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  1. I saw your thread about the issue you've had. Not good. I appreciate your input on this. Many thanks. Just want to add that I'm hugely grateful for the opportunity to go to ADRU, I just want it to have the best possible chance of success this time, that's what I've reiterated to them so many times.
  2. I'm going to, it's a shame that they listen but don't hear. It's also damaging to someone with a mental health problem to have to fight the people who are supposed to help you. I'm fed up of reading about the increased money being put into mental health and the patients getting treated seemingly worse than ever.
  3. I think it's heading that way, I'm far from refusing to go, I want to go but I want to give myself the best chance of success and I feel going unprepared with no co-therapist here to assist is pretty negligent on their part.
  4. I'm pretty shaken by their letter, I've had no psychological input this year so far and it was agreed with my psychologist that we would work on me coping with staying in an inpatient unit but she left and has not been replaced. It says even if they had someone they would offer no more support. The reasoning given is that I've been before so I can do it. I'm worse now than ever and this has really made me wonder how I can go on. I've been telling them for 3 months that I need input before undertaking such a huge task. The unit is not around the corner, it's hundreds of miles away.
  5. Anyone find this reasonable? I've now been told to go, there is no psychological input here beforehand as they don't think it's required and if I don't they will review the service they provide to me from here on in.
  6. I think at best you can stop the compulsions briefly through sheer exhaustion in my experience but it's amazing how BDD/OCD can always find you that extra bit of energy! Better than any energy drink you will ever buy.
  7. It is much more difficult out of hours which is usually when a crisis is more likely to occur I would think. Getting hold of an out of hours GP is like trying to catch a unicorn where I live. The system should be easier, they quite often say to go to A&E but for someone in crisis that is less than ideal if not impossible. I think a home visit by someone qualified should be standard.
  8. Ridiculous but true I think, you need a referral to them, either GP or CMHT.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm housebound and my anxiety is such that I can't cope with being around people or people looking at me. (I have a diagnosis of BDD, with OCD rituals as a result of it) I can only just function with my mirror, shower etc I can't take these with me and I get terrible panics where I'm inconsolable, physically sick and just run off. I know that it's for severe cases but if I can't stay it won't work. I was supposed to have some therapy to prepare me to go but she left and I've just been told to 'go and cope with it'.
  10. Hi all, I'm new here, I have suffered for many years now like a lot of you. I have been given a chance to attend the Anxiety Disorder Residential Unit at Bethlem but am currently too unwell to be able to stay as an inpatient. My local team have withdrawn all help as I have been given funding to go but however much I explain that I'm not able to cope and need some local therapy to get me there they just ignore me. Any advice on what I can do? I'm in bits and have been abandoned by everyone locally. Sorry for the long post.