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  1. Thanks Roy I've just searched in the search panel, I think I need to read these and determine if I am neutralising? Not sure I am but I need to make sure I'm not. This is a new one for me so I think I need to understand the difference between reframing to neutralising a thought before I continue. Many thanks lost
  2. Thanks Roy, Im a little confused ?‍♀️ does this mean it could be a bad thing ? I dont want to start something that is going hinder my progress rather than help me Im not sure what you mean by neutralising ? What does this mean ? Could you please explain to me if you think I could be neutralising instead ? Many thanks lost
  3. Yes it's working good for me, that's why I thought I would share it because anything is worth a try but unfortunately what works for one doesn't always work for another Its good that you have a few options available to chose from I think that's what we are all are aiming for to gradually reclaim our lives back, but unfortunately there is no text book case what works for one sadly doesn't always work for another, it's a case of learning through cbt what approach works best for us and applying it. It's a case of learning as we go along and persistence and patience is the key approach. This room I associated with as my safe room where I went to be alone sort my head out when I was anxious ? unfortunately doing compulsions, ruminating etc till my anxiety reduced to eventually rejoin my family again whether it took one, two or more hours this was actually feeding the OCD and making things worse so I wanted to change this. So I decided I wasn't allowed to go in here and do any OCD rituals etc it took lots of practice but each time I started to do any OCD compulsions I would leave the room. Now I go there in a anxious mood but enter knowing I'm going to do something positive instead and it's actually amazing ? how much quicker the anxiety reduces without ruminating etc. So a negative room as been replaced as a positive room and my anxiety reduces much quicker doing something enjoyable rather than the mental torment like before. I'd like to think I could adopt the same approach to each room
  4. Wonderer, How are you? Have you had a good weekend x
  5. Hi snow ❄️, thinking of you and hope your ok :flowers2:

  6. I'm not sure if this will be a valuable post to all you sufferers, but I find it helps me. A happy place! What ive found is that we all have a place that we find a more relaxful place than others that doesn't overwhelm us with our OCD an escape place when we are in an anxious state, whether it be the garden, bedroom, kitchen etc. I've now adopted this place to be a happy place and it's not a place where I'm allowed rumination or OCD thoughts or compulsions it's my OCD free zone. Strange as it may sound its become a important place for me a relaxing OCD free zone where I can either listen to music, do a hobby or just relax a little me time zone. I'm hoping to eventually adopt the same feelings to each room and place given time and to adapt the same positive emotion At first it was the same as any other room full of rituals, compulsions and intrusive thoughts but a place I would escape to when I was finding things difficult. At first I found it difficult to apply but after time it became easier I needed to adapt it as an OCD free zone. It took lots of practice because this was the place I escaped to when I didn't want to face things anymore so I used to spend time in here ruminating over things over and over again which was actually doing me no good what so ever. I started to adopt a change of feelings here from a negative place to a positive place so I no longer enter this room and fill it with negativity instead I enter in a negative mood but change it to a positive mood which is really a good helpful process. It's still my escape room when I need to be alone because I'm finding things tuff but I've changed it from a negative escape place to a positive escape place and it works really well for me, I'm hoping to adapt the same procedure to each room one by one. I just thought I'd like to share this with you, it might just help you too
  7. As you can see clearly from my posts I didn't do to good at English
  8. That tickled me
  9. Thanks Roy I just want to share with everyone that even the smallest of steps are a step closer to where we want to be and to what we are all aiming for and every step taken is that step closer Not going to lie Roy I had to look up what osmosis was Roy
  10. Oh yes I feel a great sense of achievement and I'm really proud in myself for doing so well Its been really upsetting at times, but me and my daughter are bringing joy into the rooms by deciding what colour and themes we are going to have in there and how we are going to decorate it, so to make a useful happy space we can both use
  11. Well it's been another good day I managed 5 hours unaided and 4 cups of tea ☕️ but not first thing this morning sadly. Yes it's not as good as before but hey at least I'm not avoiding it altogether and still making progress so to me it's still a good day I also visited a friends house today alone and had a cup of tea there and stayed there for two hours, something I also haven't done for years Remember guys we have to put the work in and work at it every day but we know recovery is possible and that's what we all are aiming for Celebrate ? every success no matter how small
  12. I didn't think for one minute you had I realise that when we ask for advice regarding any subjects that there will be lots of different opinions and views and this just stems from personal views and opinions and many will differ, that doesn't mean that any one is right or wrong Yes I've learnt that along the way about finding the balance and unfortunately before this I was saddened to learn that some of the little things I would have liked to have kept I didn't It had become overwhelming and was becoming a problem so has they say needs must, it took over completely in so many rooms and outbuildings. The rooms that are in use are all neat and tidy and not cluttered. But the rooms that had been taken over were like they wasn't part of the same house, it's nice to get these rooms back to being active spaces
  13. Hi Roy thanks for your wise words and kind reply it's much appreciated Ive already started sorting and Ive cleared two rooms so far, I'm not going to say it's been easy, far from it because it hasn't and it's pulled at my heart strings and caused me lots of anxiety. The things of no sentimental value that I've kept just in case the what ifs I have cleared, if they don't have a purpose or a place in my home then they must go. The things I struggle with deeply are all the sentimental keep sakes that Ive accumulated over the years and most are of no great value only very valuable to me . To me these items are precious to my heart . But I've found a way around this and now no matter how distressing this is for me by letting them go I take photos of them and it helps me a little. Ive never been a person for taking photos but maybe if I had this may not have happened because I would have captured these precious moments on camera instead. I need to remember that these precious moments are captured in my heart and thoughts, but I'm afraid of losing them . But at least by taking photos of these items before I let them go will give me a little piece of mind that I won't somehow forget. Thanks again roy lost
  14. Hi PolarBear, thanks for your reply and your views regarding hoarding, I can't say I wasnt a little hurt at first by your comment that hoarders make up all justifications to why they need to keep things, because all that I said in the above is totally true. But given time to reread your post I totally understand where you are coming from and why we need to justify keeping all these things and for what ever reason it should be. I did become overwhelmed by all of these items which took over 6 places in my home ? 2 sheds, the attic and 3 rooms I have started in a positive way to sort these rooms and I'm doing really well and if it doesn't have a place in my home then I decide what's the best thing to do with it. As for precious things that pull on my heart strings because of the importance and the happy memories I associate with them I take photo of. So far I've cleared two rooms and doing really well, I'm not going to say it isn't difficult because it is and yes I do get really anxious and upset about it, but on the same hand I know it's the right thing to do