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  1. I am suffering. This cough is driving me nuts. I have medicine for it but the only thing that seems to cool it is menthol gum and that is going through me an irrigation system, so now I have something to steady my gut and am trying the less powerful gum. To top it off, I suffer from cough headaches and have done for years and years, every time I cough, laugh or strain I get an excruciating and I mean excruciating pain in head.

    1. Phili


      I am at the point where I take anything to prevent the pain

    2. Phili


      *will take anything

  2. I go through a rough patch and end up driving people away. Why am I such a fair weather only person.

  3. Thank you. I have been getting a lot of headaches and my vision is full of flashes, bright spots and floaters. My anxiety is super high and im not sleeping. Im also very depressed
  4. It is so easy to label everything reassurance. My psychologist said that if I dont understand something, to look it up. But cold and flu symptoms seem to differ per website and I dont even know which I have. So I come here to ask people who might have experience. I dont go out and so I get ill very rarely and I dont know what is right and what is wrong when I do get sick. This is the only place I have to go but as soon as I post, someone slaps a reassurance sign on my door and then no one takes me seriously and Im sick of it. My psychologist says reassurance is asking the same thing over and over not reaching out for knowledge or shared experience. There are many ways people could respond to my issue without offering reassurance, im alone, I have health OCD and I am sick, im on my period, my nerves are bad and i am really trying to keep my head. I don't need people to hand describe every symptom, I just needed someone to talk to and not someone to blast a red x on my door.
  5. I am pretty sick with a cold that is also giving me the runs, headaches, hot flashes and I have this bright spot in the middle of my left eye that wont go away since I woke up an hour or so ago. This morning I coughed and it felt like my head siezed up and spun and my vision blurred. I dont get colds often and I am really stressing out. I dont know what is normal and what is not and every website is different. My psychologist didnt come this week because i was ill, so I couldnt talk it over with her. My brother never gets a cold either, last time I had one was last November before last and to an OCD brain thats a long time. Im freaking out
  6. Why not use a chat box instead of a chat room, it will likely get used a lot more, particularly by shy posters
  7. Sorry, I panicked
  8. I have a stuffy nose, a woozy head, headache, hot flushes, but am on my period, feel sick, tight chest, bit light headed and weak. plus I am panicking.
  9. My psychologist has told me that OCD is behavioural that it is learned but if that is the case then why can it not be forgotten? Why do things like hypnosis not work?
  10. in a thread?
  11. Someone gave me blue bells today, very pretty. However, I read that they are poisonous if ingested and can cause irritation to the skin. What I want to know is, I handled items after touching them and touched my skin. Is this a concern? Should I wash those things? Is it safe to eat after handing these items?
  12. It's so hard, I'm scared. Think I will swear lol Not just exercises but snacks as well, the last two weeks I have cut them down by more than half.
  13. I've been getting pain in my left arm, I would rate that at three to five but I have been doing my exercises every day for two weeks so maybe that is why. I have improved with the whole posting symptoms thing. I have been working hard on my homework.
  14. I keep getting a pins and needles feeling in my face, neck, arms, hands and feet. I know this is common with anxiety but I can't remember feeling anxious but likely have as it does seem to occur when I get worried about something and gets less when I distract myself. I have been getting pains in the left side of my chest. My psychologist said to rate the pain and I would rate at one and a half to two out of ten, which she said is highly unlikely to be anything to worry about. I have the tingling now but I was just laying on my hands. I'm struggling.
  15. I don't know what's wrong with me. There just isn't anything inside, nothing, I don't know why I am like I am. I feel like my therapy has started at the wrong end. What do you do when you just can't help yourself? What do you do when you don't care? I don't know what to do. I feel suicidal this morning. I just don't care about me. I wish I could convey how I feel, how I am. Everyone is different and I have tried but none of it is working for me. What is the point anyway? I have no worth. Look at me, listen to me, what is the point in me really? People try to help but you can't help someone who is so confused and so pathetic that they can't even help themselves. I was already exhausted, I can't get anyone to understand. I wish I could open my mind and show people what I have been through and then maybe they would be able to find an approach that works. People just say the past is the past but it isn't, it is everything I am and have become. I don't feel like a person, I don't feel like an individual, I don't feel like the regular things that people do each day applies to me, I feel that those things are what people do and me, I'm not a person. Everyone keeps repeating themselves but it isn't working, I do listen, I do try but it isn't working. Everyone just tells me what I am doing wrong. Nothing is driving me, there is nothing I really want. Even with writing I just keep going in circles. I am so sorry, I am just so so sorry. Edit: I have tried making friends online, I can't get anyone interested.