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  1. Yes i did, and i was terrified to tell a therapist and i did a few years back, he did not bat an eyelid, he said the thing is i dont have a cumpolsion to have fantasies, its quite different as i feel anxiety and my compulsion is to rid my anxiety. He also said,everybody does but they discard it and i need to broaden my understanding of ocd as i said i didnt believe it was, he said your obsessing your bad and doing compulsions to releave that fear. You see the biggest difference is i have a vivid imagination and at times have let it wonder, but i am not driven to fantasize as a need but feel guilt for it
  2. All day everyday

    I was in southmead hospital a couple of weeks ago, crisis center, the are putting me through secondry more specalist treatment, i havnt had much luck with primary care, i just feel guilty for fantasies, it eats me up so much that i cheated i concider ending it, although i wont. If its not cheating its health reated or incest fears, so exhausted with needing to confess, ive done my partners head in, hate this illness so much
  3. All day everyday

    I dont know how im feeding it, im not googling, trying not to ruminate, havnt confessed, and its hell,
  4. Im trying everything,i cant see me ever being ok. Theme to theme, im still locked into the guilt of fantasising about my partners sister a few timed, i confessed to this years ago. My partner has made it quite clear she doesnt want anymore confessions and i shouldnt have told her, i think she knows its about guilt over fantasies, why cant i just let it go, it drills away at me all the time, its trying to sabatage what should be a happy life
  5. Sorry your going through this, i can relate, its hell. I dowloaded headpace meditation, it just gives me a few moments to calm down, I confeseed 2 years ago to my partner that i had fantasized about her sister, she told me i was cruel to tell her, and why would i tell her that, i had a day releaf and then needed to confess details and that it happened more than once.it causes more problems confessing, she even says now, why did i tell her, i should have just said i was down, but u knoww ocd Its a selfish horrible illness,try to ride, it, there will always be something else to confess x
  6. Cant shake it off, sorry for post

    Thnx na, im not sure what you mean by legitimate thoughts as the fantasies were not intrusive. Pb, im still waiting for therapy, i really hope they can help with ruminating as its something so full in my brain i cannot stop
  7. Ive not googled or confessed or tried to get reassurance but i am stuck Im going over old ground but i cannot shake off the occasional fantasise ive had about my sister in law. Not googling is tough, its like an addiction. Not confessing makes me want to break down and cry I cant see any light Images of the past fantasies intrude my mind constantly, i dont know how many times i have but my brain tries to re count,. Is there anyway out of this hell
  8. In massive need of advise!!!

    Im not a doctor but i wouldnt worry about the tablet,speak to a pharmesist to put your mind at rest And congratulations
  9. Her sister, her friend, cousin,whoever ive fantasized about are swimming around my head,i look at my partner and could cry, i love her so much, she is all i want so why would i imagine more
  10. Thanks sophie I do recognize my comulsions thats whats so annoying, when i try to resist the anxiety gets so high that i do it for releaf even though i know its wrong i cant take the anxiety
  11. Sophie thanks, my mind is sscrewed,theres Always the voice saying she deserves to know, i made the mistake of googling and as always half the world say its wrong and the other half say its normal,ocd loves to grab the grey areas x
  12. Thanks emsie I will try this,just feel like ive cheated, i will try harder tomorrow, sleep is the only break at the moment, its constant, hope you are well
  13. Finding it so hard not to confess its awful, i know it wouldnt help anything, i feel she shoul6know it was more than once and all the details, this is horrendous why do i want to confess something to hurt someone,i CANT stop flaming ruminating over this
  14. So angry after GP visit

    Those were the first questions asked at hospital on the weekend, i think its just standard questions they have to ask x
  15. Medication that works for you

    Mirtazapine gave me restless legs Citolipram didnt suit me Zoloft helped me keep my head above water first time round, im on 200 at the moment but you have to stick to see benefit, not cure just slightly more managable but it wont ever cure us, im hopeing the correct therapy willhelp me manage morex