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  1. I don't feel like myself and can't make the thoughts go away. Am I loosing control?
  2. I'm currently suffering from fears of harming my loved ones especially my 6 week old baby. Today a new fears took over me and that is what if I loose control and am not in control of my actions, what if I go crazy! I don't feel like myself at the minute and I'm petrified, please help.
  3. I am a mum to a 5 week old baby and for the past couple of weeks been suffering the most frightening and debilitating thoughts about purposely harming my baby. I fear that I will throw her and have the urge which turns by body into a statue and makes me even worse because then I have the thought that I nearly did throw her and feel intense guilt. I have been taking sertraline for a number of years now and have just been prescribed 25mg of quetiapine twice a day which I am reluctant to take because now I have the thought that these new tablets may make me act out of character and cause me to act out my thoughts. I am in despair at the moment and just want to have 1 hour of peace without the thoughts.