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  1. Oh bless you Emsie, so sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment There really isn’t anything I can add to the advice you’ve already been given off gemma. I do feel for you because at times it is hard to distinguish what’s a natural worry and what’s an ocd worry. Unfortunately I’m in agreement with Gemma that this may well be an ocd worry Hope you are feeling a little better tonight, best wishes as always, lost x
  2. Yes that sounds like a good idea Roy then hopefully I will spend more time on the board than off it
  3. Thanks Avo, I did and I made two more even though it was proving a difficult
  4. I did St Mike, I knocked it clean out
  5. I totally agree with your statement St Mike, positivity and cheering each other on really does give us that feel good factor
  6. Never give up hope, if we don’t succeed the first time try and try again :cheer:

    1. taurean


      Absolutely. It's so important to understand how the disorder works, then just shrug shoulders, think "Oh that's just my silly obsession" and not believe the intrusions and not connect with them. 

      But instead gently but firmly refocus away. 

      I would say this is the most important thing I have learned. 

    2. lostinme


      That’s my three favourite words I say to myself when I’m struggling. 

      Refocus, refocus, refocus :yes:

  7. Persistence and determination when tackling our compulsions
  8. I really needed to push myself, I keep backing out when the going gets tough. I just went to make myself a drink, I filled the kettle and after three times the thoughts got the better of me so I switched my safety kettle on as I call it, the one someone else as filled for me. But my determination came shining through, i wasn’t going to beaten so I refilled the kettle and I’m drinking it now
  9. To be kind to ourselves on both good and bad days. Not to dwell on the past or worry about the future, only live for today. Forgive ourselves for past mistakes and leave it be. Dont worry about what you’ve got to do throughout the day, just think about what your doing at the moment. Learn to live in the here and now is really helpful.
  10. Wow it’s nice to see this positive thread being used again hooray ? I love to see all the positives posts. Thats great work ship, your doing so well, go girl you can do this
  11. 1- I think learning more about the condition as helped me immensely. 2- Realising it doesn’t reflect on me and who I am as a person. 3- Realising that everyone as intrusive thoughts and it’s how we acknowledge and react to them that is the problem. 4- learning what are our obsessions and compulsions, recognising when we are ruminating or reassurance seeking, magical thinking etc. 5- learning to notice the anxiety, but knowing that it does come down is really helpful. The storm will pass. 6- Trying to keep a positive frame of mind, the negatives drag us down. 7- learning from setbacks, how I dealt with them and how I turned things around again. 8- learning to accept and live with the doubt and uncertainty of never knowing. 9- Reminding ourselves that ocd is a big fat liar. 10- Acknowledging and praising ourselves for every little step we take. how far we have come. 11- Courage, hard work, determination and repetition. 12- Never ever give up hope of finding a way to tackle our compulsions. 13- looking to see how far we have come every so often, reminds us how well we are doing, lifts our spirits and encourages us to keep going. 14- Always reminding our selves that recovery is possible.
  12. Sorry guys.

    Oh bless you Mike you are so kind, I like being described as a flower ? so that I have the room to bloom and grow I think it’s amazing ? how you share your journey, your kind words of encouragement and all the things that has helped you become an ex-sufferer to try help us other sufferers keep moving forward. You are an inspiration and it really does help so thank you so much for sharing this. I do believe that changing our mindset, is a big part of our recovery and I’m working on it and I’m slowly getting better at it. I am a very determined person that doesn’t like to give up, so maybe it is this what helps to keep me motivated and keep fighting, I never want to go back to where I was. kindest regards always, lost.
  13. Sorry guys.

    I am Roy, just one day at a time though I havnt quite got my jiggle back, but I’m working on it. Its amazing all the support I’ve recieved here on the forum from both sufferers, ex sufferers and moderators as all helped me immensely
  14. Sorry guys.

    Yes I think your right Roy! this is an individual working progress, only we can work through things ourselves, because everyone’s OCD is unique to themselves and so is the learning process what works for one doesn’t work for all. I strongly believe that we have to have some setbacks on our journey because this teaches us how to handle and over come problems we encounter in the future. Thankyou to both you and snow, you both taught me regarding this, finally it’s sunk in not saying I’m a little slow and now I’m beginning to acknowledge and learn from it
  15. Sorry guys.

    Thank you Roy! We can do this imagine a wobble lasting a few seconds instead of day, wouldn’t that be great