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  1. You don't have to go in depth with anyone if that's what you choose. If you write them down here, none of us would be shocked. We'd read them and think, same old, same old. We know how despicable intrusive thoughts can be.
  2. So Chels, what you have been doing is clearly not working. You're no less upset now than you were before. So what could you do differently?
  3. Panic please help!!

    What would you like us to say, Nikki?
  4. I am celebrating my third Christmas with no OCD symptoms. And I'm just a regular guy who got educated (partly on here) and who worked hard.
  5. I’m devastated.

    Reassurance seeking is a problem Lily has but there is a flip side to that coin. Too many people are willing to give reassurance to her. It's not doing her any good. I know the natural response is to want to comfort but it backfires every time when it involves compulsions.
  6. Crisis Point

    Guaranteed doing that is a compulsion. It's a checking/testing compulsion and its keeping you stuck.
  7. Well you day the issues are genuinely important but they're only important to you. How much time each day do you think the average person spends thinking about death? Probably very little if any. You are making it a big issue and that ensures that thoughts of death swarm around in your head. You say the thoughts are impossible to deal with. Well, they are. You need to learn to not pay overt attention to thoughts you don't want. Lastly, checking up on your partner to see if she's okay is a compulsion. It's making your situation worse.
  8. Bad OCD day

    You are likely feeling that way because you are giving a lot of attention to the thoughts, even if that's all mental in nature. Do try to get involved in something else. Whenthoughts of contamination show up, think whatever! and continue doing what you were doing. Refuse to get into mind debates.
  9. Hello numb. No one here is going to tell you to just get over it or buck up. We are all at various stages of recovery and we've all been at the bottom of the barrel. Could you please give us a short description of how your OCD manifests and what you've tried to do to beat it?
  10. Well Kieran, when it comes right down to it, you're doing everything wrong. Just like all OCD sufferers. There's two things you are doing wrong: you are freaking out about thoughts and you are doing compulsions. Don't concern yourself that your Googling has netted you not one story similar to yours. First because sufferers are generally loathe to discuss the exact nature of the thoughts and second because intrusive thoughts are individual. Trust me that millions of people suffer from thoughts/images/urges involving sex and children. As for your compulsions, Googling is a no no. So is confessing your thoughts and seeking reassurance from others. Likely your biggest compulsion is ruminating, with some avoidance of children thrown in. You think you need to do compulsions to feel better and safe but they dont work that way. What they do is reinforce in your mind that the thoughts should be given attention, which results in more intrusive thoughts in the future. They are just thoughts. As vile and disgusting as they are, they are just thoughts and don't mean anything. You're allowed to ignore them.
  11. Do I need to feel guilty for this?

    You keep talking about letting your guard down. You had no valid reason to have your guard up.
  12. Feelings during erection

    It doesn't matter. It was an insignificant thing that your brain latched onto. Tart treating it as insignificant and it will become so.
  13. Dr Claire Weekes

    Oh I agree with you both. I don't really look at OCD as an illness but it is a condition. It's a condition we put ourselves In, completely unaware in the beginning, that feathers and takes root because we do the wrong things. I like the concept that it's all about loss of control. I'll have to 'ruminate on that for a few days.
  14. Replaying the moment is a compulsion. It needs to stop.
  15. BelAnna, all those compulsions you are doing are feeding your fear. It sticks around because you give it attention.