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    Painting,jewellery making,writing poetry,sewing and anything artistic.

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  1. Feeling on top of the world tonight  I've managed a big exposure today even though I'm still ill. Managed to fill the kettle and make my drinks for a full 24 hours, yippee I'm feeling so good what a great day :yes:

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    2. lostinme


      You see I said there would be a Taurean technique somewhere you just needed to find it :lol:

      Yes it's been a busy week but a successful one for you so that's good ? 

      We've  been to opticians today also :yes: new glasses for my daughter and contact lenses, and new ones for me I just love it when I can see again :lol:

      Thankyou for your best wishes they made me smile :yes:

    3. taurean


      I have great hopes for the "taurean technique" - if only I could think of how to make it work :lol:

      I went to the opticians today - see my status report :)

      I reckon Roy is becoming like the 6 million dollar man - bionic :D varifocal spectacles, self-thinking hearing aids, orthotics in my shoes - not quite "superhero"  qualifications, but not far off :lol:


    4. lostinme


      :lol::lol::lol: and more :lol:

      Yes I noticed Roy but you went with a screw loose :lol: