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  1. A few hours, at least. Does the fact that I felt numb mean anything? I mean people in a relationship can't feel "in love" constantly.
  2. I'm feeling really hopeless at the moment. He was home last night and this morning, and I felt almost numb toward him even though I was trying to feel love. He's at work now, but I'm afraid for him to come home because what if I still feel numb? This is so unfair. Before all of this I was the happiest I'd ever been in a relationship. Maybe that's why my OCD decided to latch onto it? ?
  3. Lol! I was trying to look into something about Venus being in retrograde a month or so ago for reassurance. Thank god the website was so annoying it gave me time to realize I was being dumb. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has looked for "signs" or proof in silly places.
  4. So I'm on my period, I came across a buzzfeed video about falling out of love, and I'm trying to not freak out. I'm trying to ignore the one similarity I had with a video created by a social media account while NOT trying to reassure myself that I love my boyfriend. Wish me luck ?
  5. I might just be venting at this point but here we go: when I'm not worried about my feelings for him, I'm constantly worried that I've annoyed him. Or that he doesn't love me. Or that he'll get sick of me. Or I'm not enough for him. To be clear, he has never once said any of these things or given me any reason to think them, I just think them and endlessly worry. I don't know if this is also OCD or if I'm just a crazy girlfriend ?
  6. I saw this just after I posted another comment. I'll check this out when I get home, thank you ? Edit: where can I learn more about the cognitive side?
  7. I almost feel like the fact that these thoughts aren't upsetting me badly is making me more anxious than the thoughts themselves. I had the thought, "well I don't love him so I should just break up with him" and I wasn't that bothered by it... but now I'm upset because I feel like this means I just don't have OCD and I'm not in love. I should note that I'm going to start my period soon. I'm going absolutely crazy right now ?
  8. So I've been doing okay the last couple of weeks. Then yesterday all of a sudden the thoughts came back, just not as severe. I felt like I was faking having fun with my boyfriend. then this morning I went through a cycle of worrying if I'm a pedo, worrying if he's a pedo, then all of the thoughts went away for a few hours until about 45 minutes ago... and they're focusing on my feelings for my boyfriend. So now I'm sitting here at work worrying about whether or not I really love my boyfriend. This post doesn't make much sense, sorry,but I'm really irritated with myself right now.
  9. ...I think that's most likely the case. ? Any advice on having better insight and more confidence in myself? I do think that these things are part of my problem.
  10. Anyone?
  11. Is it possible to feel anxious about this whole thing even if a specific thought didn't pop into my head? Im pretty sure this feeling I'm having is OCD because I've been on here on and off for the past hour reading this post and it's responses... which is a compulsion. I just. Ugh. I keep getting the feeling that this isn't OCD. But that's also a sign that it's OCD. My brain is ridiculous. edit: I also think I have poor insight/ lack of confidence in myself and I don't know how to fix that.
  12. Anyone? Please?
  13. So now I'm worrying that I didn't spend enough time alone between break ups before I started dating my current boyfriend. That maybe I should have stayed single for longer. I had been in a relationship for nearly 8 years. I broke up with him and was with someone else for a few months... talked to a few different guys after that and maybe spent 2 months not actually talking to anyone before i started dating my current boyfriend. I cant tell if this is an intrusive thought or a legitimate concern. It is upsetting me because I don't want it to be true and I don't want to have made a mistake... but I really wasn't alone that long? UGH MY BRAIN. I'm so frustrated!!
  14. Thank you PolarBear. I'm trying not to ruminate and have actually had a really good day. We just started relaxing so BAM thoughts lol
  15. Does this mean anything? ?