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  1. Well I used to think my "pure O" was a special, more untreatable type of OCD. I spent years trying to find "the right" treatment for it because I was convinced it wasn't "normal OCD". I know differently now of course.
  2. I agree. Also I've found that most people who say they suffer from pure O have physical compulsions anyway, but they are just more subtle. I'd love to see the term phased out as it is a real barrier to treatment when you think you have this special case of OCD that the CBT books don't talk about.
  3. I'm afraid Paul McKenna wouldn't be able to help. Hypnosis doesn't work for OCD. As PB says the only treatment shown to work is CBT with or without meds. I understand the urge to find a miracle quick-fix solution but unfortunately for OCD this doesn't exist. However the good news is that if you work hard at doing CBT then you will see significant improvements or even a complete remission of symptoms.
  4. I agree with Caramoole 100%. I thought I could manage my OCD on my own for years like you have done, Saz. But it eventually got too much and I reluctantly went to my GP and got referred for CBT. The CBT changed my life however and I really regret not starting therapy sooner.
  5. I honestly don't think it's fair to the people who have spent loads of time and effort in producing detailed replies to help you Saz (and others going through similar issues) if this thread is just deleted and all of their hard work is gone. I understand the urge you have to run away from everything. This thread is forcing you to confront your OCD which is generating anxiety, but the only way to beat OCD is to confront it head on and not run from it. Not facing up to it is what has led to you being stuck for all of these years. Deleting the thread would be an attempt to push the anxiety from your mind, but as we all know, trying to push the anxiety and the thoughts away is counterproductive.
  6. Wow, such a great post Snowbear, thanks. Can you recommend any books or anything for me to read? I'd be interested in learning a bit more about it as it's all very new to me.
  7. Sounds good . I wonder whether it's something to do with focusing more on the emotions that are being generated rather than the actual thoughts itself perhaps, in a mindfulness-based way. I've always struggled with mindfulness when I've been in peak distress though I have to say.
  8. Great post, Roy. I was unfamiliar with the love/kindness method but I have seen you discuss it before. I've saved this post into my bookmarks. I have a question though, how can you ensure that redirecting your emotions to more positive ones when we have intrusions doesn't then turn into a compulsion?
  9. I think you're also getting a rise in anxiety because your therapy has stopped and your professional safety net as it were has been taken away, which is quite understandable. You just need to work at putting into practice what you have learnt in therapy and try really hard not to do any compulsions or react in any way to the thoughts you are having and the anxiety you're feeling will subside.
  10. I don't mean to disparage you but why would you see a doctor like that when what they prescribe is clearly unhelpful at best and quackery at worst? The reason why treatments are "alternative" and not endorsed by Western medicine is because there is no evidence base for them, if there was then they would be part of mainstream medicine. But that is a topic for another thread I guess.
  11. Unfortunately I feel there are many who use this forum primarily as a vehicle for reassurance seeking, so a positive thread such as this one with tips towards recovery is likely to be ignored by those in distress. I wish there was a way of reaching those people.
  12. I remember when I first read about the OCD twin and helicopter methods it was like a eureka moment. Those tools have been so helpful for me in my recovery and I wish I'd known about them years ago.
  13. Well done for posting that, Saz. I have to be frank though, when I read it I thought "is that it?", because I can't believe you've been obsessing and ruminating over that for over 4 years. I wish you could just see that it really is just OCD chaff. It is so clear to me and to everyone else in this thread. Your response to these thoughts is so overblown. You're consumed with paranoia that writing your thoughts down will mean the police are going to take your kids away, but you need to begin to relearn that thoughts are literally powerless, inconsequential, and nothing to be afraid of. To be honest, most people's intrusive thoughts/false memories that they post about on here have been much more graphic, intense and frightening than what you've posted. So if there was a shred of truth in your worry that the police are going to arrest you and take your kids away then surely they would have arrested all of us by now? Clearly that hasn't happened and won't happen, so it's obvious that it's just OCD at work here and nothing else. The only way for you to move past this is to start believing that the thoughts you've been having are simply not true. Even if you aren't ready to believe that yet you have to act as though they're not true. So that means no compulsions and no reacting to the thoughts whenever they pop up. Keep on doing that for a while and you will quickly see the thoughts for what they are - inconsequential OCD thoughts and nothing more.
  14. You're still seeking reassurance from us and you know we can't give you that. You want us to turn around and say that dating someone else a few months after breaking up with your previous boyfriend is alright because you're panicking about it, even though there is nothing to panic about at all in that regard. A good rule of thumb to determine whether a thought is an intrusive one or a legitimate concern is to see how it makes you feel after it pops into your head. If you get a thought and immediately start feeling anxious about it and the anxiety makes you want to do a compulsion (such as post on here for reassurance) then it is an intrusive/OCD thought. Non-OCD thoughts simply don't elicit the same kind of response in us.
  15. Good luck with your therapy appointment, Jess. Do let us know how you get on xx