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  1. Been fishing all afternoon - never caught so many in one session + wonderful relaxation and calm. 

    1. lostinme


      Sounds like you've had a much deserved break Roy after weeks of home renovations. Its good to hear you've had a nice calm relaxing day :yes:

    2. taurean


      I fixed a cupboard drawer this morning, then saw good weather and we agreed I should go for it. 

      Never caught so many fish in one session. Everything worked - weather, the tackle I chose, the baits. 

      All fish cared for, landed safely and returned quickly and safely to the water.

      The whole afternoon was a complete mindfulness session - from playing classic fm on the way, the fishing, a pint in the Queen's head, and a nice drive home with the DAB radio adapter playing "smooth classics at seven". 

      A heavenly day including a lovely chat with the lady who co-owns the fishing lakes with her husband. 




    3. lostinme


      Sounds divine Roy :yes: I've had a rather stressful day today :( but I'm feeling good now :yes: