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  1. Thankyou polar bear. I've been really good but like you say it's easy to get drawn back in again
  2. Having another tough day with everything. I keep adding the details to my on going worry and now it's hard to see what's real. I've got all the facts and when I'm in the right mind I can see that my OCD has latched onto a thought and thrown in whatever detail it can make up. Sometimes I can laugh and sometimes I'm drawn in. I no the way to deal with it it's just hard sometimes to put what I no into practice. The thing is the thought is real. It's gone from one thing which I no is true which wasn't bad and didn't matter,to me doing something completely different and bad. The second part I presume is me adding faulse memory's and details. Any advice. Thankyou
  3. I'm really freaking out about everything right now. I keep thinking if I have done this then it's cheating but I can't prove that I have or haven't.
  4. It's just so hard to have this thought. I haven't thought of this until a week ago. And if it happend it would have been a year ago. And I've never thought of it before
  5. Sorry to post about this again but I'm having a rough time. I can't help feeling if this is true that it is really bad. I haven't thought about it before and there are so many signs that I didn't do it. But what if I did. Just need some help with this. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your advise. Just needed a push in the right direction.
  7. Than you for replying. So it can make you think something is real when it is not
  8. Hi everyone hope your all doing alright. Just a question regarding intrusive thoughts. If you have a thought that you know is faulse from the start but then your brain starts adding detail and other thoughts and now your convinced the thing you knew wasn't true is now true. Does that mean it's true or your OCD is tricking you.
  9. Thanks. I just wanted to no if I did anything wrong. Or what other people thought. I no it's reasurence but I've been so good for the last few days
  10. Thanks for replying. Would most people not give it a second thought. I no this seems stupid but my girlfriend is so inortant to me and I don't want to have done anything to hurt her
  11. Sorry to post again. But I've got another problem. When ever I'm near other girls I get a bit of anxiety and the thoughts start to rush in. At my old job we were all on a trip outside somewhere. And there was this girl who was quite good looking but I stood fairly closer to her. And then again later I stood fairly close to her. I can't tenner if I was trying to start conversation or not. But now I'm thinking this is unacceptable. I no I was standing fairly close to her quite a bit. I've been doing really well recently but I 100% no that this happend. Is what I've done a wrong.
  12. Thank you polar bear. Your right. I need to get myself in the right mindset. Thank you very much for your help
  13. Thank you very much. The whole reason it is effecting me is because if I did do it I feel unfaithful towards my girlfriend. I have got a session booked in for two weeks time. Thank you
  14. And I have only thought of it nearly a year and a half later so it hasn't bothers me for all this time. I've never thought of it before. So I have no idea
  15. Thank you for the message. That helps a lot. I don't no if I did or not. But I want some advice before I try and get rid of the thought. Thank you so much.