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  1. Missed Doses

    Hiya Gang If I miss taking a supplement or medication dose I become anxious and agitated. As if 'it's all ruined now'. Perfectionism? Still OCD I'm guessing. How do I learn not to care? Thank you folks.
  2. Mistletoe? Santa? No Wasps? Yes please Winter!
  3. Hi Haaleey. I believe this is less OCD and more just what the filmmakers are aiming for! Congratulations on remaing in the cinema. Scary stuff.
  4. Hello Friends As I've alluded to previously, life has been particularly challenging of late. I had allowed a situation in my personal life to spiral unchecked. I had ignored the emotional red flags and ultimately suffered what might non-medically be described as a nervous breakdown. There's a lesson here. Irrespective of what society expects, and no matter how much pressure we might be under to the contrary, if circumstances arise for which we are not mentally equipped, we MUST walk away. To hell with what anyone else will think of us. I persevered because it was the 'done thing', and as a consequence I made myself very poorly. Learn to say no to anything and everyone if you're not feeling robust. Self-preservation is an art. And not something we should ever be ashamed of prioritising.
  5. You might wish to read up on Depersonalisation.
  6. Emetophobia and OCD

    This is bob on Jen. I am also an emetophobe. I overindulged earlier this year and the hitherto unthinkable occurred. I had always fretted over how I would behave in that situation. But my body just took care of it. It was an absolute breeze compared to the scenario I'd crafted in my daft head.
  7. You are very generous with your praise Roy. What a gentleman you are. Thank you my friend.
  8. Small Victories

    Thank you Roy. It sounds plagiarised, but I think it's all my own work!
  9. Small Victories

    Thank you all. It's persevering through the challenging times that ultimately makes us robust. Allowing fear to prevent us from leading our lives is the first step in a long, dark journey downwards. Those demons may lurk in the shadows, but we can choose to walk in the light.
  10. Boy, did I not want to get up and go to work today..! Never stop congratulating yourselves for the wee achievements. Cumulatively, they make us life's winners.
  11. Night time is worse

    Hi Lucy. Again, I really can identify. I recall one relationship throughout which my girlfriend was unnecessarily candid about her previous sexual encounters, to the point of being quite boastful. Needless to say, she was binned. All I can advise is if you have a partner who is generally sympathetic (even if slightly less so when exhausted) then that's about as much as we can hope for. The rest is up to us to manage. I appreciate I'm not offering much by way of sage input. I don't have any answers. Because I'm still very much affected by the issues you describe. But, again, perhaps there is some solace in knowing that we are not alone.
  12. OCD Anonymous

    Hi Phil. Having experienced both, I believe that OCD and addiction have much in common, primarily that they both revolve around choices. That's why I don't classify myself as an alcoholic. Because I don't consider addiction a disease. For me, it's a choice. If I don't choose to pick up that first drink, I'll remain sober. It's the same with OCD. If I don't choose to react to my intrusive thoughts, OCD cannot impact upon my life. As regards Fellowships like AA, I reject most of what they preach, and don't consider their principles pertinent to OCD.
  13. Grief and OCD

    Hi ship. My condolences. Grief is, in itself, a natural emotion and not an illness (I only mention this because many GPs appear powerless to prescribing antidepressants to those in mourning). However, unprocessed grief can be very damaging, both physically and psychologically. A qualified grief counsellor (CRUSE are nationwide and reputable) will support you in coming to terms with your loss.
  14. Hi Lucy. I just wanted to let you know that you're by no means alone in this. I hope you don't mind my saying, but this post is of much interest to me. I've experienced similar regarding partners' pasts and consequent trust issues, but I'd always assumed it was due to BPD (with which I was diagnosed years ago) as opposed to OCD. It didn't occur to me that the latter could conjure such issues. Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the very best.
  15. Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviour

    That's the stuff HDC. ?