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  1. self biting and picking

    I pick skin and my cpn recommended buying playdoh or plasticine and use when compulsion to pi k skin is present. Take care?
  2. You are welcome. Good luck with your treatment and take care?
  3. Great minds and all that Ashley ?
  4. Hello AMC I have ocd and receiving CBT. I am also having EMDR to help deal with a traumatic event. My therapist said that EMDR could have a positive knock on effect when it comes to the ocd. However AMC, I have not heard thatEMDR has been used to treat ocd as su h. Maybe Ashley could throw some light on this. Take carexx
  5. Wish I never went

    DearAangel1232 That is apalling treatment- I really sympathise. Maybe Ashley can recommend another therapist? Xx
  6. Thankyou Polar Bear. I have tried to follow your advice today and it has helped. I suppose I need to realise that recovery isn't a linear thing and that I will have lapses. Thankyou again, I really appreciate your advice?
  7. Oh thankyou I really appreciate your reply?
  8. Really sorry, I didn't mean to Imply anything negative about autism. My concern is that I have made a mistake. ?
  9. I have have really good couple of weeks but now things feel as bad as ever. I am a teacher and had a call on Tuesday at work from a mental health worker enquiring about a pupil of mine, who is being assessed,amongst other things autism. I know that mum is convinced he has a condition. I am now worried that on a subconscious level my answers suggested autism. I do not think he has autism incidentally. What makes it worse though is that the mental health worker asked me to send the pupil's child plan for more info. A child's plan is a document that is drawn up in response to concerning issues a out the child. What really worries me is that in the child plan I had mentioned that the pupil was going to have this assessment and was being tested for autism. I am extremely concerned that when the health worker reads this that she will think that iam sending her a subliminal. message that I believe he has autism and that she is going to diagnose him with autism based on this and the phone conversation. I have been looking at the child plan again and again and now at home I keep trying g to remember what exactly I said on the phone. I am really quite terrified actually and I know things are bad because I just caught myself in the mirror and I hate my image, I feel weak, pathetic and ugly.
  10. Thank you so much pb.
  11. Thanks for your insightful thoughts as always pb! I actually saw my therapist today and he feels that I see threat wherever I go and believes it is linked to being raped. He feels that is linked to my need to try and control everything, my intense fear of making mistakes etc. So along with CBT he is going to treat my PTSD too. I can't remember what this is called but it is something new called something like eye movement rapid or something and he said it works really well so I am very hopeful today! Thanks again polar bear!?
  12. Hi, I have had two good weeks at work but now feel like I have gone right back. I have a pupil who doesn't want to stay on next year. I contacted parents to arrange a meeting and discuss next week. On the phone his dad said there is no way he is leaving school next year. I said we should have a meeting to discuss. The depute head and the boys guidance nice teacher say that he has reached his level and the school has little else on offer for him. On the phone I never really challenged his dad and but I did say the meeting would be with me. However the boys guidance teacher is going to come to the meeting too. I am worried that the parents will blame because I didn't contradict them on the phone and I am very anxious that they will think that this means their wishes are granted and they will be angry and co plain about me. Also they will feel ambushed because their sons guidance teacher will be at the meeting too. I honexstly feel like I have gone right back. Physical symptoms feel quite extreme again. I thought I had cracked it?
  13. Honestly snowbear your helpful, extremely clear advice and thought s resonate deeply for me and help me on a very real level. Thankyou so much. (Sorry, didn't mean to hijack thread)
  14. I agree wholeheartedly and would like to add caramoole tto the list! Thankyou for this life changing forum and a very happy Christmas to you all???