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  1. Hi all, for the past 7 months or so I've been going through a resurfacing of OCD, and a lot of them are particularly sexual in nature being as how my brother and I were abused as children by a cousin. one time, maybe 11 years or so ago my brother walked in on me masturbating and made a comment like "imagine if I blew you" or something to that effect and we laughed obviously cause it was a stupid sophomoric joke.. it resurfaced because I was having a fear that maybe someone else sexually abused me (no one did) first I had it with my dad and then now I have it with my brother. my question to the people on this forum: should I continue to ruminate? I don't want to hate or resent him because of a stupid blowjob comment. I chalk it up to being stupid teenagers and confused about what happened to us. I brought it up to him and he said he doesn't remember saying anything, which to me makes it seem like it's OCD because it's an insignificant even that I'm importanizing. Also does his comment put him in the same category as the one who sexually physically abused us? No right?
  2. Thanks. This is a good reality based answer. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. All the best to you.
  4. Yes. What I'm saying now is big deal that my brother made a perverted comment. People without OCD wouldn't be ruminating so I think it's time to let it go
  5. ThAnk you! I feel so happy that you say my brother and I are ok. I really didn't want one stupid joke from years ago make me distance myself from my only sibling. as for the abuse that my brother and I endured, unfortunately I know it was all too real. Luckily I am safe now. Thank you for your concern and you did not offend me.
  6. The person who walked in on me and made a comment (never was physically harmed by him) was my brother my cousin is the one who physically abused us for his sexual pleasure this stupid comment is the one I'm ruminating on
  7. Thank you. I've been waiting for someone to tell me this was my OCD and this doesn't mean that my brother and I can't have a normal relationship. Thank you.
  8. Just to make things clear, im not saying I was ever abused by my brother, im just saying he made a stupid inappropriate sexual remark towards me when we were younger. However, both of us were sexually abused by an older cousin for a period of time. Being abused by this cousin is the only time I've ever felt traumatized, but a lot of my obsessions are sexual in nature so I am clinging on to this for some reason.
  9. My brain seems to be treating this as the be all end all of my relationship with my brother. He's my only sibling and often at times my only friend. I don't want nor think I should let this one sophomoric joke made by himyears ago ruin our relationship. I just want someone else to weigh in and tell me I'm being stupid.
  10. No, the event I'm obsessing about is a joke my brother stated when he walked in on me masturbating. Later on that same year, my brother and i told my parents we were victims of sexual abuse by a cousin
  11. hello all, I hope you are doing well. I've actually been doing better but there's one thing that has kinda been bugging me and I've been obsessing about recently... Both my brother and I were sexually abused by a cousin when we were younger. About 10 years ago when my brother and I were teenagers, he walked in on me masturbating and made a stupid juvenile remark along the lines of "imagine if I blew you right now" and wee laughed because we both assumed it was him being an idiot and then he walked out. That same year it came out that we had both been abused. Right now, I'm going to a psychiatrist and my abuse is brought up because of how traumatic it was and now a lot of my obsessions are sexual in nature. I keep thinking about the comment my brother made and I get so uncomfortable. He never abused me and I know he would never abuse anyone because of how much our abuse messed us up but ocd is trying to turn me against him and I'm wondering should I look at him as a different person because of that comment he made? I think we were both confused teenagers at the time who couldn't process what happened to us on top of that we joked around a lot, plus we were both smoking a lot of weed at the time. I try to write it off as a harmless sophomoric joke, and I do my best to live in the present moment and not panic about it. I see no reason to obsess about this comment. Thinking about it does bring me anxiety however, especially since I recently have been feeling good in terms of OCD, and now this presented itself as if to taunt me for feeling good..