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  1. Hi, has anyone tried this private hospital (in London) and did it help? Thanks
  2. Distress intolerance

    Hi, has anyone come across this concept and do you find it useful to practise what it advocates? Thank you
  3. Paroxetine

    Hi Melanie, I took paroxetine but it made me feel suicidal. I felt really angry towards the doctors who prescribe it / allow it to be prescribed to patients. I also felt angry towards the drug company. The safe way to come off medication is to reduce the dose slowly. I did not do that - I went cold turkey. I got the side effects you mentioned but I was determined not to take that drug any more.
  4. Help for waiting list blues

    Hi Lancslass, thanks so much for suggesting The Big White Wall. I've looked into it - it costs £9.99 / month but it doesn't say how many months you are committed for... I've had a look for Healthy Minds - the equivalent in Cumbria seems to be Kooth but that seems to be just for children and young people and at 38 I think I'm too old
  5. Help for waiting list blues

    Hi everyone, I've been waiting a year and a half for treatment now. I've had about half a dozen assessments and I don't know how to cope when the time to treatment keeps increasing instead of decreasing. I've done NHS complaints and my MP has got involved but nothing seems to make any difference. I could / could have paid for treatment but I haven't managed to find anything in the north.
  6. CBT and control

    Thanks, Snowbear
  7. CBT and control

    I decided to end my 2nd attempt at CBT after 13 sessions - thanks so much to everyone who helped me come to the decision. I can't sleep and was just reflecting on my 2 experiences of CBT. It occurs to me that in my experience, the way the therapist controls the CBT sessions is quite different / the opposite to other therapies. In counselling, it feels like a safe space to talk without being judged, whereas in CBT, the therapist comes across as the dominant person with the knowledge, who controls where the discussion goes. This is maybe why I haven't liked it - because I prefer to be an equal rather than the inferior person in the room, and I'm not comfortable if someone is trying to be authoritative over me. I can't stand it when they start trying to deny my experiences, and that is when I lose confidence in their ability to help me. I'm happy to listen to suggestions and other viewpoints to my own - just can't hack it if someone attacks me when I'm trying to express myself / or if I don't agree with them, says it's because I'm not ready for therapy.
  8. I was referred to CADAT on 01/07/16 and assessed on 26/08/16. The decision was made to refer me to ADRU - officially done on 20/09/16. I hoped I might get admitted there by the New Year. However, there was a slim chance of a cancellation, so I begged ADRU, CADAT, my GP, my CCG, my CMHT to liaise with each other to put the funding request in as soon as possible, to coincide with the CCG's funding meeting. The result was a complex mess of inaccurate / inconsistent information. I travelled all the way to ADRU on 3/10/16, and the main thing I wanted to know was whether they had got the funding application in, but no-one there could tell me. My CCG agreed to fund the treatment in principle in October 2016, but unbelievably failed to communicate this to me, my GP or SLAM to let us know this. When I called the CCG to ask them if they'd received my funding application in time for their October 2016 funding meeting, they said no - which I discovered 6 months later was not true. The CCG funding protocol said that as part of the funding application, the referrer had to evidence that alternative providers had been considered. At that stage the referral was in the hands of the team leader of my CMHT - which had previously refused to accept my referral because they had changed their criteria. She refused to do what the protocol asked (to compare alternatives). I asked my CADAT assessor if he had considered any alternatives to SLAM and he said that he hadn't. I checked I definitely had my place on the waiting list for ADRU, and spent November - March contacting the other providers to see how their services compared, and I also looked at moving house for treatment. It was a massive task because the services take weeks / months to return your calls / emails. Due to the difficulty I was having, I spoke to the lady at the CCG in the winter and asked her how they know what the alternative treatment options are. She said that they Google it. Once more she failed to mention that they had agreed to fund my ADRU placement in principle, so I was in the dark about that and had to carry the agonising stress of not knowing whether or not my treatment was going to be funded. By the spring I contacted ADRU again, asking where I was on the waiting list, but they said it was impossible to say. By this time I had compared all the providers as well as I could, and shared my research with my care co-ordinator. I felt that Bath would be much more suitable for me than ADRU and he agreed, so he completed the funding appendix and sent it to the CCG. The CCG then took 5 weeks to send the their decision to Bristol, who could then send it to Bath. I've asked Bath to accept the referral "with RTT clock still ticking" so that I can transfer the time I have spent waiting at ADRU instead of going to the back of their waiting list. Formally, my clock has been ticking for almost 1 year and 2 months but in actual fact I've been waiting a year and a half due to my local services' original botch up. I am exasperated and just want to know when I will be able to get the treatment I need, but Bath can't say because they don't know how long each patient will take.
  9. Thanks so much to BelAnna for the information on ADRU.
  10. Hi Ashley, I was just wondering where you got the information on waiting times from - eg. was it from Freedom of Information requests for RTT (Referral to treatment) clock returns? There is no way that the recent average waiting time for ADRU has been / can be 3 months. I was referred to ADRU on 20/09/16 but the Referral to Treatment clock started ticking on 01/07/16 because that was the date my GP referred me to SLAM. (In fact I had been waiting since the end of February 2016 but at that stage my doctor didn't agree to refer me for out of county treatment and I didn't realise that it was my legal right to do that until June). I put up with the lack of information about the admission dates for a whole 8 months before I gave up and asked to transfer to Bath. All I wanted to do was to go to ADRU as per the referral and get the treatment I needed. I did not request an ensuite room - I would have slept in the corridor or in the car park / in a tent / got my own accommodation if only they could have seen me within a reasonable time. The maximum waiting time for consultant-led services, including specialist services is 18 weeks. If the RTT times are longer than this, and patients have to wait because of insufficient capacity, the service has to mark this as an "unreasonable delay" on the RTT returns. I could have definitely have waited 3 months to go to ADRU, but the truth is that it takes over a year to get in there, and they can't give you any indication whatsoever of when your admission date will be, which is completely impractical if you need to move there from the other side of the country.
  11. Hi everyone, A whole year has passed since my CADAT assessment and I'm still waiting for the recommended treatment to begin. It's torture. The "referral to treatment clock" (since my GP referred me there) has been going 1 year and 2 months, and the total waiting time since I went back to my GP for help has now been a year and a half. First I was on the ADRU waiting list, but after 8 months they still couldn't tell me how much longer it would be and I asked to transfer to Bath. Who can't tell me how long it will be. I've tried 6 different antidepressants and 2 lots of CBT (1 NHS, 1 Mind), both bad, plus 20 sessions with an NHS clinical psychologist, occupational therapy, counselling etc. It's hopeless when they can't give patients on the waiting list an indication of when they might get the specialist help they need. I've tried communicating this but it doesn't make any difference. Anyone who's been to ADRU or had treatment from one of the other specialist services - how long did you have to wait? Thanks
  12. CBT again

    Thanks so much everyone for your help
  13. Inertia

    Has anyone got any tips for how to get going when you have things to do, you want to do them, but you just can't get started?
  14. Just had an aggressive confrontation

    I hate confrontations too. They go round and round my head, whereas I'm sure the other person just forgets about it and moves on.
  15. Hi Donna, just to say that yes, I'm taking it, on 150mg at the moment and the psychiatrist has told my GP I can increase by 25mg each month - I think up to 250mg. The side effects for me are dry mouth, constipation, twitching / jerking. Sometimes a sort of burning feeling when I take them. In the beginning the side effects also included feeling like a zombie and this pulsating tinnitus when trying to get to sleep. I also find that a side effect of antidepressants can be that it's harder to cry - which is a bad thing if you find crying to be a cathartic release. Previously I tried 2 SSRIs (citalopram and paroxetine), an SNRI (venlafaxine) and another tricyclic (dosulepin).