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  1. I am under lots of stress with family and financial issues and with planning to move house at the moment, which might be making my OCD worse.

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    2. taurean


      Stress is a big factor in making our OCD worse. See if you can look at each of those things stressing you, break them down and find a workable strategy. I find looking at all and noting down possible solutions, however unlikely, helps - sometimes the right solution then jumps out and I can implement it. 

      If you need help on any, consult with trusted family or friends - maybe post a topic in the member's area, central perk - and hopefully someone will have some knowledge or experience that may be helpful. 

    3. lostinme


      Your right BelAnna, stress and personal issues do tend to have a negative impact on our OCD.

      Roy as given you some good advice :yes: by breaking them down and seeing them as separate issues rather than as a whole, they become easier to cope with. 

      Thinking of you and hope things settle down for you soon x


    4. BelAnna


      Thanks so much SB21, Taurean and Lostinme! x

      Taurean, the problem-solving sounds like a great idea!