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  1. Not a great start to your day Chelsie, well done for not rechecking. Try to focus on the positives from the last few days, it will help keep you focused. I hope you can identify that you're making great progress, not always easy to see for ourselves. Stay positive x
  2. Hi Highlight I find that the higher up my hierarchy the compulsion is that I am trying to stop the worse the anxiety. Is there any way you can break it down further? E.g. I reduced hand washing by one each week rather than stopping straight away as it made me very ill. I also used timings to simplify other compulsions e.g. only doing for a set time or waiting a set time. I also had compulsions I could do when in company but not when alone to begin with etc. Although it takes longer to reach your targets it does make the anxiety a little more bearable. I can't advise on your meds other than to say they work differently for different people, if you feel they are not working for you I would suggest seeing your GP. Maybe they can be increased or an alternative tried. Hope this helps. Good luck with your recovery.
  3. Feeling proud of my achievements today. A nervous visit to work after 3mths off. Faced my fears and coped.  Tomorrow a visit to my new room and the unpacking begins:bash: !

     After a rough few months it's good to celebrate the positives! :clap:

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      Sounds like a plan. Keep on trying and I hope it goes ok at your work on Friday :thumbup: x

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      Thanks x

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      No worries SB 👍

  4. Great news Chelsie, it's good to see you're making progress, keep up the hard work. Enjoy tomorrow night x
  5. That's great news, a good night's sleep always makes things seem a little more manageable. I'm ok, it's only day 3 of my increase so a long way to go yet. Had the headache/dizziness but less intense than last time, which is good. I remember sleeping my first 2 weeks away with 20mg so learning from that mistake and keeping busy. Would love to hear more about meditation and uncertainty thanks, I'll try anything to get a little bit of peace from my thoughts. Pleased Lost's post was useful, she is a very insightful lady, lots of excellent advice, taurean's posts are very informative too. I love how helpful people are on here, I'm doing this with limited help (2 very special friends who are keeping me busy) so love the feeling of belonging, people are so kind. Thanks for the kind words about work. I have only had 1 other absence 15yrs ago so it's all a learning curve. Fingers crossed I'll be back soon, sitting around makes me worse! It sounds like you have a good therapist who is giving you lots of advice. I've just finished my first round last week so know how valuable that is. It's great you're finding it useful. Be brave and ask the questions you need to. I didn't and regret that a little now. Thanks for the help Danielle, it's good to talk. Enjoy the rest of your day. x
  6. ThanksDanielle, how are you feeling this morning? Responsibility is a major issue but I am trying to deal with it. The problem is that I've supported everyone for so long it's hard to take that step back (for them and me). Makes me feel like I'm failing them. I can't really advise on how your meds are going, it's natural to doubt them - be careful it doesn't cause you to constantly ruminate over it. Try to accept how you feel, put it down to a bad day and do something positive with your time - this will lift your mood and hopefully keep you going until you get back to your GP. I haven't tried meditation, I've got a relaxation CD from my physio to help with back pain, it is quite useful at times. My therapist suggested I look into mindfulness as I struggle to control obsessions and looping thoughts but doing well with stopping compulsions. Just not sure how I go about find someone who does it. You may be only a few weeks into CBT but you seem to have some good skills and a great attitude to support you with your journey. I hope it gives you the results you are looking for. Hope you have a good day x
  7. That's good to know. I'm a little worried about coping on my return, new boss and unsettled staff. I'm desperate to get back but know my OCD needs to be under control in order to support my staff effectively. My doctor isn't willing to negotiate so I have to try and accept it. Im sorry to hear this has been so bad, the fluoxetine can increase anxiety like this but it will pass. It's good you recognise this for what it is though. It's hard when your thoughts are not characteristic of you. However you need to remember they are just thoughts and are not you. This is great, be proud of your success. Rome wasn't built in a day, you will conquer your strongest thoughts with time and determination. Don't give up. If you havent already it may be useful to read Lostintime's post on the members forum on ruminating. May give you a helping hand. It's good you're getting CBT, your therapist should be able to give you some advice about your meds. Uncertainty is a common issue. Unfortunately this is an area I haven't addressed yet but you could try putting it into the search on the forum and see if anyone had created a post already on it. I'm sure someone could help. You seem to have the right attitude and are making good progress. Celebrate the positives and rest when needed. Be kind to yourself, you're doing really well. x
  8. It certainly sounds like you have won first prize for the most side effects. I don't normally have any side effects to medication but was certainly a little rough with this. Can't believe I agreed to do it all over again lol. My doctor put me on the sick while I get used to it (she said 2wks initially but it's now been 2mths). Supposed to go back at the beginning of September but not convinced that will happen. It's hard when you don't feel physically ill to accept time off, its caused a lot of my stress and ocd issues etc. As I said earlier if it follows to 20mg experience you should start feeling a little better in a few days , fingers crossed. With me it literally was like switching on a light. One minute I was in full melt down 10mins later I was facing up to a compulsion at the top of my list. Short lived (approx a wk) but so worth going through the bad days for. Hopefully my experience will help you to get through the next few days. We all react differently but I really do hope you see improvements soon. Stay motivated, remember why you are doing it, you can get there x
  9. This was exactly the same for me. Maybe try to hold onto how calm you felt on 20mg prior to it not working. I know that is what keeps me going.
  10. Hi Danielle I agree lack of sleep makes everything seem worse. I found that my anxiety/OCD increased to a really high level around wk4-6 on 20mg, thankfully my doctor and therapist kept me going. I know it's hard but try to stay positive hopefully it will only be another week or so and the improvements will make it all seem worthwhile.
  11. Hi Danielle Sorry to hear your increase is still causing you problems. I started flu 20mg 8wks ago and have only really started feeling normal in the last 2wks. Just had them increased and I was advised by my doctor to expect the same again. It's hoped the side effects won't be as severe but she did say 6-8wks again before I feel the full effects. Could you speak to your GP and see what they say? Hope you start to feel more comfortable soon. If you don't mind I'd be interested to hear how you get on as it could help me as I progress through the next few weeks.
  12. Chelsie it may be time to seek help from your GP if they are understanding. You've been struggling all week and it doesn't seem to be easing. Just having someone in your corner, listening to your needs may give you the strength you need to move forward. Are you having CBT/ERP at the minute? if not may be you could discuss this too. Pleased you are feeling a little better tonight, try to focus on something you enjoy doing and if possible be around others to gain further strength. Good luck x
  13. Hi Chelsie and Tulsas I totally sympathise with how you are feeling, it stops you from moving forward and leaves you feeling hopeless etc. I found my anxiety increased when starting ERP. If you haven't already may be an idea to try some relaxation exercises or visit your GP for advice. I was given propanolol to reduce the symptoms, which allowed me to move forward with my therapy. Not for everyone but worked for me. Good luck hope you are feeling more positive soon.
  14. The link is on the home page of the website. I use my phone and it's on the right hand side half way down. Hope you find it.
  15. I agree, the forum has a fabulous group of members who work tirelessly to pass on the skills and info needed to help sufferers get through their day. They all deserve a personal thank you as I'm sure they don't realise how their kind words change the lives of the many and not just the recipient of the advice. An amazing quality of the forum. Enjoy the rest of your day Roy.