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  1. I'm currently doing a course in CBT believe it or not!!! In order to become a life coach some day. Even though I am dealing with OCD myself I know one day I will come through it.
  2. Fighting them does actually make them worse you know. If you don't give it what it wants then it will back off. You don't have to answer any questions that your mind is asking you! There are no rules! And what now? You say you're 30 is that correct? What's stopping you from finding a passion in life? A hobby? Do a course? Find yourself, find a purpose? It sounds like your mind doesn't know what to do with itself. May I also recommend an excellent book. Pulling the trigger by ADAM Shaw is fab. Really explains the acceptance part of ocd. He was once a suicidal man who is now fully recovered.
  3. @robbiec87 I'm from Nottingham. I rang up today for more CBT and they said it would be 6 weeks and asked which centre I would like to go to. Have you tried maybe applying acceptance to your thoughts? Anxiety loves nothing but a good battle. If you just accept thoughts for what they are and get on with you day they will fizzle away. It sounds like you don't enjoy your job as it feels like you don't have a purpose? Have you got any interests you could take up?
  4. It is very unfortunate how some people just don't understand ocd! I could tell today the lady on the phone was taken aback by some things I was saying. She didn't know what to say at some points. She even asked 'what do you mean you have thoughts of harming people' which I then had to explain they were INTRUSIVE thoughts that got stuck. It is such a good job there is this community where we can all talk about ocd. It can get very lonely sometimes. Apart from this forum, and until i receive a little more CBT,I have no support for my ocd. Nobody in my life understands the condition or why I have it.
  5. I would go private if you've got enough savings. Where I am it's only a 6 week waiting list at the moment for CBT. However you have to remember your mental health comes first so why not try private care? I know it's hard but you have to try and do the opposite of what the OCD wants you to do. I had this theme as well as every other and now if I have a thought I just say yup maybe I am gay, or yup maybe I am a danger. And I get on with my day. Have you thought of looking in to some self help books whilst you wait?
  6. Have you had any help for this??
  7. Yes it's just the referral person at the nhs who has to ask these questions. I just kept telling her no it's ocd it's just my ocd but she didn't get it sadly. Luckily the therapists see that it is. It just shows that some people have no idea or understanding the difference between rational and irrational fears in ocd.
  8. Hi everyone. Hope you're all ok. Today I contacted my health care service about going back for a little more CBT in order to rid myself of my compulsions and put a plan in order. In order to refer to this service, you have to talk on the phone with someone for 45 minutes and they will ask you questions. I explained to her that I have OCD and GAD. I then explained that I have intrusive thoughts about harming others and myself and I have to do certain rituals in order to relieve myself from my anxiety. To which she replied 'why do you have thoughts about harming People? Do you think you're actually going to hurt someone? Do you think people are safe from you?' And 'are you definitely not suicidal? And 'let me give you the samaritans number just in case.' She also kept going on about my past and my childhood which is ALL I HEARD ABOUT in my previous therapy. I told her I don't care how I got OCD... I want help with how to cut out my rituals. I tried to explain to her that NO this was not the case I have OCD.. a mental disorder which gets these thoughts stuck! It's a good job that I am able to recognize this stuff now as before them questions would have spiked me like crazy. Just goes to show that even when you try your best to explain ocd.. to someone who doesn't have it it is a whole new world. It's a good job we all have each other.
  9. That's exactly what I'm struggling with at the moment too. Sometimes my theme even changes every day! Very hard to do when your mind is clouded by ocd
  10. Snowdog here

    Well done Snow Bear! Keep going!!!
  11. Brilliant @Donnahoney1 well done for doing that! She probably repeated them back to you for some kind of exposure (a good tool to deal with ocd). Yes I agree with her, finding a hobby or a purpose in life is a great way to heal from ocd. I haven't found mine yet yes it does. I've had every theme in ocd. That's why it's important to tackle the OCD head on rather than focus on whatever theme it is throwing at you.
  12. Thanks JennieWren. I do feel like I am ruining my own happiness I agree. When I had CBT they asked if I treasured my other halves happiness more than my own.. and I said no.. and she said so why can't you let go? I've never been able to answer that question. I am going back for more CBT soon as I feel this needs to be dealt this. I'm not scared of facing my anxieties and other ocd thoughts but for some reason I am scared of this one. Yes I agree. I did say to my therapist I feel like all this ocd crushing down on me is my punishment for what i did. But I don't want to be punished any more. I'm only 23 and I want to LIVE my life.
  13. Excellent. Sometimes all you need is someone to talk to. Especially helps when they've been through the same as you. Good luck getting the thoughts out you will feel so much better x
  14. Honestly I can promise you now your therapist will have heard it all. I was scared. My therapist asked me exactly what thoughts I suffered with. I had to tell her I had awful thoughts about harming people, killing people, becoming a paedophile, changing my sexuality, harming myself. I'm not scared to say them now because they're ridiculous and some even funny. I told her I was scared to tell her and her response was there is nothing you can tell me that I haven't heard a thousand times. Tell your therapist:) you can also message me any time it sounds like we struggle with the same thing.
  15. Insight Needed

    Compulsions are anything you do to try to rid yourself of your anxiety however they only work for an short period of time until you find yourself performing the next compulsion. Main compulsions in ocd are: Ruminating (constantly analysing and over thinking thoughts, trying to work stuff out or make sense of something) Reassurance seeking Avoidance