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  1. Am walking around 8-10 miles a week currently, just focusing on what's around me in the present, in the moment. It's wonderful. 

    1. daja


      Great. I like walks like that.

    2. lostinme


      That's great Roy, I'm only three week into my mindfulness group sessions so I'm still learning, but I'm finding it beneficial placing me in the here and now:yes:

    3. taurean


      A psychologist whose book I read called relaxing walking a "tiger walk". Because the tiger, when ambling along appears totally relaxed, without tension. 

      Our mind and body are perfectly capable of delivering the actual walking function autonomously of course - what we need to do is ease into the mindfulness state, simply glorying in the joy of just the here and now. 

      Make sure you remain alert to any danger though - take care, keep your safety awareness switched on!