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  1. Hi all, Just interested to know from those who have had private CBT how much a session was? I've been given a price but just wanted to know if it's competitive. Happy for you to pm me if you don't want to say in this thread. Taffy.
  2. Anxiety therapy online

    This. They need to show/teach you how. I've been told to pretend I'm someone else and to fake it until I make it before (shakes head)!
  3. This is it. Is this normal?

    Misguided? Is that aimed at me?
  4. This is it. Is this normal?

    This thread is full on. Lots of cruel to be kind going on, that doesn't always work for everybody. You need a therapist who can work with you collaboratively by the sound of it. My experience is that I will never be belittled into wellness, it doesn't work for me, I need empathy and support. I also need to understand the concepts behind CBT and not 'just do it because......' Just my thoughts.
  5. Need to talk

    Thank you. I don't have any support locally at the moment, I'm stuck in a battle with my CMHT which is damaging my mental health even more. They have deemed it not clinically necessary.
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread but do you know anyone in the South Wales area that is recommended for OCD/BDD Ashley? Many thanks.
  7. Paul Salkovskis

    I asked him about the theory of treatment resistant OCD/BDD, this was his response - "Treatment Resitant" Tends to be therapist failure attributed to client characteristics. It's a dumb idea widely disseminated. - sigh - ? Just thought it was interesting as they usually try to find a personality flaw to explain it but this was interesting.
  8. Therapy ending

    Why sign you off if you aren't better? This is what I don't understand with mental health, try something, it doesn't work and wash your hands of it. Some of these therapists should be on performance related pay, they always have an easy out by belittling and blaming the patient! What responsibility does your therapist take? "Treatment Resitant" Tends to be therapist failure attributed to client characteristics. It's a dumb idea widely disseminated. - sigh - ? Paul Salkovskis (rant over)
  9. Hi all, I'm in a bad place at the moment and was wondering if anyone gets the urge like I do to just go up to a random friendly stranger and just talk? Just to tell them how bad you are feeling and almost ask for their help. It's a very odd feeling but I get this a lot lately, I guess it's some sort of cry for help?! I also struggle badly with any kindness, I instantly feel like crying, even if it's just in a shop and someone is kind. Anyway I'm rambling now.
  10. I think an addictive personality is common in OCD, also perfectionism. I can relate to the health issues due to the stress. I have the terribly itchy/sore skin and a Rosacea diagnosis which I think may be due to stress. I itch and burn constantly as well as a crawling sensation it's almost worse than the OCD/BDD! Prior to the awful last 5 years or so that I've had my general health was good. It's a cruel illness.
  11. I think we definitely interpret voices we hear as being about us and our worries. If I am out and hear laughing or certain words like 'horrible', 'ugly', 'weird' etc I get a panic because I am 100% sure that they are talking about me, I need to leave and get home quickly.
  12. 1 year and 2 months is far too long for ADRU, do you have funding in place? I waited 2 months between assessment and going the first time and it's about 6 months now I think.
  13. I've had to take it a stage further and involve my MP, get what you deserve and if you can't by yourself get someone to support you.
  14. Mornings

    Thanks for your kind replies. It just feels like my whole health is failing, I'm vitamin D deficient due to being scared of the heat/sun and just went out in the sun and my skin stings especially my head area Anyone else struggle with other health problems due to the anxiety and depression of OCD/BDD? Sorry to he so negative today.