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  1. Knock knockin’ on heavens door...

  2. Storage stress

    Tell them the truth?
  3. I used to feel the same but these days post SSRI I am not immediately worried. Hope you feel a bit better soon.
  4. Thanks i’m ok for today. Hope you’re ok. x
  5. Thanks Roy. It is horrible. Sometimes it feels like whatever I do I have to do a risk assessment in my head.
  6. I know crazy huh? Thanks Roy.
  7. I went for a coffee today and couldn’t get a seat in my favourite area. I know I have to face fear so I took a seat about 3 metres away from leaded windows. Then I feared maybe the chair I sat in might be contaminated. So I started reassuring myself that I have lived in London before and must have been surrounded by lead not just on windows but roof tops. Which I mostly worry about when raining. So i’m I’m home now and I haven’t washed my hair or changed my jeans. Do you have any thoughts? Advice? Tough love? Reassurance? Or maybe this thread is a compulsion... Thank you.
  8. I will get there if I can and if you would allow me!
  9. My friend takes it as an adjunct to olanzapine he says it works for him if you get the right brand but i’m not convinced. I tried it for a while and found it didn’t do much and it cost a fortune. Maybe it will get better as things progress.
  10. Thinking about getting an cat.

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    2. daja


      I know it’s a big commitment Roy so I am not rushing into it.

    3. lostinme


      It sounds like your being sensible daja and not rushing into it :yes: 

      We always had cats when I was younger and they make wonderful pets :)

    4. Skullpops


      I have 3 moggies, lovely wee things! 

  11. Had bad anxiety today over something most people don’t worry about but it was nice to end the day with that Ben Fogle programme on Channel 5.