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  1. unfortunately because of the type of OCD we have that is the only way we are going to stop the OCD. By accepting the uncertainty and embracing it and getting on with our lives. Just remember to relabel it as ocd and try not to get lost in the compulsions. Getting rid of compulsions gets rid of ocd. The weird feeling you're experiencing may be change in your behaviour, not reacting to the thoughts and living with the anxiety. Obviously you will feel weird, you are doing the exact opposite of what you have been doing day in day out.
  2. You've got it unsure chap! Just remember labelling yourself because of not reacting is just a thought within itself! Theyre all just thoughts! Ruminating and reacting is not needed because without ruminating and reacting nothing bad is going to happen anyway. Out smart the ocd. Label the thought, accept it as a thought and focus your attention on a positive behaviour. Over time your brain will get bored and desensitise. Just a heads up, the book brain lock by Dr jeremy schwartz is a God send on training your brain to do this and has helped me loads! Remember ocd feeds off fear. Do not fear any thought. We all have crazy thoughts, this one has just turned in to an obsession because of a shift in your brain. You need to teach Yourself to turn it back in to just a thought. Eliminating the fear and the need for certainty will allow you to live your life again. I can say I'm Japanese, or I'm and elephant, them thoughts didn't scare me so I must be a Japanese elephant right? Wrong. Ain't happening but thanks brain for the idea I'll get on with my day now. Come on unsure Chap we can kick ocd in its butt once and for all!
  3. That is what I meant yes, however you explained it way better than me lol!
  4. Thank you Polar Bear. You seem extremely insightful. I went 3 years with my OCD under control so I know I can do it again. But during the loss of two family members during my recovery it has set me back massively and I feel like I need to find my way again. Deep down I know that nothing bad will happen if I stop doing my compulsions it's just because it's such an automatic routine.
  5. Relabel your thoughts as ocd intrusive thoughts. The theme of it doesn't matter. Re attribute when a thought occurs. Tell yourself you aren't going to compulse no matter what. Then refocus on a different behaviour. Make it something small in your brain. The goal is to unlearn everything you have learnt so the obsession goes back to what it originally was - a thought. Live with the uncertainty. Tell yourself I am never going to know and I don't ever want to know. Stop the ruminations and get on with your life. I've once been where you were and trust me this is the only way you will improve. I finished my cbt therapy 3 weeks ago and have learnt a lot of tools to help along the way. Also know that checking is a compulsion. In order to do erp effectively you must not perform any compulsions and let whatever thoughts come in to your mind be there. I've been at the whole you are in denial stage. It goes. Just need to live with the uncertainty you will never win the war with oCD x
  6. Most definitely understand where you're coming from! Remember it's not the thought that is the problem, it's our reactions to that thought and the anxiety that consumes us that is the problem. The compulsions enforce the obsessions. When a thought comes on, think of a stream. Instead of putting yourself in the water and drowning in what if what if, sit on the side of the stream and watch the thoughts go with the current. Don't react to it. Let them flow through your mind like water. How we think determines how we feel. You are most certainly not alone.
  7. It sounds like you have had a lot of OCD themes to deal with. Just remember themes aren't the problem. It's the actual OCD you have to tackle head on and this means changing your reaction, mindset and brain. Sit through the anxiety when it occurs, it is uncomfortable but it won't be forever and it won't kill you. Accept that thoughts are just thoughts and don't mean anything. Don't give in to any compulsions. Refocus on new behaviours. You can't live your life in fear and ocd feeds on fear. Eliminate that fear, change your reaction to things and your ocd will diminish. Good luck.
  8. I am with you! I have HOCD. I am trying so hard not to give in to compulsions. My hardest one is ruminations. I've found that it doesn't get me anywhere so I've told my brain I don't care any more I don't want to find a solution and I don't need to. We can do this
  9. What a brilliant video. Thank you very much. The most annoying thing with me at the moment is I am aware of my compulsions but am struggling to stop doing it because I'm so used to doing it. I will get there though.
  10. Does anyone else start to get really annoyed with themselves when a setback occurs? I got released from cbt therapy 3 weeks ago, and then a week later suddenly I had 2 losses in the family. I was doing so well in my treatment and finally felt I had got my life back. Then because of dealing with the sadness of my losses I feel like I haven't had time to do my exercises and therefore feel like I'm back at square one. It feels like this is going to be forever. I'm not living. I'm just existing.