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  1. Hi all, just wanted to ask... Can intrusive thoughts come in the form of singing? So say if ur singing in your head an you experience an intrusive thought and sing the intrusive thought if that makes sense ?
  2. I just feel asif I need to know if this certain thought is ocd
  3. I keep getting songs stuck in my head like they're literally sticking, I have this fear of schizophrenia which I know I don't have but the new thoughts are stressing me out say for instance thers a song that goes " I want you to take over control " I keep changing the lyrics in my head to intrusive words and horrible words like " kill " asif it's commands if that makes sense. I understand that they're s a theme of ocd which is called like your internal voice an is different to command hallucinations which is common in schizophrenia, I'm repeating the same phrase or lyrics over in mind like a ritual it's doing my head in
  4. I honestly do think I'm having a relapse. I don't want to do anything, I'm exhausted, I feel sick (have a headache) everytime I get a new thought it stresses me out, I don't want to tell my loved ones that I'm having Harm thoughts again as I don't want to scare or upset them, my heads just all over the place. I can't think straight I'm just lying in bed feeling horrible. I feel like having these new harm thoughts has took a huge toll on me as I've looked to seek reassurance and I haven't found anything similar to the thoughts that I'm having, like can ocd literally be about anything? Like can the disease latch onto anything even if it doesn't make sense an lead us to believe and doubt ourselves? I've referred myself back to therapy but as I know there is a waiting list so hopefully I will be seen soon
  5. Try and stop seeking reassurance I've, it's been a really stressful two weeks for me. I'm seeking more therapy which I think will help
  6. I know polarbear but when I get new thoughts they cause me distress and send my anxiety sky high
  7. I've been good the past few months but during these past 2 weeks my anxiety has been sky high I had the fear I was going back to my worst at one point today. i know my compulsions they include coming onto this forum for reassurance and getting reassurance from family but because I haven't had certain intrusive thoughts in so long I've felt it's been hard opening up and going on about them to my family which makes me feel bad for not telling them
  8. Thanks Miranda I really do hope so because it isn't half putting me down
  9. Hi, I've had this obsession with schizophrenia and voices in the past but I've learnt to understand that I'm not hearing anything and that it's the intrusive thoughts that affect me. However ive developed a new obsession of worrying that I'll start hearing voices but in a complex way and it's scaring me as i haven't seen anyone else out something up that is similar. I have this fear that I'll replace the lyrics in a song with intrusive words like "kill" or "I want you to.. harm you.." so I'll just be singing a song in my head an I'll change the lyrics to something that relates to intrusive thoughts if that makes sense. I know I'm not going mad and I don't hear voices but this one problem has really affected me the past 2 weeks
  10. Can ocd be literally about anything? Over the past week I've developed a new problem that's led to a huge amount of anxiety an has made me not feel my normal self. The certain thought is about music, my mum says at times I'm immature and say stupid things or say for instance sing or make up a song with silly words to it. One of the intrusive thoughts is about schizophrenia and commands so I have this fear that I might hear a voice telling me to do something but it's now led onto the fear that I'd sing something in my head and make up intrusive lyrics as I was used to saying things in my mind in a command form if that makes sense? It's really stressing me out
  11. @OceanDweller I don't feel overwhelmed about starting work again that's the thing, I want to so I get myself back into a routine. I think the downfall for me the past few days has definetly been me seeking reassurance from both the forum an my loved ones but if I get a new thought I panic
  12. Yes I always go out and I've found myself to have recovered well but during the past week various new intrusive thoughts have popped into my head and I think it's led to my anxiety increasing and because I haven't had the reassurance that these new thoughts are associated with OCD it's made me feel so on edge and a horrible sick feeling
  13. Hi yes I eat healthy and go the gym everyday throughout the week so I'm healthy and fit, I'm just in a terrible pattern of going to sleep and waking up. I filled out a referral form online last night as I've already had my therapy a few weeks ago now but I feel as though I need to go back and have a bit more support
  14. Hi all, this past week or so my anxiety has peaked and every thought I'm having is coming back just as strong as when my OCD was at its worst, I actually feel like I'm spiralling back down to when my OCD was at its worst, I feel sick, every thought I have leads to me doubting myself then that leads to me doubting if I even have OCD or if I'm a horrible person, I keep worrying that I'm going back to the worst point that i was at that I won't eat, I'll wake up and go to sleep feeling sick, I'm just so fed up. Also I've been feeling depressed in myself recently I don't know if it's to do with going to bed so late at night like early morning an then waking up mid afternoon everyday, but I'm in such a bad routine I'm still waiting to start work and even that's scaring me now as I've been off for a few weeks now due to leaving my other job, so the thought of going back to works making me worry. Even though I feel so bad this week I have a clearer understanding of OCD as a whole and the compulsions that I do but I'm finding it really hard to let go of certain thoughts, like other thoughts don't give me as much anxiety but say if I have a new thought it hits me out of nowhere and I can't focus my mind on anything else, I panicked and filled out a form for my local mental health service last night as I feel I need further support, my minds just all over the place don't know what to think as there is so many different themes affecting and taking a toll on me. any help or advice?
  15. Hi all, just wanted a bit of advice. Past week I've been feeling really spaced out don't know if anyone's ever felt like that? Like finding it hard to ignore the intrusive thoughts although I've had therapy I'm finding it really difficult to not allow the thoughts to effect me negatively an the thoughts are always the same in which I've spoken to my therapist about so how come my anxiety still heightens when I get a certain thought? Also I've been fed up in general I know everyone gets like that every now an then so I try not to dwell but I've been overthinking the whole thing when texting a girl, like sometimes I'm doubting myself an say when I'm texting a girl worrying if I'm boring her or say for instance if I don't have much to say one day or I'm not in the mood then is it a bad thing not to text/communicate all the time? I just don't want to give off a bad impression like as if not interested, basically what I mean is that my OCD/ Anxiety seems to be fine one day then rough the next an because I have a lot on my mind an feel spaced out i worry that I can't think of anything to say when texting. Also I've found that some days I feel so spaced out that I don't feel too much emotion like it I'm upset I don't cry is this common in OCD? Any advice or help with be great