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  1. I hear you. This week is very tough for me too as loads of exposure is readily available for me to get my teeth into and the anxiety is oh so great. remember the reason we are going throught, this and the future where OCD doesn't grip us like it does today. hang in there it will be worth it.
  2. Thanks Jess. My storm is weakening - have a way to go but I am starting to view things differently and there is light there. xx
  3. Sending you lots of love Jess and thinking of you all. Xx
  4. Mine has been exhauting but positive too. I locked up at work twice and walked away without checking ?. the impact was anxiety but a session with my therapist and I can see the improvement. Later in the week, i avoided doing it again (not so good) but Monday I will refocus and do it again. I can see where I am avoiding it, and am going to tackle that head on next week. Going to sort this!
  5. Thats terrible legalseagull and sounds like you havnt at all got the support you need. I am on session 8 this week and feel like my treatment is only just beginning to make sense to me. I will see what they say, but I had to request a further 2 from the initial 6 so dont hold out much hope
  6. Snowbear I didn't know it was an intrusive thought that feels like a memory. I knew my mind was playing tricks but I never seen it in the way u described so thanks for that I'd also like to hear cognitive solutions too Thank you. That's immensely helpful to me today. I didnt realise that either.
  7. Wow, thank you for sharing that. Eva you are an inspiration!