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  1. I agree Angst, this whole thread has made me appreciate even more how lucky I am to have a therapist who truly understand OCD and what it takes to be rid of it. I really feel for people who have gone to a therapist hoping for answers and direction to help them dig themselves out of a hole and are left feeling worse and even more confused. Just don’t give up, the right help is out there x
  2. An update.

    Lily your English is wonderful, I couldn’t tell it was your second language. My nan was from Madrid and she lived in England for 40 odd years and still wrote her shopping lists in Spanish. Cebollas, digestive biscuits, Pan, Leche, manzanas, marmite....you get the idea Wishing you all the best Storm x
  3. Sounds like a lovely Friday Roy Thank you for the encouragement !! Storm x
  4. Have had a good few weeks. Managed a few additional things to help me move forward in tackling ocd. more cooking (used meat that I’d cooked 2 days ago to make a curry) normally I’d chuck and start again. I’ve made my own disinfectant up by diluting neat stuff, which leaves me uncertain that I’ve done it correctly. I normally always use ready made dettol spray and wipes. Still using a fresh cloth every time I wipe down but I’ll try to re use more than once to improve on this. I also cleaned up some poo that my delightful kittens left for me on the stairs and then I poop scooped out their litter tray. Used the communal dryer in the gym to dry my costume off and I’ll re use it tomorrow ? It’s not gone perfect but they are baby steps in the right direction. It’s been a year since I started therapy. I couldn’t even make a sandwich, how things have changed How is everyone getting on? Storm x
  5. What an achievement Lostie xx
  6. She's ok thanks Roy, her eye has cleared up with drops. But the vets think she has a virus of some sort that she would have picked up from her mother and would always have in her system. He recommends they do a swab of her to send off for them to analyse. although theres nothing to swab at the moment. Other than that shes doing really well, I think shes happy living here (right now She is catching fish on a phone app and having a great time purring away). The boy on the other hand is a bit more reserved but loves a cuddle when hes 1 on 1.
  7. Thanks Roy, I also cleaned a radiator I had been avoiding for a long time. It was an example of the solution becoming the problem. I decided that it was too “dirty” to clean, so I stopped cleaning it. But then it became truly unclean and a massive job. If i had just cleaned it regularly it would only have needed a brief wipe over but today it took me quite a while. I’ll keep up on top of it now.
  8. I managed to bleach the bath and sink today for the first time ever when cleaning the bathroom. ?
  9. What am I missing?

    Gemma makes a good point here. I could be talking rubbish but I’d suggest letting the thoughts drift in and out as you make the tea Lost. If any intrusive thoughts pop in, agree with them and carry on making your tea. Maybe have a little music on in the background and have a little sing song, makes it harder to track what you are doing. Try making the tea differently, use a different spoon or cup. Stir with a different hand, milk before water. Change it up every time. So there is no right way, because there isn’t only one way to make a cuppa. Youve done amazing Lost, you’re not even letting this last compulsion get in the way of trying to get rid of OCD. Storm x
  10. Sorry guys.

    Glad to you have you back Lostie. Here if you need it xx
  11. Sorry guys.

    Lostie, you haven’t let us down. You put a lot of time into making sure we are all ok and cheering us on. You deserve to put yourself first and practice self care. We will miss you while you are taking time away, but you have to do what is right for you. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling, I really hope things sort themselves out for you. Look after yourself Lost Always here for a chat if you need it. Storm x
  12. Hi Emsie, hopefully you won’t have to wait long for your CBT, until then and if you haven’t already I would suggest reading a self help book. This may help to prepare you for your upcoming therapy. I felt incredibly low when I was in the grips of ocd and not receiving therapy. Now I can say that the more I go against ocd the happier I feel. My world has become bigger because of this. It wasn’t easy, tackling ocd takes courage and hard work, but the rewards are so worth it. hope you are feeling a bit better today Emsie Storm x
  13. That's still coping in my eyes when ive had a long day with the little one and then my other half walks in from work and does the bed time routine to help me out, I see that as me coping best I can in my situation. hope you have a good day x