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    Drawing, comics, science, robots, excessive use of emojis.
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  1. Happy birthday, hope you've enjoyed your day. 

  2. Hi!

    Hello! I've had OCD for a while now, since about my mid-teens, and I've been getting therapy for it lately. I've been told it can be helpful to talk about stuff, so online discussion seems like a good place to start. So hello everyone! Hope you're all having a nice day.
  3. feel so trapped

    Do they understand what having OCD means, and what it means to you in particular? Because if they're seeing it as "ridiculous" as you said or talk about their concerns, they might not understand it well? I've learnt that compulsions are more jarring to people that don't understand them, once people understand it a bit they tend to be less taken aback. It might be worthwhile sitting down to talk to them about it. It could be stressful, yes, but to clear up any misunderstandings they have about your OCD can help you get back to normal without them causing more issues. I don't think that you should have to do it on your own, that's a massive ask of anyone, especially if you're in a stressful period! Do you have any friends that you could look to for help? Or take what support your parents offer, something is always more than nothing.