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  1. Hi everyone, Basically I have suffered from OCD for a number of years, mainly HOCD from around 19-21 and intrusive thoughts from 21+ these thoughts have ranged from pretty much everything you can imagine, I tried anti depresents to no avail and tend to find that I can get breaks of it for around 2-3 weeks at a time before it comes back. However, something that I have had for around a year now is when my OCD returns, I get like a dull aching pain in what feels like my brain, or sometimes its like butterflys in my head, I cant explain them I had them in my stomach previously when my OCD first came but since then I get everything in my head. As you can imagine this is distressing and when it is there anything can set me off, ill see something on suicide and bamb ill be thinking oh I can get rid of it by suicide ect. I realise these are not my thoughts. My main question is has anyone else ever had the butterflys in the brain or the dull aching pain in the brain and if so how did you get rid or have you any coping techniques? Also any advice on how to defeat racing thoughts or intrusive thoughts would be nice! Thanks to anyone who reads or replys to this! God bless