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  1. Is there any 'discussion' on which specialist services do what or are deemed more helpful? Or are they considered quite equal?
  2. Did you find ADRU helpful BelAnna? Can I ask how you ended up being referred there? Em
  3. I've had admissions due to reaching crisis point and with my ocd/mood. They can be helpful for 'stabilisation' but not treatment (for me at least) and was hard dealing with my compulsions in a hospital and being around others.
  4. Thanks for your reply, I understand what you mean. Grey area is always hard!
  5. Does anyone else have Aspergers as well as OCD? How do you find it affects your obsessions and OCD? Do you think it makes things more complicated? I find I have my OCD obsessions and then things I relate more to my Aspergers (like collecting reading material, watching films repeatedly) But combined I feel like I'm obsessing about something all the time. It's tiring. ?
  6. Can I ask one more thing? (sorry, don't want to start a million threads) Is avoidance a compulsion as well? There's so many things I just don't do anymore because I don't want to deal with the compulsions and distress. But is that counted as another compulsion? Thanks. It's really helpful having information about ocd etc because it hopefully means I'm less likely to obsess about those things like I have been doing.
  7. I'm sorry you're struggling with your cmht and being in Wales. I hope it improves for you soon.
  8. Is it 'normal' to question whether you have ocd, and if you do, whether it's bad or important enough for treatment?
  9. Thanks so much. I'm seeing cc on Monday I think so will ask her about it again. It's been so long I've been struggling I don't believe they'll give me any treatment til it's sat in front of me. And I'm terrified it won't work (if it even is OCD - obsessions are such fun right?) but I can't go on like I am now. I just about exist. ? Em
  10. Ah ok. What's the difference with ADRU? My care coordinator seems to think (from calling them) I have to meet criteria for funding. Which is what confused me because I thought that was just for national funding. Maybe I should ask again. Do you know if they would have experience with Aspergers as well? (thank you for your speedy, helpful reply)
  11. Hi I'm new to the forum, but sadly not to OCD which I've had on and off all my life (mostly themed around responsibility and contamination). It's only been diagnosed in recent years, also with a diagnosis of Aspergers. After years of struggling with it (and them) my cmht have admitted my ocd is severe and are looking at treatment further to some basic cbt I had a number of years ago. They're wanting to refer to the Maudsley but have said I need further cbt locally which hasn't yet been agreed. (Obviously if that happened and was successful I wouldn't need further treatment.) I live near, but not in, London. How would a referral to the Maudsley work and how do they decide which unit to refer to? Are there set criteria (eg y-bocs, meds etc) or are they just for national funding? I've obsessed over the internet (ha!) but find it all a bit complicated. Can anyone help? Thanks