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  1. I think an infrequent tap etc is fine, but when a child is smacked & it leaves a red mark; it's classed as child abuse and will be reported to social services. I completely agree that it should be as there are many other forms of punishment that do not cause physical or mental harm to a child. I think it depends on the severity of 'smacking' and other factors- as to whether or not someone will develop a mental health problem- but from my research working in that area, it is V likely that abuse will have an impact on someone's mental health. The problem is that some people still dont know what is classed as mental or physical abuse as it could depend on how they were parented etc. It's annoying that there isn't more help for parents and advice about parenting skills- bad parenting could affect a child's development so it's bizarre to me that there isnt more help out there. Or maybe there is and I'm not aware of it. Jem
  2. Hi everyone, Im very socially shy and I have a lot of ocd intrusive thoughts- I tend to try and avoid any social events/meeting new people etc. Even big family do's can be hard. Today I was asked by my mum to help her bucket collect in the doorways of two very busy supermarkets- I was incredibly anxious and thought about saying no but had to keep reminding myself it was for charity, and it would be ok. I told my mum that I would want to stand with her as I would find it v hard alone- she agreed, but then suggested I try it alone for half an hour until another volunteer arrived- I thought, OH GOD! I did it with a lot of anxiety- but I noticed that not everyone was looking at me like Im odd or bizarre, and no one was pulling their children away from me as if I was a danger- so it really helped me to start seeing things differently. After half an hour I went and stood with my mum and began to feel that I could laugh and smile more, and feel more at ease giving people eye contact. I was basically doing what is considered by worst nightmare! but I got through it! :-) and people are generally very nice and friendly- not as scary as I initially thought. Im going again tomorrow to help out :-) My advice to anyone who feels the same as I do is- Do it! The anxiety passes. There are some really nice people out there and it will make you feel so much better. Kind Regards, Jemma
  3. Hiya, Im sorry for my late replies, it takes me a while to do things! Hi Jamie, I'm so envious that you're a muscian, i'd love to be able to play an instrument. Does it help you to get out some of the frustration we go through? I've never heard of false memory OCD, it actually sounds like something I may have but Im not sure what it is exactly. How does it affect you? I can empathise with you when you say that ocd is problematic when you're in a job or just want to enjoy yourself. I've always wondered why there isnt more support in the work place. I know things are gradually getting better and people are becoming more aware, but its still not brill really. I think one thing that really helps is having some good friends who are there for you and will ride through it with you, just being there. Theres nothing worse than someone criticising you or ridiculing you when you're not so good. I know what you mean when you say that you lie in bed to find the answers. I do that also, I lie there waiting for a good thought or a positive feeling that will help me realise that the outside world isnt all that bad. I feel that also if I stay in bed and hibernate for too long, everything starts to feel a bit odd and the panic reveals its ugly self! We have to keep fighting and cherish the good days. What sort of help are you getting? or what do you do to try control the ocd? I had BDD when I was 18 so I know how hard that is also. I think what helped me the most was talking to people about it and CBT really helps too :-) Jemma Hi Sarah, I was very annoyed yes and spoke to the University about what she'd said to me so they are aware. Hopefully one day all the discrimination will be eradicated! Jemma
  4. Hiya, thanks for the reply :-) You are right, staying in bed is like hiding from the world and my anxities. I went out on my bike today after hiding in the house for days. It was hard as I had left it so long but I felt so much better for doing it. My University haven't been great and Im having to make a complaint in regards to how Ive been treated whilst on a placement. I was told my the university disability advisor that people with mental health problems really struggle at university and she tried to sway me into thinking about dropping out. She also said that I was a burden on my fellow students for having mental health problems (I was pretty horrified with her comments so Ive had no contact with her since! but awful considering she's the university disability advisor). Ive lost hope in Uni so im hoping CBT outside of uni will help me massively. Hope alls well, Thanks again, Jemma
  5. Crying right now

    Hiya, Just been reading the posts and I completely relate to what you're going through. I know exactly what you mean when you were saying that when you have a good day you feel guilty for it, and the thoughts come back. After suffering for ages I went to a psychologist and it was such a releif of pain and provided the reassurance that I wasnt an awful person. Since then Ive found its important to try and remember each day that they are just thoughts, and when you do get that positive thought and realisation hold on to it for as long as you can and keep pusing through. Ive heard that CBT is really brilliant and there are some good books out there too. Hope you're feeling better :original:
  6. Hi everyone, Ive had OCD for quite a number of years now and ive never really spoken to others who are going through a similar experience, I should have done it years ago! I was wondering if anyone else struggles to the point where they cant get out of bed..or if they do its v v late in the day? I find that when Im in a paid job I can just about keep momentum and get up, but on days off etc it can be a struggle to push myself. At the moment im at University so my momentum isnt very good. I find it really embarrassing as others assume Im lazy. I feel so upset when the end of the day nears and ive wasted my day asleep or watching dvds. But it happens all the time, and has happened since I was 18, im now 26. I do enjoy realaxing and resting in bed but I cant seem to get past that and get on with my day. I suppose feeling anxious around people and places holds me back. This is the first time Ive spoken openly about this & I would be grateful for any help/advice from anyone who has been through this or who is goimg through a similar problem. Thanks, Jem :original: