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  1. Is something like this even important though. Would it class as cheating or is it a thing that boys do. I have no memory of doing it but thoughts from the time make me think I could of done. But then I think if I can remember some thoughts then I would remember doing it. Thankyou i just can't concentrate at the moment with this
  2. Anyone please I would really appreciate it I'm in such a bad way over this
  3. Hi guys. I'm still doing really bad. I keep thinking about it and I keep convincing my self that I have done this. I've been thinking back and even to little detailed things around that time to do with the situation and I don't no wether ive made them up or they are true. I don't no if I have done this. I have no memory of actually doing this but I can think of things which feel 100% real like the girl walking upstairs and me thinking something but how do I no if that's real. I don't no what to do I'm so bad at the moment. I've got to do my final bit of coursework for uni and I can't do it cause I'm so stuck in this. I need some help please I am really struggerling. I keep thinking if I can remember some stuff then why can't I remember me doing it. But if I can remember other details like thoughts in my head which may or may not be true then the whole thing could e true. I really need some help please
  4. Thankyou for your post. I just a push in the right direction. This is the worst I've felt in months
  5. I'm just sick of thinking this if I had done this surely I wouldn't question it
  6. I no polar bear. And I have tried to but I can't stop thinking what if. And the images of me doing this.
  7. Not cheated but worried that I have pleasured my self with her underwear. Sounds gross but I can't stop thinking about it
  8. Anyone. Please
  9. Hi everyone. I've been having a hard time dealing with intrusive thoughts and faulse memory's on a sexual nature. I don't no what's real anymore. I got a thought a few weeks ago about some underwear on a drying rack. And they weren't my girlfriends. I got worried that I had picked them up and looked at them. And then it went from that to me taking them up to my girlfriends room and pleasuring my self over them. I have been sick to the stomach with this the past few weeks and I have gone really bad in the last 24 hours. Sometimes I think I've gone into my girlfriends friends room and got her underwear but I don't have a memory of doing it only me imagining doing it. I no I have been in her room with my girlfriend before cause we were looking for something and I opened up this girls pants draw when my girlfriend was there. But nothing weird I closed it straight away. But this has all gone from one thing to something huge. I feel guilty if I have done what I fear. I really need help nothings working for me at the moment. This fear has started in the last few weeks and if it happend it would have been a year ago but I have never worried about it before please I need some help I'm freaking out. Thankyou
  10. Sorry to post again. Having a really tough day. I started on medication yesterday on 40mg of flouoxatine. And just having a really rough day. I have so many thoughts and images in my head. Something that I'm worried I did about a year and a half ago but I never thought of it until last week. I really don't no what's real and what isn't. Just having a really bad day
  11. Thankyou polar bear. I've been really good but like you say it's easy to get drawn back in again
  12. Having another tough day with everything. I keep adding the details to my on going worry and now it's hard to see what's real. I've got all the facts and when I'm in the right mind I can see that my OCD has latched onto a thought and thrown in whatever detail it can make up. Sometimes I can laugh and sometimes I'm drawn in. I no the way to deal with it it's just hard sometimes to put what I no into practice. The thing is the thought is real. It's gone from one thing which I no is true which wasn't bad and didn't matter,to me doing something completely different and bad. The second part I presume is me adding faulse memory's and details. Any advice. Thankyou
  13. I'm really freaking out about everything right now. I keep thinking if I have done this then it's cheating but I can't prove that I have or haven't.
  14. It's just so hard to have this thought. I haven't thought of this until a week ago. And if it happend it would have been a year ago. And I've never thought of it before
  15. Sorry to post about this again but I'm having a rough time. I can't help feeling if this is true that it is really bad. I haven't thought about it before and there are so many signs that I didn't do it. But what if I did. Just need some help with this. Thank you.