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  1. Are you waking up scared or are your first thoughts of each day causing you to feel that way?
  2. Well done David. Continue to be brave and you will succeed. The staff were doubtless thinking about their hangovers, or their relationship issues, or how much they hate their job. They will not have been thinking about you. With respect pal, you're just not that important!
  3. Well done Justine. Involving the authorities was the correct move. Why should these imbeciles get away with harassing decent folk such as yourself?
  4. Thank you Roy. A similar analogy to the one you describe is used in addiction treatment. Apparently it takes 3 months for the pathways in the brain to automatically follow new routes. So if you choose to turn right towards the sanctuary of your home (instead of turning left towards the off-license or hostelry) after 3 months that becomes your automatic choice. That's the theory anyway!
  5. I've used this phrase in a previous post, so apologies. My lightbulb moment arrived when an old alcohol worker suggested that I stop describing the water I was drowning in and swim to shore. That was the first time I recognised that all my issues were my responsibility to resolve. Everything was somehow easy from then on. I stopped self-pitying and started counting my blessings. My mantra went from 'why me?' to 'why not me?'. Who am I to expect not to be affected by life's difficulties? I was born in a first world country to a family who could always afford to feed me. I always had shelter. I've been physically healthy predominately. I realised later than I should've done that I've actually won life's lottery!
  6. I would suggest it's beneficial as false memories are part and parcel of your OCD. You need to expose yourself to them so as to learn to recognise and accept them for what they are. Harmless charlatans!
  7. This is a good post. It brings a real clarity to the situation. I should follow this advice were I you Gemzi.
  8. I don't know. I've never not met it. Because I know it's good for my health. Anyhew, I'll bow out as requested. Let someone else take a turn. Good luck.
  9. I'm not offended at all. However if folk don't count steps, why do pedometers exist?
  10. Then how do they know when they've reached the recommended weekly target? I don't quite understand your question Kaheath. Could you clarify what you're asking please?
  11. Happy anniversary Phil. Enjoy.
  12. I should add, I believe this philosophical attitude is one of the few gifts a history of addiction has presented me with. I know that, even if I spend the next 30 years sober, lots of folk will always judge me by how I behaved whilst inebriated. And that's up to them. It's not my responsibility to fret about how I'm viewed or to try to force perceptions to alter. So I just don't think about it. And, consequently, I never worry about it either.
  13. Good post Phil. I used to be so sensitive to the opinions of others. I wanted to be the man at whom's funeral nobody has a bad word to say. But then I began thinking, 'what a boring life that man must've lived'. These days I'd much rather be disliked than ignored. Besides, no matter what we do, some weary willy will always have something negative to impart. And so I really do try to live my life as if nobody's watching.
  14. If staying sober would ruin the weekend, I would let your hair down. Whilst conceiving is obviously a priority for you, you mustn't allow it to dictate your every decision. And, who knows, once the vino doth flow you two crazy kids might do the necessary without even thinking about it. The necessary - I'm such a romantic!
  15. Hi Gemzi. Why would you need to hide from your friends, and why would your fiancé be angry, if you chose not to drink?