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  1. Cbt is the best :yes: it's knocking my ocd out :clap:

    1. lostinme


      That's great snow ❄️ glad to hear your doing so well:yes:

    2. taurean


      Hurray for CBT :)


  2. Aw Hun so sorry to hear this.. let us know what test says hope everything come back ok..and if it's anxity I hope it eases soon.. thinking of you Hun xx
  3. Enjoying a night in with no intrusive thoughts :homesweet: 


  4. Hi Phil i had all the symptoms you got I had the night sweats the panic attacks,mirganes ear ringing sensitive sounds and lights nightmares..crying constant.. confusion lost of memory.. my worse one was inpatient and irritated and argumentative and I still get that now and again.. I had that Thursday Friday and sat and I've only been of 5 weeks I thought it was becuase I was depressed but apparently my brain still adjusting being of them.. it takes a long time to fix but tonight is the best night I've had in months and months a actual night with nothing ?Your doing well.. keep up the good work... and the strength to carry on h x
  5. Aw your sweet thanks for thinking of me and asking how I am ..yeah I'm good this evening thanks for asking.. Enjoying having no intrusive thoughts for two hours ? So far longest I've gone without them in months and months ? How are u x
  6. Your doing so well.. member I've just been tho it.. I had every withdrawel symptoms going I used to sit on my bed for weeks rocking from it.. never thought I get tho it.. I think the the last drop before last was the worse but if I can do it Phil so can u... trust me u will jus keep strong and positive ok and if you want to ask me any questions about it just ask ok h x
  7. That's ok a little bit better thanks for asking just got back from cbt.. how are u
  8. Aw nice yeah they are.. I done my biggest expose yesterday I used a electric saw to cut down tree yesterday it was so hard but omg I done it my bf was very patient with me and help me tho it..
  9. Your doing well keep up the good work
  10. Thanks Hun for another great post.. thinking of you to xx
  11. It does doesn't it ☹️ But the thoughts are not mine own there automatic like im not thinking them if you get me ☹️ Yeah I will try to.. aw love high beach i ride my horse down there do you highbravh riding school? That's one I go to.. aw was you.. you still well going on your own.. Back to the garden now x
  12. Well done Phil sorry I haven't said much haven't felt like talking... I love Cardiff all my friends live there I used to live there in fairwater I move to Essex four years ago to live near family.. my daughter only come from Cardiff last night.. hope your ok.. heidi
  13. What another good post Roy.. heidi x
  14. Hey Phil a bit better thanks for asking but still bad it's not my ocd that's playing up I think I'm depressed becuase I'm really irritated and that.☹️ Or it might be still from my benzo withdrawel.. I will never know... how are you ? Have u lower your dose yet ? Hi polar bear I think it's depression.. becuase I'm really low and I'm very agaited and irritated ? so I've up my escitlopram from 10mg to 15mg to see if it takes the edge of.. thanks for your reply hey Roy(my lovely neighbour friend ) what windy weather we have today ☹️ I've been gardening things going every we're.. thanks for another good post.. so ( nats) should be ignore to I keep having ones of I don't care anymore ☹️ Or I want to die ☹️ I'm like i must be depressed..I'm ignoring them like intrusive thoughts like polarbear told me to.. hope you and Julie have enjoyed your day at the Health club today x