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  1. Thanks. Good on you polar bear
  2. How did you beat ocd polar bear?
  3. not ocd related

    Ok thanks jennie. I am weaning myself off it
  4. not ocd related

    Sorry for asking that again I have just re read what you said bout burping and being sick and going to a pharmacy
  5. not ocd related

    I'm not looking for reassurance. But do you think I should go to the dr about this coca cola thing.
  6. Feeling on the edge.

    Sorry but it's frustrating you are not listening to advice then when someone helps u 5 mins later u r back with the same thing
  7. not ocd related

    Ok I will try cold turkey. It's weird but I feel I need to drink it at 8pm to do my routine before bed. Sorry for details but I have actually just been sick. I hope I haven't done any damage. Thanks for your reply
  8. not ocd related

    Thanks for taking the time to write out that long post to me. Sorry but I'm now wondering by the bit about burping n being sick. I am sometimes sick after it. I'm working on cutting down like I said to say smaller bottle to start with thanks for the information
  9. not ocd related

    No its ok u didn't sound patronising. I tried switching to diet coke but I didn't like the taste. I might wean myself off it say have a small bottle a day instead. Prob doesn't help with my ocd.
  10. not ocd related

    Thanks for ur reply. I do need to come off it i think im addicted to it. It's been a year or so. I will try
  11. Hi. I have ocd but I haven't been diagnosed. I think I'm depressed. I don't enjoy much anymore. I just want to stay in bed or in my room. I'm staying with family and I'm always avoiding them when I get ocd thoughts as they r about them. I was invited out wih a friend but cancelled at the last minute. I am on antidepressants sertraline but it can't be working what can I do to feel better. Is this common with ocd
  12. not ocd related

    Ok thanks
  13. Sorry this is not ocd related but can drinking too much Coca cola cause damage I haven't got anyone to ask at this time of night I drink about 1 or 2 litres a day I'm feeling sick and sometimes be sick