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  1. Not reassurance seeking.

    Then do just that! :-) Acknowledge you have a frightening, worrying thought, and carry on with your day despite the thought. You don't have to obey OCD's whims, say "I hear you, thought, but I'm just going to continue along." And then do just that: watch some crappy TV, clean your room, have a laugh with your family, even if the thoughts are screaming at you to pay attention to them.
  2. Not reassurance seeking.

    This is indeed reassurance seeking; my advice would be to go back to some of your old threads and have a look at the advice you've already been offered.
  3. Struggling to pet my dog.

    This is really, really unfair of you. I thought this is literally what you've been posting about all the time? How did she do this to you somehow? :-( Take responsibility, it's worth it. You have the capacity to recover, to feel much better going forward if you take the leap!
  4. Struggling to pet my dog.

    How about you just stop saying sorry (you aren't hurting anyone else, just you) and stop giving us excuses and just do it? May you did a horrible thing, maybe you didn't. How about you just accept that you will never know 100% either way and just carry on with your life? You say you can't and it's impossible and that you are stuck, but it's really just an excuse. How about the next post doesn't include the words: but yet however although sorry I can't
  5. So in the interest of getting better, you are going to continue to perform compulsions? That's like saying to lose weight, I'm going to continue to stuff my face in the interest of my health. Stop performing compulsions, it's the only way to recover.
  6. Insight Needed

    The actual content of the OCD thoughts doesn't matter when it comes to treatment. It's the same procedure: ceasing to perform compulsions, including ruminating upon and analyzing the content of your OCD.
  7. Struggling to pet my dog.

    HI Lily, it's up to you if you want to apply the great advice you've been given here. If you don't like it, or feel convinced you don't have OCD, you're free to ignore it. You keep apologizing, but to whom? You're only hurting yourself! You didn't hurt any of us. If your goal is to delve into these thoughts and analyze them, and get reassurance, a site like this is definitely not for you.
  8. Don’t see how it’s OCD

    If you refuse to try, then there's not much we can do to help you.
  9. Don’t see how it’s OCD

    Hey Lily, based on the advice you've previously been given, what do you think is the best course of action in response to this situation?
  10. I am so ill

    I think at some point, you need to decide that enough is enough. I've followed a few of your posts, and all I see is self pity and supplication to the OCD monster. How about taking a stand? Deciding enough is enough and taking a stand? If you refuse to do so, things will indefinitely stay the same, I guarantee you. You will live the next 50 years in the same way, pondering, ruminating, researching, being terrified of potential triggers. Accept that you might or might not have OCD, accept that you might or might not have done something horrible, and persist despite that, refusing to engage in these ruminations which have clearly made your life not so great in the last few years. The choice is yours. Which will you chose?
  11. Don’t see how it’s OCD

    Lily, honest question, do you honestly and truly think anything will change for the better if you persist in engaging in the exact same behavior over and over and over again?
  12. What have I done?

    It's not selfish – but it is self-destructive what you're doing. Maybe it is OCD, maybe it's not. You'll never have an answer you are 100% satisfied with. Why waste your life trying to figure it out? Give up the search for answers – there are none.
  13. What have I done?

    Hi Lily! Sorry you're feeling so low. Beyond the excellent advice you've been given above, what do you expect from us/this forum in response to this?
  14. Triggers

    That's the OCD talking! OCD lies – it's telling you that you need to understand the exact origins of your intrusive thoughts, that you need to analyze and rationalize and "figure it out", when in fact it's your attempts to "understand" that are driving the disorder in the first place. Accept that you had a distressing thought and refuse to engage with your OCD! With OCD, we can try to understand forever, ask the world's leading experts and spend 24 hours a day researching, and we will still never get a satisfactory answer. All that remains is to give up the quest for answers and carry on with your life despite that. Let the OCD keep lying and arguing all it wants – you know better!
  15. This is really getting out of hand. :-( Ship – google "OCD and tourettes" – you'll find a wealth of information – we are not "simple answer" machines!