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  1. What must it be like to just sit and enjoy the moment

    1. BoneChina


      Anyone can do it! :-)

  2. went into a hospital today and for the first time made a rollie without washing my hands

    1. Emma82


      must admit i didn't touch anything but still normally would wash my hands till they are sore

    2. SaraJane


      That's still fab progress - well done :) x

    3. Emma82
  3. struggling

    1. Emma82


      yes feeling a bit better thank you

  4. How am I meant to relax?

    I will also give the podcast a try Thank You.
  5. How am I meant to relax?

    I have this problem and sadly no advice I find walking helps but I can not walk 24 hours a day! I have tried loads of relaxation rubbish soothing music stupid apps on ipad bath etc.
  6. Membership

    yes all sorted now thankyou.
  7. Hello again

    Thank You Ray Anne I will try and start getting myself motivated after tomorrow is dealt with good idea on exercise though I used to enjoy running and cycling. I can see the logic in wearing yourself out during the day to help. Thank You for replying.
  8. Membership

    Hello same her become a member again this morning but still can not get in chat or member forum ?
  9. Hello everyone I have nt been on here for ages due to lots of reasons. I am really struggling at the moment with anxiety can not sleep but sooo tired. My brother in law passed away on sunday and it is his funeral tomorrow he was only 32 I am just so sad about everything and keep worrying about everything. As soon as it gets dark the last few days I get so scared and cant sleep. Just needed to speak to someone my family seem to think I don't care as I put my hard face on. I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO.
  10. Been at the mother in laws for a few days been nice and peacul home tomorrow

    1. Icicle


      Glad you had a nice time xx

  11. arcade fault

    Yes that game tri peaks solitaire and yeah sometimes its highlighted the cash out or play agin bit but sometimes not so does not register score not that i can beat the high score lol
  12. I no and i feel for you izzie big hugs im ok having few family troubles myself today! X
  13. Sadly there is not alot you can do regarding your grans hygiene i used to struggle when i worked in old peoples home with that we had a few of them that used to eat there own and others poo! But maybe the cupboard that has towels in you could possibly fit a lock so she couldnt get in? The kitchen stuff you could bleach. I dont really no what else to suggest sorry. Em