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  1. Thank you so much - that is very helpful. I think we are struggling to understand what is her OCD and how we should support her. I think we are giving in too much and boundaries aren't as clear. She is often up to 1am completing rituals - if we intervene it leads to 'meltdown' and physical abuse from her. It's like she's a stranger and we don't know how to reach her. Perhaps we need to be more patient though - I guess we get angry and that doesn't help. I will look at books on challenging behaviour too. I wish we understood this more - she is having CBT so I can only hope that starts to help.
  2. Sorry to pester - but can anyone else offer any advice as to whether violence is common with OCD?
  3. She does realise she has a problem - and we are getting treatment, although not sure it's working. I'm just scared she will end up hurting someone. Is violence quite common with OCD?
  4. I think it's anxiety - which makes the OCD worse...and she gets angrier. I think she gets scared the routines will stop. But it's reassuring to hear you say that you wished your parents had pushed harder. We don't really know if we're doing right or wrong.
  5. Hi, my 11 yo daughter has recently been identified with OCD - she has probably had it for about 6 months now, with lots of bedtime rituals, hand-washing, hair-washing and a compulsion to have things done in a particular order. This has been really challenging but I think we could cope with this if it wasn't for the extremely aggressive behaviour that has developed alongside. She is verbally abusive to both of us (parents) and increasingly physically violent too. This is most extreme when we 'disrupt' her order, or when she is really anxious - but it is really scary. I am worried she will hurt herself or one of us. Sometimes, we don't recognise her at all - it's as if the OCD has changed her personality. She has started CBT treatment, although i'm not sure how much she's engaging with it.....early days I guess, but I have been trying to read around the subject and can't find much that says this level of violence is linked? Hope that makes some kind of sense!