try and remind yourself that it is the OCD you are angry with, not yourself.
  2. Can a thought act as a trigger

    Everyone has these "scary" or in some way threatening thoughts all the time. If everything is going well, you just forget and move on if these thoughts are silly, pointless, or require no action on your part. OCD is when you fixate your attention on these thought past any point of reason.
  3. I have OCD and I worry about contamination or possible bodily harm constantly. On the other hand my twin brother (who is genetically identical) doesn't seem to worry about anything, ever. Its really annoying because we have been very close for our entire lives, and I feel this has kind of created a divergence among us. I guess I am jealous because he is as happy as I was before the spectre of fear engulfed my life. He is however very willing and wants to help, but this just makes me feel more envious than ever. I know I should feel grateful, and I do, but the envy is there also. Any tips for either of us on this issue? -Andy p.s. first thread/question, hi guys! /wave
  4. I suffer from contamination OCD and have a tendency to compare myself to others as a coping mechanism. I kind of feel better watching others do (and be fine afterwards) things that trigger my OCD contamination alarm. I do feel kind of guilty for this, in that my obssession seems so self-oriented. I like to think the desire to compare ourselves to others at least means we are more aware of our surroundings than our non-ocd counterparts.
  5. From what I have heard, this type of obsession carries no risk whatsoever of you actually acting on these intrusive ideas. As far as the therapy you might just have to try some different ones until you get someone that works for you.