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  1. OCD isn’t letting me breathe

    Well good evening to you Lily. I wish more folk would use such traditional salutations. Good on you.
  2. Life and ocd

    I believe I’ve had a worthwhile and fulfilling life BECAUSE of mental illness (and subsequent addiction). Before I became unwell I was utterly lacking in compassion for others and didn’t appreciate anything in life. Now I’m much less self-absorbed (though I still have my moments!) and am grateful for every day. Life really is what you make of it.
  3. punishment?

    Not at all. It serves no purpose.
  4. Mental illness and alcohol

    Me too Jennie. I behaved like Dorian Gray. There’s a portrait of me in an attic somewhere looking positively hideous!
  5. Mental illness and alcohol

    You’re welcome Lish. Let us know how liberating waking up on Saturday morning feeling fresh and calm is.
  6. Mental illness and alcohol

    Sobriety is only avoidance if drinking alcohol results in unnecessary rumination. You’ve identified that your reasons are genuine and valid, so stick to your guns. It’s entirely your prerogative whether or not to divulge your true motivation for not drinking. I have friends who aren’t comfortable being open and so spin yarns about being on medication or even being pregnant (not one I’ve ever used, being a blokey bloke!). Me, I just tell folk straight. ‘When I start drinking I can’t stop and I behave in ways not in keeping with my true character.’ Real friends have always understood. Those who have tried to apply pressure haven’t been invited back. Bottom line: have something prepared. Because you will be asked. And you need to be resilient and assured in that moment.
  7. Mental illness and alcohol

    What will be your response when you’re inevitably asked why you’re not drinking Lish?
  8. OCD isn’t letting me breathe

    I would second this Lily. 18 is a wonderful age. I remember my late teens... hanging with my buddies in our leather jackets, smoking cigarettes, dancing with young ladies at college discos. Or am I confusing my youth with the musical Grease?! Either way, be careful not to squander these years. Get out there and put your mark on the world.
  9. Mental illness and alcohol

    Hi Lish. Whilst you might not consider yourself an alcoholic (and the definition is widely open to interpretation) the above text would suggest that you are a problem drinker, in that drinking is causing you problems. You are asking for tips on how to quit alcohol. I guess the obvious answer would be not to pick up that first drink. If that’s something you struggle with, you might require support from your GP or local addiction services. Lots of folk on this forum live alcohol-free lives, and report that sobriety makes managing their OCD easier. I myself have been sober a while and am much more mentally robust as a consequence. Good luck.
  10. You might be reincarnated into poverty and pestilence. Probably wise to concentrate on the decades you likely have remaining of your current life. Now, about that GP appointment...
  11. Hi bruces. This is another one of those statements to which there’s no worthwhile response. Unless you’re on your deathbed (or posting from beyond the grave) it’s just defeatist. Come on man. Where’s your battling spirit? Have you made that appointment with your GP yet?
  12. OCD isn’t letting me breathe

    Folk can and do recovery completely Lily. You need to start implementing the advice you’ve received. Your written ruminations are like clockwork. They need curtailing.
  13. OCD isn’t letting me breathe

    Hi Lily. What are you on about matey? This is all nonsensical. It’s like your brain is leaking without the filter of your mouth! It’s just another lengthy rumination. And it’s holding you back.
  14. Treatment for feeling guilty

    Hi zx. I guess it would depend on the origin(s) of your guilt. Would you like to elaborate?