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  1. Thanks for the reply PolarBear!
  2. Hi Ashley, I am in Scotland. I came to the conference at the SECC and remember hearing about the services available in Dundee. Fortunately I don't require inpatient treatment at the moment but I've been admitted to hospital x5 previously when I've been in crisis due to severe OCD and major depressive disorder. I'm glad to know of the services in Dundee for future reference and to hear of other people's experiences in an acute ward and specialists services. Thanks for your reply!
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently in the grips of a relapse that happened almost a year ago. The things that worried me when I first relapsed I can now quite clearly recognise as OCD, though at the time I couldn't and thought I'd never be able too. Fast forward to now and the things I'm worrying about are along the same lines but different too if that makes sense...I continually analyse and ruminate "what if?" I know I shouldn't be doing that and I'm working hard to stop. Anyway, my question is it common to have a worry, ruminate for months, finally recognise it as OCD with confidence, only to start worrying about something different?
  4. I agree, Phil. I was fortunate in my most recent admission that I found one nurse in particular to be really nice and helpful. The showers where I was flooded the entire room! ? Very poorly designed wet room type en-suites. Can't say I cared much for the early morning meds round either! A lot of the staff didn't appear to want to be there or even care, and on asking one young nurse why she'd chosen to specialise in mental health she told me it was "because she didn't fancy cleaning up **** and ****." (Sorry for the language)
  5. Hi Gary, Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you too have had a hospital admission but that's good to hear about the OT, how are you doing now?
  6. Hi BelAnna, Interesting to hear about a stay in a specialist unit. I'm not familiar with any of them although I've heard Bethlem mentioned a few times on here. Did your stay there benefit you? From what you've said so far it definitely sounds much better for someone with OCD than an acute psych ward. Thanks for replying.
  7. Hi Em, I've been in the same situation before where I've been admitted due to my OCD being unmanageable and a very low mood. Agree with you that they don't really do much in terms of getting to the core problem and treating that but it really is just to stabilise. Thanks for your reply.
  8. That's something I noticed too, Angst. The immediate bed re-allocation I mean, if someone went out on 'overnight pass' someone else got their bed. I'm not familiar with any specialist units but it's interesting to hear everyone's experience and opinions. Thanks for your reply!
  9. Thanks HDC, I've managed to refrain from reassuring myself by continually looking up OCD symptoms/criteria for some time now but the worry lingers still. Wow PolarBear, that's a lot of interesting and helpful info, thanks so much for sharing!! Much appreciated!
  10. Hi all, From what I've saw on the forums, and from what another sufferer told me...and from what health professionals have told me "What if it's not OCD?" "What if I don't have OCD?" "What if OCD isn't a real illness?" and other thoughts/questions like this are common worries amongst OCD sufferers. I recall when I was first diagnosed years ago feeling relieved to have an explanation to everything I worried forward to this episode and the above is something I often ruminate about. Can anyone relate and give any pointers as to how they got past it?
  11. Hi OceanDweller, I've been in hospital more than once and each time was a crisis as Phil said. I just wondered how many others had experienced psych admission before too. I'd agree and say it was pretty frightening and not an experience I'd like to repeat. Thanks for your reply! ?
  12. Thanks for your reply, Phil. I would agree with you that in my experience too a generic psych admission as far as anxiety disorders go does seem to be at times of crisis (suicical thoughts/plans ect)
  13. Thanks for the replies. I meant more a 'generic' setting. Where are the specialist OCD treatments places located? I've not heard much about them.
  14. Just wondering how many of you have had inpatient treatment for your OCD and the positives/negatives of your experience in hospital?
  15. This happens to me all the time, Em!