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  1. Many people join the forums in a state of despair and great need. And you will find lots of help just by clicking on the link to the OCD-UK charity's website - apart from the sharing of information here with other sufferers, the very people you know will understand your issues. But I wanted to say that even though we may be sufferers from OCD, it does not mean we are unhelpable, can't get better can't achieve dreams. I wanted to : Go to college Work in a decent profession Get professionally qualified Get married Own our own property Find ways if need be of enjoying my work, feeling fulfilled. I have achieved all of these, despite being an OCD sufferer. If we find out how the disorder works, and what we can do about it and how to do that, then many of us can go on to achieve at least some, if not all, of our dreams. We are only beaten if we allow ourselves to be
  2. It's illuminating isn't it? We ate prepared to spend hours ruminating and worrying about things that don't happen It's OCD that does that when we obsess and compulse. I used to worry about any and everything, until I accepted how sapping and pointless that was, I learned how to stop worrying and get my life back. When I am on top of my OCD therapy, I don't see or notice the triggers that otherwise would floor me. And if they do come along, I just ease them away without connecting with them.
  3. We all need to enter these feared situations as otherwise the OCD restricts our life. It would happily have stopped me leaving the house, ended my ability to work, had I let it - different theme, but still OCD, still working the same way. Avoidance is an unhelpful compulsion that strengthens the power of the disorder. It's why in therapy we all must learn whatever which way to see the " threats "as nothing but the work of OCD, not be aware of them and not get aroused by them. After successful therapy they don't intrude and don't threaten any more - our mind has been trained out of that. A way to go yet for you on this guys, but it is possible whatever the theme or manifestation of OCD.
  4. The practice of thinking other people think the worst about us is the cognitive distortion of mind-reading. OCD loves to engage with such cognitive distortions to support its suggestion we were are or could be bad. Mind-reading is however challengeable by rational response - looking for tangible evidence for the bad and not finding it
  5. Another nice post anniversary man Phil. For me, worry goes hand in glove with, and significantly assists, OCD to do its deadly work. Take a straw poll on how many of us here admit to being worriers and many would put up their hands. Worry is a rumination. So tackling worry will also help us to tackle OCD. But it isn't as simple as that - there are various types of worry - all rational or irrational. And many have concerns such as "will I ever overcome OCD" alongside rational worries like money job prospects finding a girlfriend /boyfriend, somewhere to live. Worry is beatable. I used to worry about anything and everything, but I learned to stop doing that. And I have learned to watch out for worry aiding OCD, and get to grips with that. As with all psychological bad habits, worries are there to be overcome.
  6. Decorators taking over our main living rooms later today. We will have to live in the garden!

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    2. taurean


      Best to change a password if in doubt and keep antivirus/antimalware software up to date. 

    3. lostinme


      Yes I've changed it now, but still unsure if it's safe to use ? 

      Is the decor going well :)

      Are you pleased so far ? 

      Managed about 2 and half hours in garden but it was much too hot and there wasn't any shade :(

    4. taurean


      Everybody has settled down now, even though the boys are refusing to  chant my mantra "the customer is always right" :biggrin:

      The back bedroom /J's den is finished and we are really pleased with it :)

      Downstairs is a work in progress and with the TV entertainment system disconnected :( But if the WiFi behaves itself, I can watch my Sky online through Sky Go and BBC and Channel 4 through iplayers on the mobile or laptop, but I will mostly read and listen to music I expect. 

      Lost,  I Will PM you a pic of work in progress in the lounge. 

      With displaced furniture I have set up today 3 separate areas in the garden for "taking tea with Spotty"  but he never turned up today - truly a " cat of mystery " :lol:




  7. Mine is petite, sweet, kind and caring
  8. At preparations (at my uncle's) around 16 years ago for my mother's 80th birthday party, I mentioned that my wife is my best friend. My niece, then aged around 16/17 said your best friend cannot be your spouse! I said nonsense - she was - and still is - my bestest ever friend. I believe you and I must be truly blessed in that regard Phil.
  9. Not specifically, but the area itself I know well from nearby clients, and regularly using the station to get to my sister's in Croydon.
  10. That would be nice Phil.
  11. Lovely post Phil, hopefully encouraging to others. Anniversary wishes for tomorrow to you and your wonderful wife
  12. That old cliché look after number one first I.e. ourselves has to be the correct way. When I am ill with OCD myself I ease right back on helping others, unless there are exceptional reasons (there were in one case I recall).
  13. I agree. Seems likely withdrawal symptoms. Won't it be great when you can leave all those behind? And hopefully sleep patterns will then settle down too. You are doing really well Phil, really really well and we are here for you. Roy
  14. "But if I get up in a stressed and anxious mood before I start, I start to think ahead of what I need to do and then I become more anxious, then usually the day becomes a downward spiral". This is exactly why I am looking to slot in mentally an alternative thinking programme that, instead of going there and into a downward spiral, I can rather switch my mental programming to happy confident strong etc, this gently easing away the bad emotions replacing them with good emotions and having a great time, not a bad day.
  15. Here I am again project managing decorators (this time) at home. It's hard work, and I have also been mowing lawns in the heat. But kept busy, kept focused so kept intrusions and anxiety away. 

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    2. taurean


      Thought sleep would be better tonight, but not :(

      So probably going to have to have a nap during the day tomorrow. 

    3. lostinme


      Perhaps the weather doesn't help Roy it's very close, I have a fan on all night which helps me :yes:

      There is nothing better than a cat nap in the afternoon, maybe spotty:cat: could join you in a shaded part of your patio area :)

    4. taurean


      Fell asleep in the garden this morning. Spotty will no doubt join me this afternoon :cat: