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  1. i normally have at least one cup a day too, with a couple of cups of tea in between. I can't say that I notice a rise in my anxiety but I do notice a difference if I don't have any of these drinks. I'll be more irritable than usual and maybe even get a headache if I've not had something by late afternoon x
  2. That's great lostgirl. I need to make more of an effort to tackle my issues with bins. my wheelie bin knocked over in the wind yesterday and it was blocking my car in. I didn't go out the house until my husband came home from work (many hours later) and picked it up for me. This is no way to live. Storm
  3. Hi Jess, My husband and a few close friends know I have an OCD diagnosis, the latter do not know the true nature of my theme. They know it's contamination, but as we know how complex OCD can be, they don't know I'm more afraid of them catching my "germs" than me catching theirs. My parents have no idea that I have been diagnosed moderate to severe OCD, and considering the amount of time I've spent with them this is quite shocking really that they have no clue how much I struggle to get through the day. Because of this, and a few other important factors, I have decided to actively keep this a secret from them. I understand what you mean here Jess, my therapy is located quite close to where I live, and I'm always worried I will bump into someone I know when I am there. This is not because I ashamed, it's because I do not want people finding out and then interfering (good intentions or not) with my attempts at getting better. Getting help was by far the best decision I have ever made in my adult life, I put it off far too long. Storm x
  4. So positive Jess ☀️ x
  5. At the moment my hands do not have any cuts or cracks. Are quite soft actually. My hands look....dare I say it....normal :) 

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    2. lostinme


      Thanks storm x

      Yes he is good, i hate to think of where I would be now if it wasn't for him. 

      Yes that will be nice😊

      I was trying to reply to your post but I gave up because I kept giving you reassurance, I will try to reply without reassuring you x 

    3. Storm


      Ha it's ok! The post seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe it's just one long rumination, I have no idea. And don't feel like you have to reply either. After I wrote it...and then added to it. I instantly said to myself, the handwashing isn't worth it if it takes me back to how I felt last September / October x

    4. lostinme


      That's right storm be strong keep up your positivity you can do this x 

  6. Great idea on the self care box. Also a lush bath bomb would be a good one for the box.
  7. And maybe a jar of peanut butter too
  8. Hi Jess, you have to go into edit profile and then under the birthday bit I think it says something like "allow status updates" or something like that. Click to green x
  9. Feeling incredibly negative about myself and my recovery at the moment. Some days I see myself OCD free, other days I fall back easily into the old habits. ive always been called cold, I never show emotion when I can help it. But now I need a cry, and I don't even know what about :( 

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    2. lostinme


      Sorry to hear your having a rough day storm, try not to be hard on yourself we all have bad days. Hopefully after a good nights sleep you will feel a little better🙂

    3. taurean


      Spring not far away storm and your friends are all with you. Sleep well :sleep:


    4. Storm


      Thanks lost, I had every intention of an early night but have got a little carried away with planning and possibly overthinking. While I don't feel much better for it, it's nice to have a few goals to tackle over next week x

      Yes Taurean! Not long now, I don't think a winter has felt longer than this one. Cannot wait for longer days and warmer weather :) 

  10. Hi Suzi This sounds very similar to me. I used to hate it when HV's and docs would say "you're a mum, you will know the signs if they get worse". I knew nothing about children, how would I know to spot these signs? I let these fears of her getting ill take over the first 4 yrs of me being a mum. I used to lose weight whenever my little one was ill. Half a stone would go in a week as I'd be so consumed by anxiety that I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten. But, I'm slowly changing the way I respond to her being ill. For example, she currently has a virus, which she's had since last week. I thought it had got better and out of no where she's got an upper resp infection, having to have an asthma pump, calpol for her temp and lost her appetite. She has slept with me the last few nights ( my husb thinks this is a compulsion) But she's still her bouncy self, and seems to be a bit better today. I'm having cbt at the moment and I'm learning that I can live through the anxiety I'm feeling. I still felt more anxious the last few days, coupled with lack of sleep, I'm finding it harder to challenge OCD. But I can't deny my handling of these type of situations has much improved recently. i hope this makes sense, I'm being distracted by an over tired 4 yr old that wants to watch the lion king with me (again!!!) Storm x
  11. Congratulations Saz
  12. Take care, keep up the positivity. I hope things brighten up for you soon x
  13. Hi Wonderer, I'm really sorry you're having a tough time of things at the moment, I hope you're ok. It's great you're coping well too. Interesting Wren, I've never really thought about this. But I think this is a good point, my husband came along to an appointment of mine Recently and afterwards commented that I'm lucky to be able to get cbt and how others would find it beneficial even if they don't suffer with OCD. Hi Ram, this sounds like a reasonable explanation. Certainty is something I've always craved. But I'm getting better at understanding the more I try to feel certain the less certain I actually feel.
  14. Thanks Jessie, sounds like you've got a good support network Storm x