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  1. Hi Wonderer, Thanks for responding and sharing - it means a lot. I'm sorry to hear about your youngest's diagnosis - but at least you can start the process of getting them better. Good luck. I think my main problem is just not really being sure. Obviously I want to help immediately if there is a problem, but equally I don't want to create an issue with putting huge focus on it if it actually is a brief phase like your oldest. Waiting and observing is probably the best course - but pretty stressful and unbiased as I'll be seeing every little twitch or quirk as something new to worry about! Dave
  2. Hello, I am looking for some insight from you all as to whether I should be worried by my sons behaviour. Generally speaking he is a happy, well socialised 6 year old although I would say he can be overly sensitive and a little anxious at times. The reason for my worry is that twice in the last couple of weeks he has made a lot of noise after putting him to bed. On going up to his room I have seen that he has piled a lot of random things (toys, clothes, books) at the end of his bed. When asked why, he said that "his brain told him to to stop bad luck happening". Having been perturbed by that and researching extensively since I am now convinced he is starting out on a long journey into OCD and all its challenges. My question really is - is it too early to try and seek help for him or am I being over anxious myself and there is another reason for this that is a normal part of a 6 year old's development? Has anyone heard of examples like this that spark briefly and then recede or indeed were just part of normal growing up? Is it possible to have these types of compulsions without some degree of OCD. The wording sounded so specific and illogcal that I can't see a normal reason for it. Outside of those two instances he has been fine. I am planning on sitting down with him and working through a book about managing worries to hopefully remove any root cause to see if that helps. Really looking for advice on how best to proceed to do the best for him. Thanks