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  1. My wee bestie! I’m so glad we met here Jess, my little ray of positivity! Have a lovely Christmas all!!! Xx
  2. Absolutely, even though your miserable u would do anything for that temporary relief, the treatment causes excruciating anxiety and it takes a hell of a lot of hard work to push through it, it’s the most horrible condition to live with.x
  3. Keeping those thoughts from her don’t make u anything, those thoughts are total and utter nonsense and only a symptom of a mental illness, u don’t have to go telling her anything, in fact doing so just further cements a problem in ur mind that is completely false. It’s hard, I know, I recently went through a similar situation, it had happened before and it went on for a long time because I decided to tell people and get into conversation about it! This time I decided not to do that and it lasted a lot less time! X
  4. Life and ocd

    Absolutely, I have two wonderful children and partner who I love with everything, I have a nice house, clothes on my back and food on the table which is a lot more than some people have. OCD and depression has made me a better person, I am compassionate, caring and empathetic towards others and have a lot more time for people than I think I would have before mental illness.xx
  5. Christmas Anxiety

    Yes it makes perfect sense, that craving for reassurance is nothing but the illness trying to reel you in!xx
  6. Christmas Anxiety

    I get anxiety about getting anxiety over Christmas! I can already feel myself starting to worry that my OCD is going to rear it’s ugly head! I’m trying to allow those worry’s to flow like water off a ducks back at the moment and so far it’s not been too bad. Most people are stressed at this time of year, having an anxiety disorder just makes it a little bit more challenging! I’m being really nice to myself at the moment actually, go easy on yourselves!xx
  7. Awk Paul it’s so tough. My son is also awful with his self help, interestingly though, I as an ocd sufferer went through cognitive behavioural therapy, the main focus being the cognitive side but as my son has aspergers like urs, they have told me they have changed tactics with him and will focus more on the behavioural side as the cognitive side is difficult for them due to the ASD and their cognitive processes, maybe this is something you could mention to his therapist, she may already be doing that but it’s worth checking out. Thing is the pain of going through OCD treatment is horrendous, it is easier to suffer and perform compulsions for short term relief than it is to work through it, but as an adult I knew that is what I had to do for long term recovery, children on the other hand must find it so, so difficult.xx
  8. Hi lish, I haven’t had a drink in 11 months, I didn’t really drink anyways, maybe once a month, but I find when my mental health is bad it’s best to abstain, one reason is that when I’m drunk I have no ocd symptoms so I become concerned that I may like that feeling a little too much and drink more often and the second is the hangover anxiety, it’s just not worth it when you have already high anxiety levels to throw beer fear in the mix! I may have a glass or two over Christmas, basically I’m craving a little glass of prosecco lol, but I won’t be getting drunk. I don’t miss it! X
  9. don't know if ocd related

    OCD can definitely make us feel like there’s something seriously wrong with us, I went to A&E with a sore leg as I’d convinced myself it was a blood clot! I also have stomach ulcers and when I feel weak or tired I’m convinced I’m bleeding internally! This still happens but I now tell myself to stick it out and only become concerned if I show any serious signs such as vomiting blood etc. I have a chest infection at the moment and as I lay in bed a few nights ago I suddenly thought it was pneumonia (it’s not) again I have to just sit with it and remind myself to only become concerned if I show really serious signs. I feel for u xx
  10. “Every time you have those worrying thoughts about your children, look around you and count windows on buildings or whatever you can see to distract yourself.” errrrr...I never went back to her! “I worry about my kids too, but if they’re not back home on time I can just use my logical side rather than running away with it in my mind.” Good for you missus, wish my mind was just like yours!! Both comments were from the same therapist, she was actually very dismissive in her manner and I felt uncomfortable and as though she didn’t understand my problem from the get go! When I was referred again last year the CPN who did an initial assessment asked me had I seen anyone before and when I said yes and told her who it was, she was like, wow she’s one of the best! Hmmmm!!
  11. I reckon everyone with ocd can relate to this feeling at some point. Thing is, we need to decide not to settle for it! Hope all goes well at the doctors, remember once ur at the bottom the only way is up x
  12. Thanks again Roy, hoping this doesn’t happen now that Christmas is almost here! X
  13. Thanks Roy! U see it’s not even like an ocd obsession where I think “I can’t be happy” it’s weird, it’s like everything good and we are all happy and then I look at my partner or kids and get a stab of anxiety and then thoughts like “remember u said this or did that etc” it’s just like happiness triggers me or something. So weird! X
  14. Hey guys, I’ve had quite a remission in my symptoms, I’ve had a lot going on lately with my son and I’ve been focused on that, the thing is, I’ve mentioned before I seem to cope really well when it’s a real life situation that’s happening. Thing is, I don’t get a remission when it’s a good distraction, in fact I seem to get worse when things are all going positively, I wonder why this is, I have mentioned self sabotage before and I wonder if I do this on an unconscious level or something! Anyone else relate? X