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  1. Well done for your post lost.. good posting hun.. sounds like a good idea xx
  2. Thanks for this post jess I really needed this.. keep up the good work Hun .. hope your ok.. speak to you soon ? X
  3. Thank you jess for this it means a lot.. the way you have said this post is exactly what I should of said really .. I honestly don't mind people pointing stuff out but I felt it was done in a harsh way not in a nice way like you have just suggested becuase it set me back this morning.. but I've been ok this late afternoon and evening.. thanks for asking Hun.. hope your ok and hope your dad is now to.. sorry haven't spoken to you lately I've been of line a few weeks becuase I've been unwell. thanks again for your kind words hopefully catch up soon in the chat room xxx
  4. 9mg

    It is isn't it.because your one step closer aw Phil thanks for your kind words.. I just caught the hug thanks so much x
  5. Next time I won't reply to post if I'm going to get this from you on someone else's post.. We all have different opinions on things and say things in different way it's doesn't give you the right to come along and pick on that.. sorry I'm not has perfect at wording that what you are in posts.. I come on here becuase I'm not well and to help some others and I get this from you do you think that right ? I took the time to reply to this post and you come along and knock me down especially with the ocd I got ..hope you feel better for it..
  6. 9mg

    Hi Phil don't be frighten we are all here for you ok..and if you find anything difficult or unsure of anything just ask me ok..and you will cope I promise you ok..I never thought I would but I'm here to tell the tale when I thought I wouldn't make it.. so proud of you so keep going how ever hard it gets x
  7. Hi Phil hope you had a good day thats ok no problem I'm having a better one today and I hope you are to.. thats ok that's what we are here for keep going your doing well
  8. You got your new :lush: yet 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Snowdog


      Ok :goof:

      i have been to :clap: xx 

    3. taurean


      Well done you for getting there.

      A full day with the tiler and I have escaped to the pub for a pint whilst J has a nap.The new bath looks great, tucks beautifully into the corner and does have a seat built into the corner area :)


    4. Snowdog


      Thanks :)

      glad you got some me time and went to pub for a pint 

      I miss having a pint ☹️

  9. Thanks lost,taurean and Philm for all your support lately :) it means a lot :flowers2: xx 

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    2. Snowdog


      I'm trying snow☹️ I feel like I don't want to come on here no more ☹️ But I know I miss u and Roy jess and Phil and others I meet but have to think of me.. feel really put down.. I can't write post no I'm going to leave it for now. I hope you enjoy the footie Roy  and hope u had a good evening to lost.. 

      im really proud of u guys ok..

      im of to bed now 

      take care snow xx


    3. lostinme


      Oh bless you snow ❄️ I feel for you :(

      Youve only just joined us again, give it a few days and see how you feel then? 

      Please join us in the chat room tomorrow won't you :yes:

      Thinking of you snow ❄️ x 

    4. taurean


      Someone a while back, perhaps it was the same person took me to task in some fashion a while back. 

      I was miffed, but knew he had broken the forum rules which are quite specific about accepting others opinions. 

      I dealt with it by clicking the follow preference on the thread to unfollow it, and changing my notification preferences to ignore content from that user. 

      These actions in my mind made a statement. 

      In the past one or two people have sent me unwanted personal messages. I simply changed my preferences to not accepting messages from that individual. 

      Matters dealt with in that way, I felt able to continue happily. 

      It's also possible to click "report post"  against one if someone is offensive, and the moderators will get involved and deal with the matter. 

      Or "message the moderators"  option on the forum task bar. 

      Sweet dreams snow ❄ , don't be put off the forum by one person's unacceptable behaviour it's no way representative of the overwhelming good members here. 




  10. Ok thank you ? so I am doing it right ?
  11. Well we have to degree there becuase I thought I was very helpful to be honest I didn't say he was weird at all not in the slightest... and I knew it wasnt the problem either...I just asked why he thought people would think that..I was only asking a question ... that's was all..and to say not to worry what people think becuase you shouldn't in life.. you totally read my post in the wrong way.. and I know what the problem was here but was trying to not reassure them about the ocd and what they had to do because they should know what the right thing is to do saying he has two choices and asking what they think They should do.. and u basically gave him the same choice has what I did but I said it in different way basically.. and you told him what would happen if he took it back .. I was trying to say it in way that so it didn't feed his/her ocd more.. so I'm not very happy with you saying I wasn't helpfull becuase I knew what was the problem and what the ocd was about because it's in the title of his/her post.. and I was doing my best with out feeding his/her ocd becuase that is the best helpfull thing to do
  12. That's ok no problem.. I'm dreadfull at the moment.. thoughts driving me nuts again But I'm a lot better than when I was on benzos tho thank god nothing was worse than withdrawel.. so I try and think of that.. how are you doing ? Is withdrawel ok at the moment ? Heidi
  13. Hello i thought your English was quite good ? why would taking it back to change it for another one would make people think your weird.. people take things back for all sorts.. your stuck in the middle of both problems here.. the best thing is to think what is the best thing for your ocd ..don't worry about what other people think.. your more important and so is getting your ocd in check and doing the right thing is this situation .. so you have two options first one take it back get a new one and forgot what people think of you or keep it and not give in to your ocd ..what do you think is best snow
  14. Hi there I just had the same problem I'm on escitlopram and I had cipla make and the next time I went they gave me teva I got bad side effects again but they died down now.. I said to chemist about it and said we get the same ones next time.. I'm not sure every one has this but pharmancy said to me it's might be to do with coating and the filler.. etc can be different that's why I was sick and that hope everything works out snow x