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  1. I get like this too. Sometimes I just don't know how to react An then start overthinking.
  2. Can anyone listen pls

    Thank you PolarBear an Irregular for your replies. It's much appreciated.
  3. Can anyone listen pls

    I obviously want to wear it - I even touched my face when I took it out the washing machine because I could sense my fear and wanted to just be 'normal' An keep going but now I'm feeling a lot worse. To top it off I opened a new box of kids storage boxes - 3 inside each other and the middle one is so filthy- it's like got all these stains like grease and even the handles mucky! My daughter had opened them because I'd told her too, having avoided using them for ages and now I'm thinking what have I done?!
  4. Doing very little

    I do this too. Some days are good where I feel I have not had an obstacle to overcome. Other times I struggle so bad with challenges. Well done to you!
  5. So I think this is contamination ocd again. I don't think people think like this but I'm not certain to some degree if my thoughts are rational. I ordered some new clothes and one of the jackets was the last one in stock and he o be honest it must have been a returned item (it was not a new season item). So my order arrives, every item is nicely packed except this jacket, it's crumpled up inside a crumpled bag that's open. I take out the jacket to inspect and see something like cardboard fluff falling off and some stuck to the jacket. I think it's dried sperm but there are no stains, just this 'fluff'. May be picked up from repackage but the card that the jacket was folded around was fine- crumpled but nothin gets coming off. I stuck it in the washing machine and took it outside to dry. As I opened the jerker up outside I'm sure something fell off it. I thought may be a label but there was nothing of the sort. I keep thinking it must hve been some of that fluff thing. Now I keep thinking if it didn't disperse in the wash then it definitely wasn't paper/card an it was bits of dried sperm which must have been stuck. I can feel myself going crazy An I'm stuck and panic is rising.
  6. Please help!

    Thank you
  7. Please help!

    Thank you for your reply. This is where I struggle- when I don't know if it is OCD or not. I struggle to determine if it's a real threat or not. That's why I came here to ask. When I know it's OCD, and believe me there are many times, I know I should ignore it and move on. It's when I genuinely don't know! I just don't know where to draw the line sometimes.
  8. I really need to do know if this is OCD or something I should genuinely be worried about! My child won a prize from the fairground in the park. I didn't think nothing of it until I was holding it. The cardboard package was stained why looked like oil mark but it looked like it had been spilt on. I left it in the car and it looked the same at the end of a hot day so I know it wasn't wet but the mark was still there, the same. My OCD is fear of semen and I really don't know if this packet had a semen stain on or if it was just oil. Should I be worried? Everything our clothes touched from that day is contaminating my house. I tried not to think about it but I remembered again when I did the laundry last night and now I don't know what to do. If semen can look like this?
  9. My issues aren't leaving me

    I wonder what the ooze was??thinking it's something unpleasant
  10. My issues aren't leaving me

    Thanks Polarbear. May be I'm loosing it more often at the moment because I'm stuck in the house. I went out today and it helped to get away from it. I also couldn't use our pram that's in the back of the car because the last time I used it over Christmas, my hubby had placed it on a bag of McDonald's that was left on the floor- it was in the car park, so it was flattened but there was white oozing out of the bag an I'm scared that the wheels have gotten contaminated. He was trying to shut the pram so pretty much grated the wheels on this! Oh dear. However, it helped I didn't need to get it out but we had some grocery in the back of the car with the pram and I am convinced that the bags would have touched the wheels and now they're in my home
  11. Contamination Trail

    Yes I know it doesn't matter if you're male/female. I have a fear of semen and part of me thinks it's to do with the abuse I got from a man, so to see a man suffering from this contamination of bodily fluids, it's a different perspective. I'm also not abscribing logic to the obsession- if it was logical I wouldn't be here seeking help. Before becoming a mum, I was a lawyer. OCD throws logic out the window, but I understand where nrh is coming from becuse my obsession is similar/same and I come here to seek guidance when I don't know what rational thinking shoud be. I can relate to the uncertainties and appreciate the advice given.
  12. My issues aren't leaving me

    The legging were for my baby. I had washed them with dettol wash and the mark was just made obvious because of sunlight. I can't think of what else it would be that's not washing off? They were brand new! I fear I have contaminated my babies wardrobe because these legging were inside!
  13. Contamination Trail

    Hi guys. Ive just posted on a topic few mins ago and I came across this. My fears are based on semen- I see it everywhere! I'm also repulsed by it, scared and find it very filthy/dirty. I'm not worried about getting sick from it. I'm reading some of the comments/replies to the original post and I'm overwhelmed reading it all. I guess I need to digest it. Also to the original poster, nrh12, I feel like you're writing/describing my thoughts! I find this fascinating because you're a bloke An have this same/similar fear. Anyway, thank you for this post
  14. Hi guys, I haven't been on here in a while. I had a baby and life has gotten busy but my contamination issue spikes from time to time and it really drags me and my family down. I'm not responsible for just myself but also with children I don't have the time to try to 'fix' things and more random things just appear and make me unhappy, distressed, confused and exhausted. Like looking after a family isn't enough tiring! I can't recall when I last posted here but my current OCD contamination issues are to do with sperm. Any mark/stain which resembles anything like sperm, in my mind, is sperm and is contaminating me, my family and our belongings. So over Christmas I did online shopping for my baby. I did a superset white wash and dried these clothes on radiators around the house. This was few weeks back but today I went to iron one of the leggings which is got online and there was a stain on the back. The leggings are a light whitish grey colour and the stain is propbaly the size of a 5p coin and was a creamy/yellow tinge colour. I spotted it in the sunlight as it was on the ironing board. Ive panicked all day. I've felt nasty. I couldn't touch nothing else on the wardrobe as these legging were with other washed new clothes. What am I meant to do??? Why does this happen??? I'd feel guilty putting these clothes on a baby but how did it get there? Also my fear is not of my husband's sperm, it's more if it's from outside. I'm sorry to bombard myself here suddenly. I've had a few big issues like this and really struggled but it's affecting my children and I didn't know what to do. Thank you
  15. I hope you're feeling better and know that no harm will come of this. I have similar issues so know what you went through.