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  1. Hi there I am not sure how I can help you but I like to think I am an Omnist. I also have a friend who has become a Bahá'í.
  2. Yes it is OCD as I perform compulsions/rituals. In my stupid head I feel that the plastic is only inert when dry. Especially say carrier bags.
  3. I have a pathetic phobia I have had this one for a while and haven't posted about it as I know what you will say: no reassurance and no avoidance. I fear touching plastic especially if I have wet hands. Sounds stupid huh?
  4. I recommend going on the middle strength patch for a few years. The microtabs are also good. Why not give up alcohol at the same time. I think It would help your resolve with the smoking.
  5. I stopped feeling lonely when I was put on Prozac. Since stopping Prozac I don't feel lonely as I used to feel. Still want a female in my life though!
  6. With my OCD I'm not sure I could bring up children.

    1. taurean


      But your OCD is very treatable daja. 

      I should consider all things possible in the future - leave the future be for now - and simply focus on addressing your OCD and seeking to overcome that. 

      If you have been reading the success stories that people post, you will know that, when sufferers learn to accept that their contamination fears are OCD - led exaggerations, and work through a correct ERP plan,  they can overcome it. 

    2. daja


      Ok yes thanks Taurean.

  7. Flying to Scotland tomorrow.

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    2. lostinme


      Well done daja, glad you had a good time, keep up the good work :cheer:

    3. Snowdog


      Well done..glad you had a good time :)x

    4. daja


      Thank you!

  8. I really wanted a white iPad as I thought they looked the best for a long time. Then just recently my friend said the black frame Is less distracting after he read an article on it. I saw where he was coming from when I thought back to my days studying photography so for my first iPad I went with the black frame and haven't looked back. On scratches on screens maybe tell yourself you can get a new one next year or the year after creating a delay long enough for your anxiety to diminish. Sorry just my 2 cents worth...
  9. Finally dragged kicking and screaming into the modern World and bought an iPad.

  10. I like coffee but if I over do it I find the theanine in a cup of tea takes away the wired feeling from coffee.
  11. In Asia you generally don't use toilet paper and use a bucket of water or a hose (my favourite way) in a wet-room. By far the most hygienic way IMHO.Then you just wash your hands once.
  12. Don't flush wipes they will block your toilet!
  13. Sometimes i use fragrance free baby wipes after going for a number two. Not the wipes that say they are fragrance free though still have a fragrance but the "mild as water" ones from a well known supermarket at 67p per pack.
  14. Trying to sit with anxiety and delaying some compulsions until tomorrow.

    1. lostinme


      Well done daja keep up the good work your doing well :cheer:

    2. taurean


      Good stuff, on the right track :thumbup: