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  1. Specialist NHS clinic update

    Can't sleep because of this problem - please can anyone help?Thanks
  2. Specialist NHS clinic update

    The clinic was going to update that information at the end of January but I think it actually took until March. I was really excited to get a letter from the clinic because I thought, finally, I was going to get a date to start treatment. Instead it was a letter explaining that although they had previously explained that you could apply for funding for further sessions if clinically appropriate, they were capping the number of sessions you could have to what had already been agreed. You had to reply by the end of March to say if you still wanted to go ahead with treatment. As you explained above, I understood that Professor Salkovskis' departure only affected new referrals - that the clinic wouldn't accept any more but that people already on the waiting list with funding in place would not be affected. Today I've found out that his departure has had a massive impact on the clinic and everybody on the waiting list because, if I've understood it correctly from speaking to Simone the administrator this afternoon, they FROZE THE LIST for two months and have not treated anybody for two months....???? !!!! This was apparently done for "fairness" and they claim they couldn't treat anybody while they were waiting for replies to their March letter. I had previously understood that Professor Salkovskis doesn't see patients face to face any more but Simone said that that is not true. I didn't understand why his departure meant that they couldn't accept new referrals and I didn't understand why it meant they would have to cap the number of sessions you could have, and I cannot believe they would freeze all treatment for two months. This is surely going to have a massive impact on patients, who like me have been waiting several years for help. I don't know how they could think this would be OK! Or how why they left the treatment-freezing information off their letter or the statement on their home page. The letter said "We wanted you to be aware of the change in senior staff within the clinic so that you could make a choice about whether or not you wanted to remain with the clinic" and it didn't mention anything about them halting treatment completely. I've been waiting two years, two months for treatment and this is one more NHS delay on top of all the others. Why can't they operate a system whereby if one person leaves, it doesn't have a such a dramatic and negative impact on the service?
  3. Storage stress

    Thanks Daja. I'd love to tell them the truth but I need to stay on good terms with them to get them to rent to me because I can't find an alternative place
  4. Anger and panic attacks

    I am doing a course on managing distressing emotions called Decider Skills. If I get something helpful to pass on I'll post it so I will. Oh, I remembered some already: they suggest finding distraction activities which you can do in 20 minute blocks, because apparently that's how long it takes adrenaline level to come down
  5. Storage stress

    Still looking for help with this / suggestions. Thanks
  6. Storage stress

    My OCD is such that I've rented a cheap-ish farm cottage for the past 3 years to store my stuff but I've never managed to live there. (I live with my Mum). I finally found some cheaper alternative storage in another village - a middle size studio room. There were a few things in it but they said they could clear it within a week. So I gave my notice in at the cottage, said I would like to take the studio and would get back to them about it the following week. But the next week was the snowy one so everything was up in the air with things being cancelled etc. and I had my PIP assessment which was really stressful, so I didn't end up getting back to them. They left me a voicemail to see what I was doing and I called them back within the hour. Annoyingly for me, they said that a person was taking the middle-sized room until they could get into the large room on 1st April. But a smaller room might be coming available... I'm really stressed out because I don't know if the small room will be big enough, plus they aren't sure exactly if / when it will become free (because it depends on someone else moving out). I'm really lucky to have a friend (my Mind befriender) who has a van and has been helping me to pack my stuff, but it's really stressful not to know if / when the other storage will become available and if my stuff will fit in it. The added stress is because due to there having been damp in the cottage, I need to sand and paint the walls before I leave, and also to replace a damaged carpet. I've already started some of the sanding but it's so dusty that I really need to get my stuff out of there first. I managed to sell a chair on Facebook but I'm also trying to sell the bed and worried what will happen if I can't sell it in time and get the repairs to the property done in time. Thanks for listening
  7. 2 years down, 5 months to go

    Er, could you help me out with that?! I kind of know that's the idea but I don't know how to do it
  8. Decider Skills course

    I found their website - http://www.thedecider.org.uk/ so I suppose it is anywhere in the UK
  9. Decider Skills course

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard of the Decider Skills course and if you can tell me your opinion on it, eg. whether it made any difference to your OCD / hoarding problems. Thanks very much
  10. Hi everyone, I've been waiting 2 years for therapy now and I understand I've still got around 5 months to wait, which is torture. I've read Paul Salkovski''s latest book and have recently been looking up Youtube videos by Randy Frost and Gail Steketee. I really don't know how to cope any longer before I get to the top of the waiting list. Thanks for listening.
  11. When I had a mental health assessment last year, when I answered "yes" to the suicidal ideation question, the assessor said "yeah, but you've had that all your life, right?". I saw another professional this week and she said "You don't have any suicidal thoughts, do you?", and was about to tick it off and move on to the next question. I hesitated, wondering whether or not it was easiest just to go along with what she'd said, but I decided not to, saying: "actually, yes I do". What do you think about these two experiences? I don't understand why some clinicians are dismissive of suicidal ideation disclosure, and why people with suicidal ideation can't get more urgent help. Unless you have a history, you're "low risk". What if your one attempt is successful - then you go from being low risk to being dead. Why can't they figure that out?
  12. I have a hoarding problem which I'm on Bath's waiting list for - could be another 5 months' wait on top of the 2 years I was waiting before I joined their list... I am reading some modules on distress tolerance with my care co-ordinator and one of the exercises I had to do was to keep a diary. I did the diary, showed my care co-ordinator and then I did what I thought was a really great thing to do which was to throw out the diary. Well, so you know that people with hoarding problems don't throw stuff out in case they need it? Well, guess what - now I need it! I am having another go at trying to do an application for PIP - Personal Independence Payment and it says that you can keep a diary and include it as evidence. So now I'm gutted I threw it out. Any help in turning this into a positive??!! I have a befriender from Mind and she came along to my accommodation which I just use for storage. She asked me if she could get a bin bag and take away best before tea bags, oil, vinegar, cous cous, dried seaweed etc. I said I couldn't do it myself but that she could take it away if she wanted. I have mixed feelings about what's happened. I think she took at least one box of Lady Grey tea and guess what, now I'm about to run out of Lady Grey.... I wouldn't have had a problem with best before tea because it was sealed.. My befriender says she can go back to the cottage with me - with a view to throwing out more things. I know she's being really kind and I'm really lucky to have someone who is prepared to help me. But I'm not sure if letting her take away my things is going to solve my problems or create a new type of pain - i.e. if I "grieve" for the lost things... Do you think that now I've waited this long I might as well wait until I get the professional help before I decide to let go or if I can give up the things earlier should try to do it? Thanks for your help!
  13. Hi, has anyone tried this private hospital (in London) and did it help? Thanks
  14. Distress intolerance

    Hi, has anyone come across this concept and do you find it useful to practise what it advocates? Thank you
  15. Paroxetine

    Hi Melanie, I took paroxetine but it made me feel suicidal. I felt really angry towards the doctors who prescribe it / allow it to be prescribed to patients. I also felt angry towards the drug company. The safe way to come off medication is to reduce the dose slowly. I did not do that - I went cold turkey. I got the side effects you mentioned but I was determined not to take that drug any more.