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  1. Sorry guys.

    Glad to you have you back Lostie. Here if you need it xx
  2. Sorry guys.

    Lostie, you haven’t let us down. You put a lot of time into making sure we are all ok and cheering us on. You deserve to put yourself first and practice self care. We will miss you while you are taking time away, but you have to do what is right for you. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling, I really hope things sort themselves out for you. Look after yourself Lost Always here for a chat if you need it. Storm x
  3. Hi Emsie, hopefully you won’t have to wait long for your CBT, until then and if you haven’t already I would suggest reading a self help book. This may help to prepare you for your upcoming therapy. I felt incredibly low when I was in the grips of ocd and not receiving therapy. Now I can say that the more I go against ocd the happier I feel. My world has become bigger because of this. It wasn’t easy, tackling ocd takes courage and hard work, but the rewards are so worth it. hope you are feeling a bit better today Emsie Storm x
  4. That's still coping in my eyes when ive had a long day with the little one and then my other half walks in from work and does the bed time routine to help me out, I see that as me coping best I can in my situation. hope you have a good day x
  5. Hi Chelsie, it sounds like you've coped with this situation really well. It's just coincidence, these things happen. And hopefully next time it's bin day you can think if you've coped with this then other stuff might not seem such a big task. If that makes sense? I have issues with contamination too, it does get easier though. On my part it's been good cbt and practical work too. wishing you all the best. Storm x
  6. Never give up hope!

    This is great example Lost. You have achieved so much since starting therapy Storm x
  7. Stroked two puppies today while out and about. One was a licker! Would never have done that before cbt. 

    Storm x

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    2. lostinme


      Great news storm :cheer:

    3. Storm


      The meds still appear to be a good fit. They've pretty much helped in the area that I needed them to. 

      Thanks for the support Roy, SB and lost x

    4. lostinme


      I'm so pleased for you storm, so glad the medication as helped you :cheer:x

  8. Hey Jess, hope you're doing well. Just wanted to hi xx Storm
  9. We are the bravest!

    Hi Wonderer, I love this post. We are brave, OCD is such a bully x
  10. Doubt or psychosis?

    Thanks BelAnna x
  11. Doubt or psychosis?

    I would say I've made massive improvements. I'm just about to make a crumble with the help of my little one. There's still changes to be made. And I'm working on them best I can, with good quality CBT and trying hard every day to move towards an OCD free life. Good luck with your recovery BelAnna and hopefully the waiting list is not too long. Some days are easier than others x
  12. Doubt or psychosis?

    Hi BelAnna, i know too well what it's like to have these worries. It got to the point where I could barely cook for myself let alone my little one. Even making drinks would prompt intrusive thoughts, doubts, questions. Slowly but surely I'm making changes and getting there. The key being good CBT. My OCD snowballed out of control rapidly too. I got worse very quickly and was in a mess when I first started therapy. I'm not sure how this helps, but just wanted to say I've experienced similar intrusive thoughts.....and still do. Storm x
  13. Dr Forrester has also written a book on OCD too.
  14. Coffee

    i normally have at least one cup a day too, with a couple of cups of tea in between. I can't say that I notice a rise in my anxiety but I do notice a difference if I don't have any of these drinks. I'll be more irritable than usual and maybe even get a headache if I've not had something by late afternoon x
  15. bins

    That's great lostgirl. I need to make more of an effort to tackle my issues with bins. my wheelie bin knocked over in the wind yesterday and it was blocking my car in. I didn't go out the house until my husband came home from work (many hours later) and picked it up for me. This is no way to live. Storm