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  1. Thanks for getting me out the thought loop :flowers2: xx


    1. taurean


      Only just seen this, very glad to be able to help you on that. Onwards and upwards snow❄ :flowers2::king:


  2. Hi everyone just to let you..I'm sorry I haven't been on.. I'm still alive I'm just be concentrating on getting myself out the thought loop my brain got me stuck in ..and this far I think it's working..yesterday I didn't have much of it so I'm doing a lot better :yes: 

    hope you guys are ok.. sorry haven't reply to nothing I've just been not well enough..x

    1. lostinme


      No need for apologies snow ❄️, we all appreciate how difficult it can be and you need to do what's best for you:yes:

      Not saying we don't miss:comptech: because we do :yes:

      So glad your feeling better, you can do this :cheer:keep up the good work :clapping:

  3. Ok I will do that Roy I just watch a episode of my programe I had a lot of intrusive thoughts tho it and sat tho it with the anxity feel like a nervous wreck but doing it.. I will try this tommmrow like you said..and see if it helps.. becuase my brain is locked bad right now.. Aw thanks lost.. so sorry your not good at the moment hope you feel better soon and the pain eases... im of to bed now I'm so exhausted by this I'm jus not enjoying my life right now but I will carry on like you told me and see if it helps me.. thanks u guys night forums friends xxx
  4. Aw thanks ocean that means a lot... ok roy so good distraction would be reading or something like that like my gym class focusing on that xx
  5. Hey guys hope your all ok and having a good day.. thanks for your replys and checking up on me... I went to sleep after I spoke to u all went to bed sleept all night think I wore myslef out from crying all day..made myself get up stright away with the alarm and carried out my normal routine it's been very hard especially with ocd on top of the anxity and depression but I'm doing has I'm told by u lot I'm finding it hard but I haven't cried today I have been gym I went shops with sister I went and looked at house today and I made dinner now I'm taking the dog for a walk no lying in bed for me today... so I done my routine..but my mind is stuck in the loop like u said Roy I think my mind locked in brain lock and the thoughts are looping and I can't stop the loop I will do mindfulness later to see if that helps.. I'm so exhausted fighting this x
  6. Yeah she really is a good doc..but only saw her on the of chance becuase my phycristist is on hoilday.. but she helped.. she not alarmed by intrusive thoughts which is good..thanks you sleep well to.. and see what tommmrow to xx night xx xx
  7. O my Roy I was just like this when I saw that message u do make x
  8. Is it isn't Roy.. it's so good we can help each other i hope so snow x
  9. Aw thanks ocean I hope so... will always be here to if you need any help to.. x
  10. Thanks lost and oceandweller that means so much to me.. all you have been great to me thanks so much for making me feel a little bit stronger this evening x
  11. Tonight I feel proud for ... actually getting out of bed and takinh my dog for a walk but I didn't have any treats Roy I'm trying to eat more healthy.. I'm going to treat myself to a nice hoilday soon I think xx
  12. Evening everyone i hope your ok.. thanks for your replys your really helping me thanks so much... so I went to doctors and told her how i felt and felt so much better after I let it all out ... and she said becuase I've been doing so well lately the last two months and I hit a blip he depressed me so much because I was on a road to recovery with my private cbt and I stop it becuase I can't afford it and becuase I've hit a bad patch it's upsetting me that I gone back wards and I'm blaming myself I've done something wrong.. but I have good news my nhs cbt starts next Monday at last I've only waited four years for it.. i think looking for my perfect house has stress me becuase I can't find the right one and people viewing my house stressed me becuase I worry what they think etc and obv becuase the nature of my ocd to.. i feel a bit better than before the doctors becuase I let it all out speaking to her and ive done what you guys have mentioned I've done that this evening kept my routine going has much has I don't want to I made myslef get out of bed cook this evening even know my ocd was so bad in the kitchen and I also took my dog on a long walk and now I'm going to bed has timed and will put my alarm on and get stright up in the morning and I will go gym I will make myslef do this.. i hope your all having a good evening xx
  13. Hi everyone thanks for your replys..means a lot.. I'm just sat in doctors now I'm in tears I can't stop crying when I awake or I'm in a really mad mood and I feel agahited for no reason and I don't know what to do anything just want to hide in bed so I feel so bad I'm actually so scared right now I've only felt like once before and it's was the darkest moths of my life I just can't go back there it's so hard to get out of.. i can't think of any thing jess I just have headaches all the time.. I'm really stressed about finding a new house there's that but nothing else... is there any tips guys I could do to.. to get out of this x
  14. taurean >> snowdog 

    Hope the doctors visit was helpful? 

    1. Snowdog


      I'm just here now in doctors I'm in a very bad why I'm not here for my ocd and I know they can't help it I'm just so depressed I can't stop crying and I feel so anxious 😩 and feel agahited.. I let you know how I got on.. I've sleept most of the day I really don't want to do anything x

  15. Hi wonderer i haven't spoken to you in a while..hope every is ok..thanks for your reply..I will keep in mind what you have said and keep going and hopefully it will lift soon..I'm glad things are lifting up for you I hope things keep moving forward for you ..yeah Im going to go doctors tomorrow and see what they say ...hugs xxx