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  1. I'm like this too, I don't know wether going such a long time on high alert when the thoughts were present has just conditioned me to feel anxious a lot of the time for seemingly no reason! It's rubbish but the best we can do is continue as we normally would despite those feelings, and gradually they lessen down.xx
  2. That's not technically true, u would feel like it was resolved for a a while and then brand new thoughts would come, u would maybe even doubt she was telling u the truth, that's how OCD works, we need to learn to live with uncertainty and that's how we combat OCD, the faulty thinking will only bring up more questions!
  3. Yeah really. And he's a very good doctor too, just said the timing wasn't right, I'd more serious issues to deal with, and now I'm bit more at myself i'm ready to try again.
  4. What u have wrote about ur situation absolutely smacks of OCD xx
  5. I'm really proud of you today David! Well done xx
  6. Hiya, don't worry about what the therapist said about figuring out ur sexual orientation, if I were you I'd definitely print off something on the subject of homosexual obsessions because once she knows they're treated the same way as all other OCD issues. My therapist knew right off the bat that I was having obsessions about my sexuality rather than actually being gay, and he told me if I was a lesbian/evil/psychopath etc I would just be off living as those things without a care in the world. X
  7. I love this! My therapist has been going over this kind of thing with me lately, I always seem to be the person that people come to when they have a problem and I was telling my therapist while I love to help and give advice I also worry about the person on top of my own worries. He told me the same as what u are saying, that I should allow myself to not get sucked into other people's problems as I try and figure out my own, in his words "who's life is it?!" He's not against me being there for people but a heathy balance should be there or we grind ourselves down.xx
  8. Hey, I smoke, I was actually on the verge of quitting when I relapsed and my doctor told me not to stop as it would be too stressful while I was already under a lot of stress! I'm in a much better place now and am going to buy a vape on Thursday to help me to start cutting down and hopefully I'll be off the smokes in a while! It's really tough so basically we just have to have determination to do it! Would u consider vaping? I quit for 2yrs using a vape, at first I used the ones with nicotine in and gradually reduced them til I was vaping with no nicotine at all, which is what I plan on doing again, a very boozey weekend was my downfall back to the cigarettes but as I don't drink very much at all anymore I can't see that being a problem this time around!x
  9. Hey David, I've tried to get back to u but it says u can't receive messages?
  10. Nice one David! Take that ride around 6! U can do it xxx
  11. Technically agraphobia doesn't mean u can't leave ur house, sometimes u can go short distances in safe zones and out with other people, but I do think David this is more about u being afraid because of ur intrusive thoughts, u need to face those fears head on and then u won't be afraid to go far from home.x
  12. Yes it is. Everyone does or says things from time to time that don't go down too well, if we were all to lose friends this way then nobody would have any friends left! Part of a really strong friendship is when these things happen but we remain friends regardless because so what?! My best friend and I have fierce disagreements on a wide variety of things, a wonderful thing about friendship is that we can disagree but it doesn't change a thing! You need to calm yourself down and treat this like any other OCD worry and continue on with your friendship how you would if this hadnt happened! X
  13. Hi Paul! I'm really sorry it didn't go too well for u and the girl u like, just wanted to say that yes, absolutely being upset can bring on or exacerbate anxiety, your defences are down and u are emotionally vulnerable. A good idea is to remind yourself that nothing lasts forever and this anxiety WILL go down! In the mean time please don't succumb to laying in bed etc because that will do nothing but pull u into a more intense episode in the long run, I think it's great ur going to France, u may not feel like it but I think the distraction will be great for u and give u something else to focus on. Feel better soon and have a lovely time ?? Xx
  14. Absolutely as long as u know what ur looking for and are prepared to pay for a good quality experienced therapist then by all means, go for it. Just be careful not to get sucked into the many con artists out there who are happy to make a mint from vulnerable people. I suppose the most rubbish I've seen is online and people should be mindful when looking online for "cures" or help that can cost a lot and isn't worth a penny! X